Blast from the past

Anston Parish Council last year:

Other videos at:


6 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. Beck the Boy Blunder showing off his ‘authority’ by calling the police because he cannot control a meeting. No change there.
    Up jumps Mummy Dalton-in her red coat-in an attempt to harass and intimidate Mr.Sadler to stop him filming. She failed.
    Until Beck resigned and Labour puppet John Ireland was installed as chairman of APC the scenes in the video are typical of Beck’s chairmanship. If members of the public would not sit and be quiet and not question him and his decisions he would either close the meeting or threaten to call the police to have a parishioner escorted off the premises.
    Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Anston.
    You will obey, you will not question. Or face the consequences.


  2. Quite right Colin – At a recent meeting I was questioning Jo Burton about her knowledge of the Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal, Burton failing to give me answers, me pressing for an answer Then in jumps Boy Blunder having a go – I am left having to deal with the both of them – What does Puppet Chairman Ireland do – says he is going to turn me out – I refuse to leave – outcome – Puppet Ireland closes the meeting – him off to the pub early! Telling me I should keep my mouth shut – Me to Ireland – “Well isn’t that what allowed the Child Sexual Exploitation to proliferate” Ireland to me – grunt.

    I noticed on the notes of this meeting given to the public my “turning out” or lack of it, was recorded but hey no surprise – Burton’s, Boy Blunder’s & Puppet Ireland’s remarks were unrecorded.

    Quite the norm at APC – If we don’t want to answer questions – turn them out.

    What a disgrace they are and have been for far too long.


  3. No surprise at Dominic Beck’s behaviour, The gentleman he was trying to turn out was Mr Lewis, a severely disabled person. No thought given by Beck as to how Mr Lewis would manage to get up the very steep hill, known as the Baulk, with further hill to climb to get to his home.
    Dominic Beck is full of his misplaced self importance. He never shows any respect to members of the public, his life skills are sadly lacking and it shows.


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