Rotherham’s taxi companies could face more stringent standards in the future.

The main changes include:

  • The application and vetting process will see drivers have to successfully complete a BTEC Level 2 Certificate that will ensure drivers understand a wide or matters including customer care, disability awareness, and matters relating to adult and child safeguarding.
  • A new tougher communication and knowledge test
  • Applicants from abroad will face more rigorous tests to prove their previous good character
  • More rigorous standards will be applied to the consideration of past criminality, particularly concerning sexual activity, violence, children, vulnerable adults, dishonesty or drug dealing. Anyone who is believed to have committed the most serious violent or sexual offences will be prevented from working as a taxi driver
  • Updated vehicle standards will see specific age restrictions for taxis
  • Revised standards for smaller limousines


From the BBC: Rotherham abuse scandal: Council plans new taxi rules

Previously: Akhtar…a spider at the centre of the taxi trade web

33 thoughts on “Rotherham’s taxi companies could face more stringent standards in the future.

  1. Total rubbish, the issue is why Rotherham taxi firms allowed their cars and drivers to be used to transport children to meet their rapists?

    A few other questions.

    Would you book a Rotherham Taxi to take your daughter alone to a friend’s house?

    Who in RMBC allowed the light touch inspection of the local taxi trade?

    Many taxi licensing boards with the police undertake random road side spot checks on taxi drivers and then the firm’s operator, does this happen in Rotherham?

    How many Rotherham taxis have been stopped to see if all is what it seems?

    Is a Rotherham plated private hire Toyota late at night on the M62 to Bradford or on the M42 to Birmingham with a small female child as a passenger not cause for concern?

    Which Labour Cllrs knew about any planned inspections of the local taxi trade?

    When will RMBC and the police take a firm hand and address the role played by Rortherham taxi firms in the abuse of children?

    My advice is take the bus?


    • All the drivers go through CRB checks.
      Council meeting held this Wednesday at town hall see link on Rothpol.
      Cllr Dalton why is it that why Sajid Bostan who has criminal record is still driving around as taxi driver.
      Sorry my mistake his related to Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Cllr Shaukat Ali and his Asian so we cant take any action.
      Yes Cllr Dalton you carry on giving taxi licences to criminals.
      I see no change then?
      Carry in Taxis.


    • After what has happened in Rotherham and the role that taxi drivers played in the abuse there can be no leeway regarding criminality. Anyone holding or applying for a taxi driving license in Rotherham should be subject to enhanced police checks. Anyone with any conviction, other than for motoring offences, should be stopped from driving a taxi.


  2. When Dalton, who is chair of licensing, was asked about taxi companies contracted to the council a glazed look came over her face she had no idea about the checks that should be done on these people. The problem will be if she is as much afraid of the race issue as the rest of the Labour cowards in Rotherham council.
    Dave Smith


  3. “Would you book a Rotherham Taxi to take your daughter alone to a friend’s house?”
    A massive NO to that question.

    According to the Council.
    “If the 21 members of the Licensing Board agree with the new policy it will be the subject of an eight-week consultation, in which the industry and the public will be able to make their feelings known.”

    What good that’ll do you is anybodys guess.


      • @Anonymous.
        ” vehicles go thorough same MOT checks as new vehicle.”
        Not quite true. If you buy a brand new car today you are not required to have the vehicle MOT’d until it is 3 years old.This includes Private Hire Vehicles.
        An MOT certificate does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate and is not a substitute for regular maintenance. The MOT certificate means the vehicle meets the MINIMUM road safety criteria on the day of the test.
        Some Private Hire companies insist that a vehicle must not be more than 10 years old . I would add to that and insist on full documented service records for PHV’s being available at any time for inspection. It is very easy to check if a garage or workshop exists and has carried out the work specified.
        DBS (aka CRB) checks are required by PHV drivers every three years (Department for Transport (DfT) best practice guidance of March 2010 states best practice is for DBS checks to be undertaken every 3 years in respect of licensed drivers)

        I noticed when Dalton was asked the question about drivers and safety she rambled on about ” if it’s a faulty tyre or a bulb………………………………” She avoided the question asked which was about PHV drivers who have recorded convictions. If she runs the licensing Board in the same manner as she conducts APC meetings then it is a complete and utter failure.


  4. Sajid Bostan! That’s the man who told me they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”
    ‘They’ being Jahangir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain and Shaukat Ali.


  5. From what I read here, the whole lot stinks of Asian corruption. Bent garages run by Asians giving out Test Certificates without checking the vehicle in exchange for money. What’s new???


    • Let all the cats out of the bag!

      *How is that majority of Taxi drivers are claiming to work part-time when they work full time?

      *How is it that most of these taxi drivers claim low income – earning £60- £75 per week for 24 hours work but previously 16 hours (This the threshold to claim full working tax credit).
      Did the Taxman not become suspicious when these part- timers suddenly started to declare working extra 8 hours in a wewk after the Working Tax credit threshold was increased to 24 hours?

      *How is it some local accountants are happy to cook the books for these Taxi drivers for a fee?

      *How is it that some local garages are happy to clock mileage of the taxi cars every year before the Taxi test to fool the Taxman in accepting that these taxi drivers are earning low income when some make over £1000 per week?

      *How is it that most low income taxi drivers own multiple properties and can afford £50000+ extensions to their houses? For proof contact the RMBC planning /building control department as the value of work has to be declared on application form. Seek freedom of information requests from RMBC for further evidence.

      *How is it the Tax man fails to investigate the discrepancy of these low income part time workers lifestyles and their alleged low income?


  6. It would be a good idea if taxis were tested by VOSA just like HGVs ….. the reason I say this is .. they test it more thoroughly more taking it to a mates garage… I also think that they should have digital tachographs so that driver hours and indeed drivers are more accountable and can be checked . It has been good thing for HGVs as it brought the whole lorry driving industry more professionalism … just look at eddie stobbart …. maybe a dress code would not go amiss aswell … and not to mention the NO SMOKING rule ..I have seen many taxi drivers having a fag ..The whole taxi trade needs a shake up .


    • 1st Time user: Everyone agrees the whole taxi trade needs more scrutiny and licence conditions need enforcing much more rigorously. For a taxi driver to be earning more than £1000 per week they would have to be doing back to back airport runs seven days a week. I contacted Sarah Champion in May regrading the unrestricted hours taxi drivers are allowed to work. She passed my concerns on to Minister Baroness Kramer.
      who replied that to restrict the hours that taxi drivers, who are predominantly self-employed and mostly do short journeys, would prove difficult and costly to enforce with or without tachographs in vehicles and that they had no plans to introduce regulatory controls over taxi drivers’ hours! It was down to local licensing authorities to consider any safety concerns of the public about the operation of taxis – Rotherham council!


      • The way it works is taxi drivers hand out business cards to regular customers thus bypassing their need to call the taxi firm. Some taxi drivers claim to have regular jobs totaling £250+ a week which are not recorded or registered as customers call the taxi driver direct, consider also long hours put in every day. That is how some of them clock £1000+ a week!


  7. The OP gives the RMBC viewpoint.
    The Labour party’s original proposals are worded differently:
    Proposals for consideration by the Licensing Board include: tougher tests for new applicants to become taxi drivers, including a revised “Knowledge” test and a new English language requirement, tougher guidelines to prevent drivers who have committed serious offences being able to drive taxis, and a requirement for new drivers to undertake a qualification in customer service.
    22nd October.

    Does a CSO for assault count as a ‘serious offence’? Notice the weasel word ‘guidelines’ instead of ‘requirement’ and the dress code was added at a later date.
    If agreed the policy will be put out to an eight-week public consultation.
    If you are going to do something then do it. Don’t faff around talking about it. Taxi drivers should either accept the new rules-if they are passed-or make room for people who are prepared to help drive up overall standards. The Licensing Board should enforce and encourage the new regime instead of pussyfooting around.


    • Last night on Look North Vakas Hussain, Mohammed Arfan and Wajid were on TV.
      Vakas Hussain is older brother of Muhbeen Hussain aka Cllr Mahroof nephew.
      Mohammed Arfan is younger brother of Sajid Bostan ten bellies.
      They both were laughing and joking.
      They have fixed the BBC like Sajid Bostan said?
      If it was there mother, daughter, sister or wife would they be walking around laughing and joking. (Then again they would be).
      The other guy Wajid he owns fast fours taxi base?
      How can he speak on behalf of taxi drivers.
      As far as I am aware he doesnt have a taxi badge?
      He needs to be reported to licening.


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