Star – Former South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright ‘likely to face criminal investigation’

Former South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright ‘likely to face criminal investigation’

Former police commissioner Shaun Wright is ‘likely’ to face a criminal investigation in the wake of the explosive Jay Report – along with other former and current Rotherham councillors and council officers.

South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton has revealed an independent inquiry overseen by the National Crime Agency will involve ‘criminal investigations into the actions of council officers and councillors at Rotherham’ over potential misconduct in public office.

In a letter to the Home Affairs Select Committee, he said: “This is likely to involve the ex-police and crime commissioner who was a councillor at the time and lead member for children’s services.” Read on……

From the Yorkshire Post: Criminal charges possible for Rotherham Council staff

and this from, Diana Johnson: Rotherham’s legacy must be education

8 thoughts on “Star – Former South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright ‘likely to face criminal investigation’

  1. All well and good, but why isn’t the then Council leader – Roger Stone – also named and targeted as another prime mover in this scandal????????


  2. At last councillors and senior advisors to be investigated no comment from the labour party i see surely they should be suspended as i have commented in the past to much still being hidden


  3. I asked him if he knew anything about Common Purpose, which he denied – and even had the Joint Secretariat to cover for him. As Cabinet Member, he would have had to approve the regular payments to Common Purpose, made via Sonia Sharp. David Crompton must also look inwards to his own force, and the NCA must be told of how South Yorkshire Police, in Sheffield at least, were and are still covering up reports of abuse, especially where the council are involved.


  4. Referring police criminality to the IPCC is about as useful as reporting human rights abuses to Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, etc !


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