Concerns ignored by Home Office

ROTHERHAM’s horrific abuse concerns were raised with the Home Office and the town’s MP but never acted on, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

…in 2009 they wrote to Denis MacShane with a five page letter detailing abuse concerns made by a Rotherham family but received no response.

Here’s the letter:

MacShame or MacNoShame?


17 thoughts on “Concerns ignored by Home Office

  1. Let’s hope McShane is also called to face an inquiry and perhaps then he will tell the truth about what he knew and whether either of Rotherham’s two other MP’s were aware of what was happening.


  2. It’s amazing how selective Dennis McShane memory is regarding CSE. First he cliams he had no knowledge of it happening, then he remembers it being mention in a meeting with another MP because a journalists had got on it, now he can’t remember recieving a letter detailing this horrific abuse going on. Perhaps prison hasn’t reform as one might have hope.


  3. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    It just gets worse. Is our Kev MP EVER going to make a statement on this ? Or our Cllr Amy Rushforth – The Former Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel (June 2005 – April 2011) Or our Cllr Christine Beaumont – Cabinet Member for Children and Education Services, Children, Young People and Families Partnership (Chair) plus more. Or our Cllr Margaret Godfrey – Cabinet Member for Safe and Attractive Neighbourhoods (Chairman). The list goes on of responsibilities that this crew have failed in. For full details of councillors responsibilities, past and present and Make your own mind up.


    • It beggars belief that the rotherham area mp’s never spoke to each other they could not have done according to this report as only McShane is mentioned also the councillors involved have never spoken out about it about time they came forward now and told the truth


      • They are all keeping to the tired old script and hoping it blows over.

        Decent labour supporters and members are digusted at their inaction.

        They are in the same cesspit with their councillor pals.


      • Mcshame has been caught lying before. He cricised Gordon Brown to a Journalist and denied he ever done so.

        The journalist had recorded the interview and recording was played on Radio 4 Today program exposing Mcshame to be a Liar!


      • Standard manouevre when shit hits the fan to claim no one talk to each other. Councillors sat through a CSE seminar and yet on one talked to each other about it?

        Any remember another crook Jeffrey Archer’s excuse for buying shares just before a takeover, in a company in which his wife was a director, which he then sold the shares for a quick profit?

        Apparently his wife did not talk or discuss the takeover with Jeffrey at any point despite them sharing the same bed at night.


  4. How come the few token cllrs suspended are still classed as labour and not independents?

    Is it another deception to mislead public and media?

    The same people lobbying for billings are same culprits who were running it for wright.
    They were aware of the CSE before that election but ignored it and looked the other way
    the king is dead. Long live the king


  5. Rotherham is only the tip of the iceberg, the first to be exposed. Hasn’t it come to light that 700 girls in Sheffield were subjected to similar treatment.


  6. The writer of the crop letter say she has informed Denis MacShane’s office about how badly the case was handled! Would that be the office in his garage? The letter written in 2009 clearly states how much risk the girls were in, Laura Wilson was murdered by a Pakistani groomer in 2010!


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