Star – 3 brothers story

As is all too often the case, the Star gets it only part right.

In fact, Jay refers to four men from one family, responsible for 54 victims. Three or more of these may be brothers, but whatever, they are related.

What they don’t mention is that one of the four is Arshid, or ‘Ash’, the perpetrator who Akhtar allegedly helped go free at the infamous petrol station hostage swop. Remember, the one where the girl was found under his bed and arrested and she was arrested instead of Ash, the exploiter.

Thus if Akhtar is guilty as alleged, looks like he allowed a lot more young girls to be assaulted and exploited, when at least one perpetrator was allowed to get off free.

Of course this also gives the clue as to whose wider family the perpetrators are part of…

Unattributable, but true.

Woof Justice

13 thoughts on “Star – 3 brothers story

  1. Who’s controlling Rotherham good question?
    The Labour Party are supposedly investigating Labour Councillors some are being put on the back bench and told to lie low and sat Now’t
    John Heeley uses is NEC position to step in and protect his wentworth and Dearne Councillors from being dropped Ellis, Atkin, Wyatt all clinging on to a bit of extra
    Then we have The new Council Leader Cllr Lakin on the radio saying he does not know why and
    Which Councillors are being investigated by the Labour Party they won’t tell him ( another pink pig just flew past)
    The Labour Party un elected committee from Wakefield are the puppet masters running Rotherham under the ,local manifesto of See All, Ear All, and say Now’t


  2. Who is PC Arif?
    What links him to this?
    Why is Akhtar still threatening posters on here?
    Has he not proven the point with these posts what kind of person he is?
    Why are all the asian do gooders in hiding?


    • It appears he abstained. I would ask him why, but what would be the point? – He’s not replied to me over the Deregulation bill, so I don’t expect he’d reply to a question on this one either.


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