Press Round-Up 29 Oct 2014

Leader :

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only other story is about Manchester

(and that will not be properly out until this afternoon when Ann Coffee presents the report.)

Regular Reader

From the Star:

Half of Rotherham’s child abuse victims ‘could have been saved from harm’

and some news of the ‘Freedom Riders’:

South Yorkshire rail cut protesters handed survey results over to transport bosses


8 thoughts on “Press Round-Up 29 Oct 2014

  1. Unbelievable what happen to that little girl, repeatedly rape and even worse accused of lying by the people who were supposed to protect her. I wonder what happen to all that intelligence recorded on the Police computer system. Now we’re getting names to these once faceless morans. Andrew Northfolk keeps digging out these stories, how come the relevant aurthorites can’t.?


  2. Does anyone know why our three local MPs have failed to get the police to take some robust
    action, against the Pakistani criminals and their own incompetent officers?


  3. Sure has but she’s retired, so unless she cooperate willingly which I doubt , or is forced by judicial enquiry, then she’ll keep quiet.


  4. I had to read this article twice.

    Christine Burbeary is in receipt of intelligence that men of Pakistani origin and presumably Muslim are abusing white girls in Rotherham and she fails to take action.

    Christine Burbeary is the driving force that opened two Islamic prayer rooms in South Yorkshire police buildings.

    Someone did really fix the police.


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