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  1. I thought there was a court case in progress with Hillsborough, isn’t this article illegal or is it allowed because it is attacking the police. As for Orgreave I was in the TA at the time and know exactly what was happening behind the scenes at Manor Top and Derby. The Met police were bused into Orgreave etc, bunked in TA centres, on massive over time pay and had cheap booze available. As for the 1400 girls in Rotherham and 700 in Sheffield, SY police haven’t a leg to stand on, but then they have been on the back foot for how many years, criminals rights come above those of the victim. Don’t blame SY police, blame the political system that has destroyed policing and protection for real victims of crime. I believe all police forces are tarred with the same brush.


    • Clarkson the UKIP man is going to sort all this. After all he is an ex member of SYP. He was there when Orgreave and Hillsborough happened and worked around the Rotherham area until 2006! He was so outspoken on all these events that I now have total confidence in him!


  2. Things I didn’t know before I read that second Guardian article:
    1. Billings has pledged to give half of the PCC salary away to victims’ charities.
    ( Clarkson says in his leaflet that ” If elected as Police and Crime Commissioner, I intend to con-tinue this in my new role and contrib-ute £25,000, of the Commissioners outrageous salary each year, to fund a new police officer …” – rr)
    2. Only 40 or so UKIP supporters turned up for Clarkson and Nuttall’s meeting at the Victoria Hotel Ballroom
    (see picture here: http://www.ukip-ynl.org/jcrotatorimg/jc5lrg.jpg )


  3. RR: Can you show us any photo of Billings and the deputy-leader of his party for it’s the PC that she is such a passionate advocate of, that has got us into this terrible situation, both within South Yorkshire and nationally.
    If she turned up for a meeting with him that would surely be the kiss of death for his ambitions to be PCC!


    • Mal,
      I honestly don’t totally follow what you are asking
      (I had to look it up) but it turns out that Harriet Harman is Deputy Leader, via can see via google image search I can find no pics of her and Billings together, but if you have one … supply a linky.

      I was in UK during that PIE insanity which at the time Harman got caught up in, I couldn’t understand it either. But we all learn from our mistakes. (at least I hope we do.) .

      Billing’s publication “Faith in the Community ” criticizes the concept of “multiculturalism” , btw.


      • whoopsies:
        “via can see via google image search I can find no pics of her and Billings together, but if you have one … supply a linky.”
        should have rad:
        “via google image search I can find no pics of her and Billings together, but if you have one … supply a linky” .


      • RR: Why do you keep getting you knickers in a twist over a few typos and grammatical errors? As long as we get the gist of what you are saying they only matter to pedagogues. My post are full of them and I couldn’t care less, only if they have changed what I meant to say will I bother put a correction up! What I meant was (tongue in cheek ) that at least the deputy leader of UKIP has appeared with their candidate. If Harman who is toxic as far as being a zealot of the PC ideology were to appear with Billings it would not do his campaign much good at all!


  4. The article in the Guardian actually reflects questions several young policeman (they all look young to me now) I was talking too in Leeds were asking at ‘drinkies time’ (a very rare occasion for me sadly now) after an training day in the City a few weeks ago – it was the same weekend Sheffield Wednesday drew 1 – 1 with Leeds; although the Owls should have won – obviously. But I digress.

    Now this may sound strange to some on here but I actually partly defended SYP (actually I often do regarding the front line bobbies) and stated that the problems can, and historically have been, found to be at Senior level and it was there the mistrust mainly lies . In the end they actually agreed. They did still claim however that nationally within the service it is considered that SYP have a reputation ‘that needs sorting out’. Seriously though It does still highlight a grave concern that is not just felt among many sections of the public that something has gone terribly wrong in SYP over the years.

    As for the article – it is not illegal as suggested; it doesn’t comment on specifics and is merely journalistic opinion. And long may that exist whether we agree with an article or not.




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