Saturday Press 1 Nov 2014

If readers spot something that should be highlighted here please leave the link in a comment please. Rothpol Rik.

From the Star:

Fiona Woolf quits as head of national inquiry into historic child sex abuse cases

The chairwoman of a national inquiry into historic child sex abuse has resigned.

UKIP has ‘dipped a toe’ in South Yorkshire

Vow to make Rotherham stronger and more united

From the Advertiser:

UKIP poster creates a stir

Posted On: 31 October 2014

UKIP caused a stir in the run-up to yesterday’s by-election for South Yorkshire’s next police chief by launching a “hard-hitting” poster campaign focussing on the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.


Labour retain PCC role

Posted On: 31 October 2014

LABOUR candidate Dr Alan Billings has been elected South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

From the Yorkshire Post:

Scrap my job and all the rest says new South Yorkshire crime tsar

Sykes is ready to give £1.5m to Ukip as party sets sights on 100 seats

From the Telegraph:

May under pressure as Woolf steps down from child abuse inquiry

Questions for Home Secretary after second resignation from investigation

Ed Miliband’s Scottish Problem?

From the Mail:

Miliband facing Scottish wipeout: He could lose 37 MPs in swing to SNP, poll finds

  • IpsosMori poll has SNP on 52%, Labour 23%, Tories 10%, Lib Dems 6%
  • Would give SNP 54 seats at Westminster and Labour just four
  • Miliband’s hopes of becoming PM rest on a strong show in Scotland
  • He is due to address Scottish Labour gala dinner in Glasgow tonight 
  • Comes days after Johann Lamont quit as Scottish Labour leader
  • She accused UK Labour colleagues of treating Scotland as a ‘branch office’
  • Frontbencher Thomas Docherty slams ‘moribund’ party in a ‘dreadful’ state 

2 thoughts on “Saturday Press 1 Nov 2014

  1. I find the photograph and the platitudes in the Star nauseating, make Rotherham stronger that lot, not a chance. This photo opportunity smacks more of desperation than anything else, do they think that the people of Rotherham will believe them and trust them, I don’t think so.
    Dave smith


  2. I agree Dave, it was a photo opportunity for men only!
    Where was the representative from any Childrens Charity? None of the people in the photograph are qualified to make judgements nor pass any comments on the way forward for child safety in Rotherham in the wake of the Jay Report.


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