The Greens are coming!

The Greens although not exactly numerous in Rotherham are attempting to find new supporters and members across the country.

This is their latest newsletter:

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Hi Politics

Welcome to Green Party News

There has been a sensational upswing in the Green Party’s fortunes over the past few months. New members have been joining the party at an astonishing rate – membership has more than doubled in the last year, now over 24,000.

We’ve been neck and neck with the LibDems in the polls since the Euro Elections (where we beat them into 5th place).We have been getting extensive media coverage on TV, radio and in the press, and tremendous support from the public, journalists and even political opponents, to be included in the General Election TV debates.

New local Green parties are forming across the country, and existing ones expanding, providing the party with much needed workers to support our increasingly ambitious plans for next year’s general and local elections.

Exciting times lie ahead.

Hope you enjoy this newsletter from the Green Party.

With best wishes

Peter Barnett,  Internal Communications Coordinator

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For The Common Good
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12 thoughts on “The Greens are coming!

  1. For the common good is the strap line of the Green Party, 60 years ago this could have been the same message from Labour.

    The Judas Labour party sold their values to morph into the soft wing of the Tory party.

    What on earth has become of the Labour party when the UKIP on the back of a fag packet manifesto resonates with core voters more than the one being drawn up by the likes of Ed?


    • The trouble is the other parties have massive manifestos and then do something else when in power. I would prefer a party with values, rather than massive manifesto’s that mean nothing.


  2. I have big concerns about this party, they would be no different on immigration than Labour and the Liberals, which would result in our green belt being built all over. I think they are big fans of building wind turbines all over the countryside. The current leader of the Greens has not been a British citizen for many years. Being a healthy living person myself, I am not conned by the Green label on this party.


    • In case anyone is wondering:
      The current leader of the Greens is Natalie Bennett an Australian who came to UK in 1999 aged 33. 🙂


    • Well why did you have to mention her then? Why do you have to behave in such a condescending manner Regular reader, if you were as intelligent and enlightened human being as you make out, you would behave in a more charitable way.


  3. The Greens seem to me to be the genuine and idealistic alternative to Labour – That is where principled ex-Labour people need to go. Hope, not hate.


  4. When you read today in the Torygraph that the Tories would consider a deal with UKIP should they fail to gain an overall majority in the 2015 GE then we all need to sit up and take notice.

    Hedge fund swindlers directing policy, tax avoiders given gongs, banksters rewarded for taking us all for mugs, what a wonderful world that would be, not.

    A Tory UKIP coalition, the end of the NHS, the end of the minimum wage, the end of maternity pay and the list goes on and on.

    The end of the world is nigh!


    • Rotherham Politics has to enforce part of our conditions concerning registration of those who comment on this blog. Put simply, this is how to both register and preserve the confidentiality you may require.

      1. Choose an identity, best to keep it short.

      2. Email Rothpol putting register in the subject line and your chosen identity in the body text.

      3. When you receive a confirmatory email, you will then be able to comment freely.

      Rotherham Politics is a moderated blog , comments are published at the discretion of the moderator. This doesn’t equate to censorship, as Rothpol is prepared to publish comments that are adding to the debate, even if critical of Rotherham Politics!

      No one needs to reveal their identity, all Rothpol is asking is to be able to tell everyone apart, nothing else!

      Simply use a pseudonym, get a free email account in that name and use it to establish two way communication with me. Hushmail, is both free and secure, and is to be recommended.”


    • Spain, Portugal, Greece, Argentina, Chile etc etc have all experienced even worse in the fairly recent past.
      The end of the world will be determined by physics not the stupidity of us humans.


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