Comments On Labour’s Failure In Rotherham

LP Central would never willingly have held an inquiry into their Rotherham Constituencies, if that’s what we have.

Despite mounting evidence from such as the report of Keith Vaz’s Home Affairs Committee, the Andrew Norfolk articles and a number of complaints by individual members it took a blast of seismic juddering scale to force their hand.

Ignoring those previous warnings puts them on the edge of complicity. Remember that Central and Regional party figures welcoming Akhtar back in after his conviction for violence, shows how short sighted and incompetent LP Central can be. Many within the local party warned them about him, but the sugar rush of the biraderi controlled vote blurred their thinking.

The LP don’t have the experience among their officers to run a balanced and forensic quality of inquiry. Nor do they have the resources in terms of staff. Maybe they laughed at the Lib Dems and their failings in dealing with Lord Rennard, but in a slow burn way I think they may find themselves in even deeper water here in Rotherham.

We hear the term party machine, and that is what the officers of the Party form, a machine solely designed to bring in the vote. It’s no more designed to get at the truth, or be nice to victims than a spanner is designed to bake cakes. Think of them as local governors in the Roman Empire, there to ensure the electorate is harvested and the peasants don’t revolt the young things at HQ too much.

They aren’t even interested in Rotherham Council or their local Councillors, thinking them a smelly, crude, ignorant and misogynistic bunch. That is why they sent Sarah here to spray deodoriser around the place. If they lose Council seats here it will barely register with HQ. They have bigger fish to fry.

Rotherham does present problems for LP Central, and two stand out as big ticket issues with inbuilt tensions, issues that could impact nationally..

1. At some date over the next six months it is likely that 25 young women will go to Court regarding the Councils failure to protect them. Names will be named, as will taxi firms, officers, landlords, policeman and if the rumours are true maybe even more politicians. The evidence will be highly emotionally charged and It will get massive media coverage.

It may just be in the weeks before a general election and will certainly hurt the Party nationally if Labour still haven’t taken action in Rotherham. It will cost them votes.

2. It’s difficult to understand why Mahroof (and Lakin for that matter) has not been suspended and investigated. Some suggest that to lose two male Pakistani Cllrs is bad enough, to lose them all may symbolically be much worse, reaffirming the growing fear that no one coming forward from the Biraderi leadership can be trusted.

It will be perceived as a big insult to the Pakistani leaders nationally, many of whom already feel themselves beleaguered by internal factions and the gradual loss of respect from their young people.

The Pakistani communities of which Mahroof is a member have historically controlled a large swathe of votes stretching over Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cardiff, the West Midlands and other towns. Some of these are marginals,and given the UKIP surge all are feeling threatened. The Pakistani MP, Lords and community leaders now form a substantially force within the Party and they will be worried about losing their power base, just as Labour will fear losing seats.

The biraderi leadership will be fighting hard for Mahroof, and they may use the threat of withdrawing votes as a bargaining chip (the tactic will be to cry racism, point to Jimmy Saville and say how their people feel alienated) ….at a lower level that is why Lakin kept him in the Cabinet.

So what is Labour’s Rotherham inquiry about?…it’s about votes silly. Not just here but across a number of constituencies where the local Labour MP would like a few thousand guaranteed Pakistani crosses on the ballot paper.

So here’s the tension for the LP….which will gain them most. Doing justice and kicking out a whole pile of failed Councillors in Rotherham, Mahroof included, and thereby appearing decent honest and legal, but peeing off the biraderi leadership.

Or hoping it all goes away, and risking punishment at the election.

Be assured that if the LP inquiry leads to justice it will be a bi-product, not the objective.

Woof, woof…where is the nearest tree?

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16 thoughts on “Comments On Labour’s Failure In Rotherham

  1. The premise of your piece, is that this party will actually correct it failings , which are so obvious before the next election , it will not. What the CSE scandal in Rotherham and other Labour dominated councils has exposed, is how little knowledge and therefore control the central party has over these local offshoots, who represent it’s name. This scandal has and will continue to cause it name and reputation unspeakable damage because it once again enforces the view that all politicians , wether the local phleb, who helps with compagining, the Cllr with pretentious of power, the MP who surpposedly should be in turn with local events, but has in this case has shown doesn’t really want to know about these local events, unless it becomes a national scandal, which will embarass them, are in it for themselves and are not there to serve the people.

    Look for them to settle these girls cases out of court, thereby avoiding further revelations , remember it not really going to cost them anything, as all Coucils have insurance cover for these matters .

    The Pakistani problem is again easily solve. The Labour Party has for a long time patronise this race as well as other ethnic minority races, with the illusion that they are the only party, which will look after them. Their importance has only been magnified , as an electrol assets recently, due to the marginals, where their votes could make a difference. Therefore they were prepared to sacrifice innocent little children, despite this unspeakable evil that was being committed. Their reasoning being that the resovior of Pakistani votes could easily be obtain, due disportionate of influence of their so call leaders. Remember most Pakistani’s would’ve have a clue about Labour policies. Neither could the Pakistani votes be as easily transferable as you believe , the Tories or Liberals have never be natural bedfellows for this group. The trick for Labour is to lie low and trick their core votes that they will make amends. You might have to sleep with the devil , doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it!!!!


    • Please read an article to the end before commenting on it. Otherwise you look silly.

      Read my last sentences, then read again your opening comment.

      You are a living definition of the term bigotry

      Woof. Grrrr…..


      • Bigotry, is that what an opposing view is call these days. Comrade your party is unelectable, undeserving and untrustworthy . Nobody is listening to a bunch of pimps these days.


      • MancO1
        If you insist in using the word “race” totally out of context, as you did twice above, you must expect to be called a bigot.
        Your “opposing view “, as you call it, is that of a blinkered bigot.


  2. Peter

    Mr thirwell

    For accuracy.
    Rothpol forgot to mention that you was suspended by the party.

    Please do not try to bully and intimidate. You already have previous and a track record. when you was a cllr.


  3. Mr /Mrs Woof Woof,

    I didn’t read your article as a defence of the Labour Party at all. I would disagree on one or two issues but it was written well and gave your perspective clearly and concisely.

    On a minor point I personally think ‘The UKIP surge’ as you name it – although strong – and they will walk Rochester – will not be as strong in the General Election. They will perform well in some areas – mainly in the South East and parts of the East Coast – but not as strongly as they now feel. In addition I also feel – and I am not saying this is the ‘right thing to do’ – many voters nationally do not follow Rotherham politics as closely as we do and for them it is not as big an issue as it rightly is to us. Rightly or wrongly for many ‘news’ moves on and so does their focus. However, all we can do locally ensure the victims get full justice and we all keep on fighting until they do and it is not just forgotten or covered.

    In addition I know many of all political hues locally and nationally (I get around – no pun intended) who voted UKIP in the EU / local elections but have said they will revert back to Labour / Conservative etc on the big day – not all but a big enough cross section.

    I also disagree with your view that Ms Champion was ‘sent here to spray deodoriser around the place.’ She has done some fine work since her election in 2012 and she does have a genuine intent to address the issue of CSE fully. (I wish more did) She has, and still is, helping me. While others have simply shouted she has simply got on with the task and for that I (and those I support) am eternally grateful.

    Regarding inquiries; I feel that there have been too many unfocused inquiries instead of what was needed – one thorough one. (That didn’t / hasn’t stopped me from presenting evidence however). For instance Mr Jay’s Inquiry was professional and revealed many details – but you had to get past the Department of Mr Kimber to present evidence. A difficult task as always.

    Of course there are still gaps in knowledge of what went on – for instance while focus is still needed on the councilors that knew (not all did – and not all THAT Did know were simply Labour) there are still levels of higher management that need to be held to account. (Especially those that surrounded Ms Thacker). The involvement of third and private sectors has also been overlooked in my opinion’. Hopefully this will one day be addressed.



  4. Sally
    If you want to give your evidence in confidence to Louise Casey you can if theirs a problem you getting to see her let me know ASAP and I will help you ghetto see her and it will be in strict confidence
    Politics asides Sally on this we both want the same thing


    • Caven,
      Perhaps you could find out what has happened to the Selective Licensing Consultation – everything seems to have gone very quiet. .


      • RR.
        You really are one of the labour cave dwellers.
        listen to the people of Rotherham, and I don’t mean just the town centre, I mean all the surrounding areas.
        Condemn the councillors in Rotherham that were aware of the CSE and cover ups.
        where are the missing statements and computers?
        This is what will get you the confidence back.
        All we can hear is silence. And it is so deafening.
        Attacking everybody on here that is not in labours favour is not doing any good for the victims of all this.


  5. Caven, the offer was appreciated but I have the matter well in hand.

    RR – I will forward the information re your question re Mr K via the ‘back channels’ on here. Thankfully your previous link re LC stopped any barriers occurring this time.

    As for the debate video in Rochester. I found it to be of a higher standard than our Look North Sunday Politics programme – which tends to mostly end up with simple arguments. (Len Tingle take note if you read Rothpol) Indeed can the the Chair, Polly Evans (come North Polly) did an excellent job of focusing the debate on issues and allowing the candidates to explain their perspective. A fact which in the main meant the candidates had to stick to the questions in hand. Could she be the next chair for the BBC’s national Question Time? – I hope so.

    Personally I found the Green and Labour candidates to be the best on the night in question. Mr Reckless didn’t perform badly but did seem a little embarrassed at times about his past voting record on the NHS. As for the Conservative – I can see why she is set to loose.

    The audience too seemed very engaged and were less aggressive – and more informed and accepting of the need to discuss and debate rather than use mud slinging than we tend to see ‘up here’. Indeed if you look at the audience reaction you will find the ‘UKIP Defector applauding the Green and Labour panelist more than he does Mr Reckless at times. Maybe we could all learn from the way tat debate was conducted.

    It was also interesting to see how local issue (in this case the local hospital) is perhaps the main concern in the area – which in a way highlights what I was trying to say on this post previously that what is a big issue for some locally may not be nationally for others and may have little effect on national voting intentions in a General Election.

    The survey by Lord Ashcroft regarding the differences between bi elections and national elections was interesting too – in my life I’ve seen many large majorities overturned in bi elections – up to 26,000 I recall – only for the seat to revert back to the previous party in a General Election. All in all its an interesting time to observe.

    SKT xxxx


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