RMBC Planning Consultation


this is where you can place your objection. There appears to only be 1 currently regarding LDF0208 and it needs more! Though that comment from Anita Webster is excellent so at the very least can you all copy and paste her words as your own. We all need to take 5 mins out of our lives to try to stop the over development of our village and the use of greenbelt land for development.


On Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 23:18, BURTON SANCHEZ <burton.sanchez@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all
I’m sure you all must know about this but just in case, see message below.
Please pass around and inform as many people as possible.
Kind regards

2014 Consultation: Proposed development for Dinnington, Anston and Laughton Common
Rotherham Council has ignored National Government guidelines and local people’s views on the previous consultation process and plans to go ahead with development on green belt.
The deadline to make comments on the process is Monday 24 November. You can comment by email on planning.policy@rotherham.gov.uk (you need to use the attached form) or online on http://rotherham.limehouse.co.uk/portal
I have also been informed that the Anston Parish Council meeting on Monday 17 November has this topic on the agenda and some local people are going as well (7pm Parish Hall).

1 thought on “RMBC Planning Consultation

  1. The Kiveton Park Station Action Group is submitting an objection to LDF0462. This concerns the proposal to put a Gypsy & Traveller site in an isolated disused quarry bang next to busy railway lines, a canal, and several other serious hazards. There are several other areas for objection, but the idea of our Council actually planning to expect fellow human beings (especially children) to live in this dump, miles from basic amenities like schools and shops is despicable.

    The Council has completely ignored local objections (no surprise there then!) including failing to explain how they have made this proposal in the face of their own housing strategy, and the present official government guidance on G&T provision. They obviously hope we will give up and go away. They’re wrong!


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