Breaking News – Two Arrests! Now three!

Police arrest two men over historical cases of sex abuse in Rotherham

Two men have been arrested as part of an investigation into historical allegations of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.



Three arrested over Rotherham child sex abuse

16 thoughts on “Breaking News – Two Arrests! Now three!

  1. No prizes for guessing there then

    I do find the use of the term “historic” rather disturbing in this context – Supt Harwin considers that offences committed in 2010 might be considered to be historic, this is very weasel stuff because the use of the word implies an association with the Savile frenzy and the manufactured McCarthyite miasma of alleged Westminster paedo rings circa 1981. As opposed to what has actually been happening on a mass scale, and is happening right now.

    I just don’t trust a word they say now.

    Still, let’s hope something comes of it


    • I think that the phase “They have been arrested on suspicion of committing a number of sexual offences against underage girls between 1990 and 2001” makes clear what is being referred to here.


  2. How timely, given this coming Sundays “meeting” with Supt Harwin. Still, let’s hope they’re the first of very many such arrests, and that they’re not all the subject of “historic” crimes.


  3. Better than nothing, least Birmingham is trying something new, perhaps Rotherham should do the same with naming and shaming them. The common held view is that the White male are the biggest Child Sex Exploiter’s and Rapeist in this Country. Since this new model of CSE involves packs of these preptrators, usually operating in family and extended family. Point in case, the girl in Birmingham , started being abused and raped at 13, ran away from home 200. Do anyone still believe that statement to be true?


    • Yes, you see the most abusers are white males mantra deployed depressingly often; by persons who apparently don’t understand proportionality, or that, as you say, the Norfolk model involves packs of perpetrators- involved in a “normalised group activity”

      The Birmingham initiative is a very promising one – typically WMP opposed it on that the quite absurd grounds that those subject to the injunctions might be attacked by vigilantes. Given that much of E Bham is a huge Pakistani colony this was nonsense on stilts and I’m glad to see that the judge gave it short shrift. As ever plod prioritises “community cohesion” over victims and their families


  4. It was recently reported that Akhtar’s relative Ash who had been moved out of Rotherham for his own safety after he had been shot in the stomach by members of a drugs gang was living in a bungalow in “Goole.” Could be coincidence but the video shows a bungalow in Goole. It was alleged that when he was 24 he had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl who had become pregnant resulting in her having to have two abortions . She was found by the police half naked hiding under a bed in an hotel room with him, and astonishingly they did nothing!


    • Fingers crossed he may be finally about to face real justice, and if he is one of the one’s arrested some truths begin to emerge over whether a councillor did facilitate the “handing over” of a victim.

      Let’s hope firstly that some cages are being rattled and more importantly that SYP do their jobs and pursue those responsible fully and with all the vigour necessary.


  5. Have the Police not issued a press release explaining their abject failure? They should.

    Jason Harwin better have his explanations handy for Sunday.


  6. Pathetic. A single victim gave them 250 names, a single solicitor says his clients have given enough to arrest 30. People of Rotherham you have to act. Every police officer you see ask them why so little action.


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