Lakin the inadequate and his bullies

You could not simply make it up. It’s like a series of Yes Prime Minister and then some. Only in Rotherham, the capital of rotten boroughs, can someone who presided over a national scandal then be promoted to leader. This of course is Cllr Lakin who can be seen below with his merry dimwits who are coming out to make sure this deceiving creature is re-elected.

The report produced by Ofsted simply states that the Children & Young People Services are inadequate. No ifs, no buts… INADEQUATE. So this is what amazes me frankly, that when the Jay report came out, His mate Shaun Wright and may others were hunted down to be held accountable. Shaun Wright was the cabinet member for Children & Young People Services from 2005 – 2010. The Jay report went up until 2013. Take that into account with this Ofsted report which states that the service is still inadequate till today. Let’s remind ourselves the definition of inadequate. That it is insufficient for a purpose and unable to deal with the task. Cllr Lakin has been the cabinet member for CYPS since 2010 right up until the end of August this year. To add to that, it is no secret in the Town Hall that he is still running the department till this day and won’t allow Cllr Beaumont to get on with her job. This man has failed our Children and young people. He is as every bit guilty as Shaun Wright. If the CYPS is still inadequate, then what has he done for the last four and a half years. Why has he let CSE continue still on a colossus scale? This is the man that could not sort out the CYPS whist he was cabinet member for four and a half years, what makes him or any of us so gullible to believe that he is the man for the job to drive at the helm and give Rotherham the recovery it needs. What a joke. Cllr Lakin is part of the problem and not the solution.

Some quotes from the report are as follows:

However, many urgent and important recommendations from these inspections

have not been addressed quickly enough. Some have not been addressed at all.

Shortfalls in practice remain and some areas have deteriorated.


Serious deficits remain in the quality of referrals, child protection assessments

and planning, and the support for looked after children and care leavers.

Progress has been made in some areas, such as providing advocates to support

children at child protection conferences. Overall, the scale and speed of

progress against the recommendations has been inadequate.


Poor performance management and limited quality assurance processes have

Contributed to the authority’s lack of effective action to address deteriorating


It is all in there for everyone to see. How can Cllr Lakin still get away with this? In the safeguarding board statement in response to the Ofsted report, Steve Ashley the chair of Rotherham’s local safeguarding children’s board gave this response:

We look forward to working with the strong new leadership and management team in place at Rotherham Council to ensure the well-being and protection of our children and young people in the future.

What a laugh, what a chuckle. Is this the same new strong leadership that has failed in the sole purpose of protecting our Town’s children in the last four and a half years? Expect more of the same if he cannot be held accountable.

And onto another point, Roger the dodger might have not been Mr popular. But what I can say about him was what you saw is what you got. He was quite infamous for some of his outbursts and abrupt and straight to the point leadership. That seems like a jewel of a quality compared to the current leadership. People like myself as well as Labour backbenchers can feel the change in mood within the Town Hall, like Berlin in 1938. Cllr Lakin conducts a calm approach on the surface to the public but behind closed doors he is implementing a crackdown on individual thought and questioning. Along his side is his deputy who is his Himmler to his Hitler. Bullying, threatening, crackdown on dissenters and questions. Labour Group is now like a session of ‘we’ll tell you the best way to think’. All the while he is trying to appease Cllr Ellis. By placing her chums in his cabinet and failing to take any action against her ‘bullying’ campaign against Sarah Champion. If this continues then I’m getting out of here and floating down to Riverside House. They say you can get a cuppa down there and not worry for it being riddled with arsenic.

The Phantom of the Town Hall

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24 thoughts on “Lakin the inadequate and his bullies

  1. The one person Lakin can’t bully is me and that is a fact
    They are running round like headless Chickins throwing any amount of money at it
    I’ve said it before Lakin and his followers are not running the Council they are puppets controlled by the Local Labour NEC from Wakefield
    No one has been suspended they have been put on the back bench told to keep quiet turn up to the minimum meetings and hope it will all go away
    Well I can remind them it won’t go away i will not let it


    • That’s just what they need caven. Its the bullying that got Rotherham into the s*** its in now with the CSE. And still no apology from them.


  2. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    How in heavens name can any organisation allow a man like lakin be in charge after his grotesque failures in the past to carry on in the future he should be frogged marched out of the premises and thrown in the gutter where he belongs.


  3. Spot on PotTH.
    Despite Champion’s bitter words against RMBC she seems quite happy to pose with the ‘Lakin for Leader’ posse which includes on the back row our very own Boy Blunder Beck.
    Slightly more worrying is why is everyone in the photo’ is dressed like Man from Oxfam?


  4. Is there a link here? Councillor Ellis and Councillor Hoddinott are Wickersley Councillors both. The Ex Councillor Thirlwall, who was chucked out of Labour Group, for, among other things, bullying! Thirlwall was also a Wickersley Councillor at one time.
    More than coincidence or is there something in the water?


    • Please do not divert us from the point being made in this post.

      The answer is simple, the Ofsted inspectors were beguiled by the ‘World Class Policies and procedures’ Joyce Thacker and Paul Lakin presented them with, prizewinning indeed they were.

      It did not seem to occur to them to have a look at the front line, where they would have picked up altogether different conclusions? Inspection by ‘tick box’, like most inspections, these days.


    • Robin, I totally agree – even tho’ it maybe off-topic – it needs to be said.
      … and why are they suddenly finding faults with Sir John Cass in Stepney ? A damn good school.


    • Tomorrow is another day, I am no expert on the process but I have some limited knowledge of Ofsted inspections that have taken place in a number of local authorities and I know them to be much more than “inspections by tick box”. In my experience they are comprehensive and involve much more than the inspection of policies and procedures. Inspections of Childrens services involve meeting with children, parents and carers and practitioners, shadowing workers and observing their practice. Inspectors track the experiences of a sample of at least 25 individual children who are in need of protection and look at the quality of care they received.

      The inspection process is lengthy and involved and the suggestion that inspectors could be “beguiled by world-class policies and procedures” shows a lack of insight of the process in my opinion.


  5. Mr Lakin needs to answer for the absolute debacle that surrounds Abbey Special School. A school responsible for very vulnerable children. His role in implementing and backing a management that took the school from an successful, orderly, family friendly school deemed good by OFSTED to closure in a few short years whilst he was in charge of Children’s services. Also, a damning report on his time as leader of Children’s services supported by his advisor Mrs Beaumont! You couldn’t make this up! The most vulnerable children let down again! Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace!


      • A first time visitor, doesn’t know about the need to register, a comment from a new visitor is welcome. If they comment again then they will be invited to register to comment. Hope that clarifies things for you?


    • Another puzzle. In 2011 Ofsted rated Abbey as ‘good’. The LEA inspection in 2012 identified problems that were deemed serious enough for the head teacher to be replaced by an executive head and the board of governors to be replaced in its entirety. The 2014 Ofsted inspection rated the school as ‘inadequate’. How did the school deteriorate so much between 2011 and 2012? Serious questions need to be asked about the efficacy of Ofsted inspections in my opinion.


  6. A No months ago Abby school was found to infested with rats ect
    The Teachers were being blamed for every thing the chair of Governors Cllr Sharman was removed ( or got out the way before the s–t it the fan)
    The Supper Head from Winterhill school was put in charge
    The Council put a team of so called inspectors in to look at it made up of Teachers from other special school headed by super head from Winterhill school
    I questioned why this was not a inspection by Ofsted and what accredited qualified this team to carry out this inspection. Got a load of waffle back to be expected
    Now we see it’s failed by Ofsted again by poor management
    This stinks of they wanted it closed 12months ago so they played the same tactics as they did to close Kimberworth Secondary School so they could build The PFI Funded Winterhill School
    This is nothing to do with a school failing this to do with The Labour Run Council wanting it closed so they engineered its failure
    Kimberworth School History repeating its self
    So what did this made up inspection team achieve enough maybe for Ofsted to condemn and play into Lakins team hands
    Now’t will ever change they are totally incapable of changing


  7. Robin
    You know as well as I do 3 Years ago they was saying it’s all sorted everything is tikity boo
    So Ofsted like most only did a half job because they were was as hoodwinked as the rest
    (No excuse) but now after the Gaff was blown they did not dare not do their job properly and yes Robin we don’t often see eye to eye but we do on this one
    Ofsted should be brought to account for their part in this failure and if needs be heads should role
    But I fear they will not


  8. All this can be summed up in a few words
    Rotherham Labour Party
    Wanted total control
    Got total control
    Ruled by total control
    Now they must accept total responsibility for their total control failures
    That’s the price of total control and the price of lack of effective opposition and Scrutiny


  9. The problem with Ofsted inspections – as I have found – lays not in the actual inspections – which are thorough and not just tick box – but what happens to them when they get back to ‘Ofsted head office’ and the final report is written. It isn’t a tick box at source; but the reports the reports for general consumption seem to be so.

    They do have weaknesses however. For instance they could be improved by placing more emphasis on confidential interviews an consultation with front line staff and users in reviews and feedback and less higher management. National politics also tend to dictate to much The same could be said of IIP and Charter Mark as well etc. An overview of OFsted is needed. As is the framework for raising issues if you don’t agree with a report good or bad.

    As for Kimberworth Comprehensions and the move to Winterhill mentioned in this thread. I’m no lover of PFI but the closure of Kimberworth and merger with Winterhill was for the best. Kimberworth was well past its sell by date in so many ways. Some older ex pupils with ‘fond school memories’ did have reservations but the majority with school aged children welcomed it. The merger has raised standards for many and is a popular move in the area. indeed now I find no one complaining – simply praising the move over the last few years. Change isn’t always good – but this one was. Many in the area actually had children go Wingfield as well – and indeed were complaining saying ‘we should have gone to Winterhill’ at first – now most are also praising Wingfield as well and Kimberworth is generally not missed.

    Regarding Abbey – I worked in there many years ago – it was a ‘homely school’ – but needed developing – it appeared to be an ‘holding place’ – what its like now i can not judge without further information. Time may have changed it or not. Personally I’ll listen to the parents, pupils and staff then form a more rounded conclusion.



  10. Sally
    My point is about the method in which the local authority go about closing schools like Kimberworth is the deviousness the lies the bullying way they go about it
    At the time of closing Kimberwoth school they said the building would have to be demolished same with the infant school
    They are still standing and used after carrying out repairs needed which was deliberately let go into disrepair to close it
    They said the finance were not being run correctly but no real evidence provided to back this up
    This was from the then Director Di Billups who was the director in charge of the department at the time of giving the Seminar on CSE in 2005 exposed in the J report
    We must Question was she fit for purpose was the then Chief exec Ged Fitzgerald fit for purpose was the Leader Mark edgell fit for purpose

    But now we have Clifton School in over a Million pound of debt why have they allowed this to happen what are the governors doing and they will be Labour Councillors on the board
    And no consultation and again deviousness way they going ahead with wanting to close Abbey school What are the school governors doing


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