Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

Not long after the first rumblings of the enormous problem Rotherham has, a blog by the name of Roth Brad Politics came into existence.

On the 23 January 2013 this post appeared. It gives many clues as to the arguments being exploited to justify inaction, because it didn’t exist!

That ‘myth’ has been de-bunked. Those that wrote this post and those providing supportive comments, should be thoroughly ashamed of their own part in this deception.*

Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation

Posted on January 23, 2013

“Having read some outlandish allegations against Rotherham Council and some Councillors on the now discredited blog RP concerning child exploitation and the role of some taxi drivers alluded to in the select committee, I sent a simple e mail to some of the Cllrs and below is the response from the Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar
The training session held on the 5th December was the first of a number which were due to be repeated early in 2013. Three more sessions have now been arranged for dates in February and March when its anticipated the remaining councillors will attend one of these sessions.
The sessions will be delivered jointly by the Manager of The RMBC sexual exploitation team and SY Police. The training is designed to be interactive and allow time for questions and debate so is best delivered in small groups of around 16 participants. There was never any intention of delivering this type of “training” to a room of 63 members at one go and it was always our intention to deliver this type of training in the way described above
Question Re licensing
We have considerably strengthened arrangements in Rotherham following concerns that some licensed private hire / hackney carriage drivers were associated with suspected Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We have required enhanced level checks from the Disclosures and Barring Service (and its predecessor organisation) as a matter of course for many years. However, in recent years we have strengthened the links between the Safeguarding Children Board and the Licensing Authority and the officers that support both, to ensure that information regarding any potential risks of harm to children or adults is shared between departments in an effective and expedient manner.
To supplement this, we also hold regular Responsible Authority meetings which engage all the appropriate responsible bodies including senior representatives from the Licensing Team and the Manager of the Safeguarding Children Board. Information regarding child protection issues is shared at this meeting if it relates to any licensed premises or individuals (including taxi and private hire drivers).
In addition, Rotherham MBC Licensing have been leading on a county wide initiative to introduce a training package that covers adult and child safeguarding issues, (including CSE). It is anticipated that this training will be delivered to all new hackney carriage / private hire driver licence applicants as part of the application process. The issuing of a licence will be dependent on the successful completion of this training.
In the last few years, there have been four cases where we had concerns relating to a child safeguarding or sexual exploitation matter. All four drivers had urgent action taken against them to prevent them acting as taxi drivers. On receipt of information, three drivers were immediately suspended. The fourth prospective driver had a licence application refused by the Licensing Board on the basis of historical information relating to CSE. None of these individuals now operate as taxi drivers in Rotherham. Of these four, one driver subsequently had his licence revoked by the Licensing Board, a second remains suspended pending further investigation, the third voluntarily surrendered his licence and the fourth driver appealed the Licensing Board’s decision at the Magistrate’s Court, however the Court dismissed the appeal.
Finally I challenge anyone to produce a single piece of evidence to support the outrageous allegations that ” certain aggressive cllrs stopped investigation” These allegations are total lies.” Read the comments

The final sentence hints at the primary author of this, it’s vintage Jahangir Akhtar!

Note* Those involved in promulgating this total fabrication, include Jahangir Akhtar and two of his children Azizzum and Tanveer now going by the name Tanveer Khan (since his dad got him a job in the planning department),  Mahroof Hussain his two ‘nephews’, Vakas and Muhbeen Hussain (desperately engaged in trying to make themselves look good on social media with self invented organisations, such as British Muslim Youth, for example), Said Omar Mohammed (formerly known as Stephen Mullins was a wife beater and child sexual exploiter) he says he is on a retainer paid for by Mahroof and Jahangir and finally Donald H Buxton, who appears to have swallowed this fantasy whole, he also goes by the name GraldHunter and clearly shows him involved, in this pretence.


22 thoughts on “Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

  1. We have been similarly disbelieved in respect of the murder of my father, Ralph Winstanley, in Doncaster in 2004 – for which we have an overwhelming series of official documentary evidence, showing
    a) that he had not been dying
    b) that he was deliberately killed
    c) who organised and drove that killing
    d) how it was achieved
    e) the large number of organisations which helped to cover it up.

    So what chance did these youngsters have, against such (worryingly high level) liars, cheats, fraudsters and thieves?

    More to the point, what chance do they have now, with South Yorkshire Police, which has seemingly helped in the cover up, now claiming to investigate the perpetrators?

    Its a macabre joke.


  2. Remember Rotherham has a population of only 250000 of which only 3% are Muslim. You believe that you had around 1400 children raped and abused. Since we now know this has been going on for decades and cover up by the aurthories , what would the figures be like in Bradford, Birmingham , Lancashire with bigger Muslim populations. Another four convicted for the gang rape of a Teacher in Bradford. The scale of the problem is truly mindboggerling with this community.


    • In fact, a Google search throws up no results from the Lamestream news (BBC, Sky, ITV, C4).

      Although last week the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch was to be married was Breaking News and something that we all needed to know!


    • Remember Sajid Bostan’s words; “They (Rotherham’s Kashmiri community), had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” Little wonder then, our problems were covered-up for so long?


      • Yup, the conspiracy of communists, socialists, woolly liberals, metropolitan elitists and do-gooders just gets bigger and bigger. Just needs the Illuminati and we’ll have the set.


      • What about Rotherham Council, Cllrs, Social Services, 100’s of Labour Councilliars and MP’s , the Local Rag, Child care Professionals, Brenado’s, Children Commission, CEOP, SOCA, other Labour Councils around the country. The list could go on and on. All fail in their duties to protect children . What’s the mantra on crime by Labour, “Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime”. Well when the knew a crime was being committed, they turn a blind eye and denied it was happening. When they knew the causes of the same crime, they again denied it and blame others. No wonder the ordinary man has little faith in this party.


  3. Actually as with the CSE problems this case exhibited the same characterics, in relation to Taxi driver, trafficking, group rape and those involved where related. Uncle and Cousin.


  4. Taxi drivers get 68 yr sentence for rape-that is a good sentence……CHAD EVANS 2.5 yrs? ?! The judges clearly had different agendas… It’s a despicable crime


  5. And still those RMBC idiots allow 8 year old schoolchildren to be carried in taxis unchaperoned (See this weeks Advertiser page 4) Have they learned nothing??


  6. Have other readers noticed, Moofy is still avoiding the $64,000 question!

    “What did you know about the sexual exploitation of our children, when did you learn of it and what did you do to prevent more of our children from falling prey to Rotherham’s, Kashmiri sexual predators?”

    Come on Moofy, time to fess up and take the consequences like a man?


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  10. And this is precisely why these scum Council apologists, including the Local Government Association, are desperate for the Freedom of Information Act to be made unusable by the imposition of a punitive charge for putting it to use.


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