Abuse claims ‘tip of iceberg’ – May

The BBC are carrying this important development:

Abuse claims ‘tip of iceberg’ – May

Claims of historic sexual abuse that have emerged are the “tip of the iceberg”, Home Secretary Theresa May says

7 thoughts on “Abuse claims ‘tip of iceberg’ – May

  1. Well.. of course they are ‘the tip of the iceberg’. But who gives a toss? Not the politicians.. as they regularly show.Otherwise they would clear out the stables of Westminster.. aiming may of the politicians into Court and jail.. along with an assortment of senior police officers..court officers .. local and national civil servants.. and others.

    The utterly disgusting swathe of exposed ill-treatment of our children is so sickening.. that it overwhelms anyone who reads about it.. and yet there is not one of our senior politicians who will ensure, as a matter of urgent change, that all of those who have perpetrated this disgusting harm are brought into court and jail.

    Public schools have, I believe, a great deal to answer for.

    Remember that it is mainly from our public schools that our most senior politicians come.

    That, I believe, is why our children are not safe.


    • Managed to speak to sarah champion today. I said , the corridors of power are bursting at the seams with peadophilia . Rotherham shouldnt be ashamed that the powers that be are colluding to cover it up. They keep telling us about shame. Its the word the media always put with rotherham these days. Rotherham should be proud. Proud we didnt let them turn this into a race war. Proud our instinct to protect our own, saw through their smoke and mirrors. we may not know a lot of fancy new speak. But we ll choose common deceny over common purpose. Rotherham is the iceberg thats going to sink the pedophile establishment


      • You keep blaming other’s for what happen, but you had the power to stop this from the beginning , it’s called Local Democracy. Your Council was fuller aware of what was going on, but choose to ignore it for Political Correctness. In their own words they were more interested in community cohesion than dealing with this horrendous crimes. Your cllrs and MP ‘s were aware of what was going on, but choose to denie it due to a few votes. The current MP choose to ignore the problem and had a perfect opportunity to expose it when she co- aurthor a report into Child Sexual Exploitation with a supposed reknown Child protection charity, Bernado’s but omitted identifying the preptrators , Muslim ( Pakistani), due to ethnicity senseitives . Your Social Services choose to ignore it, by claiming it was the fault of the victims and their parents. The Police failed to deal with it, although they had overwhelming evidence that this was going in, calling the little white girls ” Trash” . Where was the Church’s. When unspeakable evil was being committed they show moral cowardice. This was cultrual discrimination by the Muslim(Pakinstani) community againist another cultural community, because they see others as beneath them. You had the powers and means to stop this, but choose to ignore it as you didn’t value the dignity of your children, their families or their safety. Take responsibility for your failures and start understanding the problem and dealing with it.


      • “Rotherham is the iceberg thats going to sink the pedophile establishment”

        Your meaning is unclear here. The “industrial scale” abuse in Rotherham, as Champion eventually described it, was not committed by dead or very old Tory MPs and celebrities – so how exactly is the Rotherham iceberg, as you put it, going to sink the “pedophile establishment”?

        This is of course to assume that there is, or rather was, in fact a Titanic of Establishment paedophilia – which means taking all these historic claims at face value and spinning a huge web out of them; a dubious proceeding to put it mildly


  2. I wish I had your faith Joe, the same people who covered it up; be it Rotherham or anywhere else are still in place. In Dinnington alone we have four, none will tell the truth and none will resign, one was senior adviser to Wright and another one of his advisers. Until these people are cleared from office they still have a vested interest in obfuscation and cover up, where are the court cases against the perpetrators. Just look at the new ofsted report, Wright said he had made improvements before he left children’s services, Lakin gave us the same rubbish yet the whole of the protection system has failed. It has been said by several people, Alexis Jay included, the Rotherham had a whole raft of things is place to safe guard children but no one scrutinised them to make sure they worked; this includes councillors.
    Dave Smith


  3. It is the tip of the iceberg and the issue is one that many still do not like to talk about. And then most only want to talk about ‘the others’ not the responsibility of concerning CSE in their own community.

    Back in 1986 ChildWatch – an organisation I worked alongside at its inception – constantly campaigned and warned that Britain was ignoring the true scale and nature of CSE. They warned about all sections of society ignoring the issue. They warned against society collectively closing its eyes and ears and saying it only happens elsewhere.They warned about the lack of investment and publicity and awareness concerning the issue of real intervention. They warned about an inadequate system of practical and legal support and prevention. They warned about victims not being listened to. They warned about Britain not wanting to address CSE because we didn’t want to admit it was a national plague. And what did they – get shouted down. And not only by those in power, but by a society that didn’t want to believe it was a major problem because it was too odious to contemplate as being true – not in Britain they said – we are country that cares.

    Let’s be honest the people of Rotherham – like elsewhere – have only taken notice because it has hit the headlines in the own back yard. Before it did they went about their daily lives in self assured innocence and ignorance and oblivious to the scale of the issue. Before the outrage hit the headlines they had the misplaced belief it only happens in other places. And before the true nature and scale became apparent they just couldn’t accept the fact – that Britain has a nation closes its eyes and ears – it is after all the British way.

    Of course now every ones up in arms – and rightly so. Everyone is calling for justice. Everyone is pointing fingers and saying ‘why didn’t they tell us.’ Everyone is saying ‘how could it happen?’ And everyone is apportioning their own blame’. Many for valid reasons,some for personal gain, and some because they feel guilty because they didn’t listen to the ‘sages of doom’.

    For 32 years all over this land I worked with children at risk as well as countless victims of CSE; for 32 years I spoke out and eventually was cast out for what I said and challenged. For 32 years I saw the suffering and injustice. (You can’t say you understand the experience – only victims ever truly can) For 32 years I constantly was accused of exaggerating the problem by all. (Including the vast majority of residents of many towns and cities). And for 32 years I hung my head in shame certain of the fact in this land – Britain – the ordinary people and the powers alike just didn’t want to admit what was going on. ‘Not in Britain.’ they said – ‘we are a nation that cares.’ I wish.

    In some parts of Britain CSE is a major issue of a minority within a community’s warped cultural perception. In others it is not and is simply the evil that exists in all regions, all religions all cultures, all races, all sections of society and all classes. (And I mean ALL) But one thing is sure – wherever it emanates from CSE is an issue we are all responsible for; whether that be the actual abusers, those that tolerate or ignore it by their silence / cover up, or those that simply want to use the issue to score short term personal or political points. (The latter I feel – and it is my personal opinion only – offer nothing to a real and long term solution)

    Regarding CSE – like many I’m not blind – and I’m not stupid for that matter. (Some would argue on the latter I am wrong but that’s another matter) ‘ I see what has gone on – and still is going on it is evident – in certain minority sections of the Muslim community – just as I see what is going on and is still going on in certain minority sections of the Christian or non religious communities of the land. If there is a cultural element or gender one in an instance of CSE it should be tackled in a focused, in depth, effective and intelligent and honest way openly. (Not used as a political football – but tackled fully and openly) I also see the way victims have been treat and still continue to be treat and dismissed by many sections of the higher echelons of the authorities and legal system and the bullying within these sectors – and it has made me weep – it still does. . But unlike some I (I think Ms May does too) I see the issue of CSE as a holistic moral crusade not a political one. My ethos is simple – wherever an abuser or grooming gang – or peadophile gang as they should be termed in my opinion – exist – they should be tackled with the full force of the law – including new and specific laws without mercy; as should those that conspire to ignore cover up at all levels.

    Personally I don’t give a damn about the ‘suddenly concerned’ who sometimes come on here and elsewhere to vent their spleen NOW. (Although there are many exceptions who have offered valuable contributions and done great work on Roth Pol and elsewhere). I don’t give a damn about the ‘new found self righteous’ who take up a thread and add their twopenneth in ‘new found ‘moral indignation’. I don’t give a damn about those that that try to distort the holistic’s of the nature of CSE for personal gain, and gratification. I don’t give a damn about the politicos of all hues who shout and seek political gain or point scoring. I don’t give a damn about individuals that have ‘specific alternative agendas’ and shady ulterior motives, not CSE, as the main concern or focus. All I care about is that the victims EVERYWHERE get the justice they deserve, those who seek to cover up – wherever – are punished in the same way as abusers should be, that the system of prevention and support is overhauled, properly financed and made truly effective, and that people everywhere actually start to accept that CSE is not just an issue that effects a particular region or section of society at any one time, it is an issue that is here and now forever that should be tackled out in the open honestly and with determination.

    Finally, if that upsets a few on here who have suddenly found ‘a cause’ ; I don’t give a damn. I’ve been fighting it for well over 30 years. Where were you – with a few valid and appreciated exceptions of course – until the local outrage hit the fan not looking deep enough I guess.




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