What’s going on here?

Interesting Telegraph link

BBC collusion with SYP in the raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home


Obviously the raid was just prior to the publication of the Jay Report so SYP’s diversionary motivation is blindingly obvious; but why would the BBC have co-operated with plod to the extent they did if the motivation was not pretty much identical?

Secondly this is a useful commentary on the dangers of accepting historic claims of high level abuse at face value

“There is nothing new about allegations being made against Tory politicians of the period, and they are not necessarily truthful. A not dissimilar account of Conservative Party MPs being involved in sexual abuse was given in the 1990s by someone called Carol Felstead and it provides a cautionary tale for anyone who might wish to rush to judgement. According to Carol’s therapists, she was anally raped in Conservative Central Office by a Tory MP with a claw hammer, and raped by not one but two members of Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet.” http://www.justiceforcarol.com/



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