Cabinet Meeting 26 November 2014

For those of you who couldn’t make this mornings Cabinet meeting in person, it’s now available to watch over and over again.

Now you have seen the latest performance of ‘Rotherham’s Labour Players’, Rotherham’s very own, Amateur Dramatic Society RMBC Branch, read the truth below.

Published previously: Lakin the inadequate and his bullies and Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

3 thoughts on “Cabinet Meeting 26 November 2014

  1. Wonder how many councillors donated to the bottle stall held in Rotherham Town Centre on Domestic Violence Awareness Day Tuesday Nov25th. or who, went to the ‘gig’ at Rotherhan Rugby Club To raise money for the Rotherham Women’s Counselling Service. Bet none of them bought a white ribbon either. Just pay lip service and hope the problem will go away


    • Good to see the ex teachers from Abbey Special School still willing to defend the school. Thought Beaumont was awful , nervous n uninformed. The other woman just sat spinning and not answering the questions. If this school closes it could be a problem for Lakin. He backed the management fully in his time at the head of. Children’s services. Another omnishambles for Rotherham Labour!


  2. Just watched the cabinet meeting again. Something that amazed me was the glee in which boy wonder Beck announced his first sale of a unit on the Advance Manufaturing park raised £40,000! Now call me cynical but he didn’t state whether that was before or after fees. Also, say we as taxpayers of Rotherham had invested that £4.5m surely we would have a better return after several years of £40,000! (X 4 units is a possible, not guaranteed £160,000) interest alone on that amount of money would be more surely? Can anyone do the figures? I think this is a first class example of Beck’s business naivity! He can spin but can he walk the walk?


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