Inside the Home for Sexually Abused Girls

It is rare to be allowed inside a children’s home to talk to sexual abuse victims.
They have been let down by adults they trust, so why should they trust anyone else?

Cordelia Lynch reports.

‘We had been granted a rare privilege, the chance to see inside a children’s home and hear first hand from the young girls inside.
They are living in a residential treatment centre for children who have been sexually exploited which is also registered as an independent special school.

The girls have had torturous journeys here, bounced from home to home, sometimes having to move after just a few days.
Some have been groomed for sex by gangs, others by family members.’


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4 Responses to Inside the Home for Sexually Abused Girls

  1. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  2. Manc01 says:

    I hope all those CSE deniers, Political Correct brigade and do Gooders watched this program. Those little children were the consqences of your inactions of not stopping this abuse, something you know you could’ve stopped but choose not to. Ever worse not only did you keep quiet about it, but surpressed, ever destroyed the evidence. They will never recover no matter how good the treatment is. You had a choice in how to live your life, they didn’t .

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