6 thoughts on “The Real SYP – Questions for Jacqueline Collins

  1. Be under no illusions that Jacqueline Collins acts in the best interests of the residents of Rotherham. I can state quite confidently that if Ms.Collins had declared herself a supporter of the Tories or UKIP she would not have been appointed to her post. How do I know? I made the same allegation to her in an email and she did not deny it.
    Her responses to allegations and reports of bad behaviour, procedural impropriety and verbal abuse by Labour councillors are dismissed as either ‘sour grapes’ and/or ‘political point scoring’.
    The item published above and the responses from Ms.Collins reinforce the general consensus she is a political stooge and will do nothing to upset or disrupt the status quo.
    Furthermore; from 2012 to date it is unbelievable no reports,minutes or agendas crossed her desk relating to the CSE scandal. How is this possible that the Director of Legal and Democratic Services remained totally ignorant (?) of these crimes?


  2. The inference in this post is that Ms Collins is legal adviser to South Yorkshire Police. This is NOT the case, she is adviser to the Council and the Police and Crime Panel, ie the PCC which is a non-job and in my view absolutely nothing to do with the police service! These are the political controllers of policing and in reality, nothing to do with policing proper.


    • I imply, you infer! In this case your inference is incorrect, please read exactly what it says.

      On another point, Rotherham Politics has to enforce part of our conditions concerning registration of those who comment on this blog. Put simply, this is how to both register and preserve the confidentiality you may require.

      1. Choose an identity, best to keep it short.

      2. Email Rothpol rothpol@rikv.net putting register in the subject line and your chosen identity in the body text.

      3. When you receive a confirmatory email, you will then be able to comment freely.

      Rotherham Politics is a moderated blog , comments are published at the discretion of the moderator. This doesn’t equate to censorship, as Rothpol is prepared to publish comments that are adding to the debate, even if critical of Rotherham Politics!

      No one needs to reveal their identity, all Rothpol is asking is to be able to tell everyone apart, nothing else!

      Simply use a pseudonym, get a free email account in that name and use it to establish two way communication with me. Hushmail, is both free and secure, and is to be recommended.”


    • From her email signature(s), reproduced word for word.

      Jacqueline Collins
      Legal Adviser
      South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel
      Resources Directorate
      Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

      or when she slips up and includes her RMBC email signature

      Jacqueline Collins
      Legal and Democratic Services
      Resources Directorate
      Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


  3. Yet she will spend her time conducting a witch hunt against an independent parish councillor, for no good reason other than her own vindictiveness. I watched her at yesterdays cabinet meeting, she walked all the way round the chamber to tell a reporter she was sat in the wrong place; she is constantly wittering away at Lakin it makes you wonder who is in charge.
    Dave Smith


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