Not with a bang, but a whimper

Roger Stones illustrious political career has come to a halt.

He has now stood down as a Councillor! Presumably too late for a by-election though?

The weight of the Jay Report has claimed another. But quietly with no fanfare.

Rotherham Politics: The Roger Stone Files

13 thoughts on “Not with a bang, but a whimper

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    • if people on the electoral roll in the ward he represented were so minded they could call a by- election now because they are under represented . I forget the number of signatures needed but it isnt many


      • I just read the Advertiser and the six month rule on by-election – so my previous comment is useless – about as useless as what councillor Stone has been to the people he is supposed to represent. For him to be allowed to work that resignation to bring in the six month rule just shows utter contempt to the people who put him there


  1. At least he stood down immediately and now finally has gone from public office. Wouldn’t it be great if he actually came out and now told the whole truth. When did he first find out, when did others and why they all did nothing. If he’s a Religious man, nothing will ever absorb of his guilt or shame.


    • Hey Caven, I saw your email asking Ian Thomas whether RMBC is paying Derbyshire and Lincoln anything “for the loan” of their employees Ali Noble, Maureen Evans and David McWilliams. Do you think we should be paying?


  2. A shameful councillor, common knowledge for many years in his time at RMBC amongst employees, a bully for sure, I witnessed that. Goodbye Mr Stone, fingers crossed it’s also goodbye OBE, but then again that wasn’t awarded through your services to the council, it was awarded through all the lobbying by your ‘mates’ ………..


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