Friday Night is Film Night!

Was reminded of this little piece, created by the Roth Brad Politics dirty tricks campaign.

Reported previously as, Seems Rotherham Politics has upset someone?, worth a read for the comments alone.

Now, for some reason, the video has been removed from the Roth Brad Politics website, why?

Embarrassing for any Labour Member to have been associated with this scurrilous piece?

In this case, we have the answer to that question, below the video.

Rotherham Politics is in a position to remind readers of it’s contents:

“Rik Van Hegan Rotherham Politics Blogger Interviewed by the Terminator

Well one Swinton Lad or should we say one elderly chap is none to happy to be identified as a Respect Party Co Conspirator Rik Van Hegan.  I never realised that old Rik had an ulterior motive for his Rotherham Politics blog site ie RothPol. Becoming aware through this highly entertaining Video by our dear old friend the Terminator that old Rik is an ex Labour Councillor Candidate who was rejected by his Swinton Peers.  This seems to make complete sense of all the hatred and poison that spews forth from his coffee stained keyboard.”

Those wishing to read the original post, click here.

The Team behind RothBradPolitics?

Those involved, include Jahangir Akhtar and two of his children Azizzum and Tanveer now going by the name Tanveer Khan (since his dad got him a job in the planning department),  Mahroof Hussain his two ‘nephews’, Vakas and Muhbeen Hussain (desperately engaged in trying to make themselves look good on social media with self invented organisations, such as British Muslim Youth, to name but one), Said Omar Mohammed (formerly known as Stephen Mullins was a wife beater and child sexual exploiter) he says he is on a retainer paid for by Mahroof and Jahangir and is their IT, Web expert and now Video Editor it would appear.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night is Film Night!

  1. How many ways do Mahroof Hussain and his two ‘nephews’, Vakas and Muhbeen Hussain, Jahangir Akhtar and two of his children Azizzum and Tanveer, have to do to bring the Labour Party into disrepute, before the Party acts to clean out it’s Rotherham stables?


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