Local Councils – Transparency and Accountability

A reminder to us all of this information that should help all those who wish to hold a Council to account.

Making local councils more transparent and accountable to local people.


The public should be able to hold local councils to account about the services they provide. To do this, people need information about what decisions local councils are taking, and how local councils are spending public money.

If councils publish their data in open formats with open licences people will be able to use and reuse the data for many different purposes.


Publishing council spending and salaries online

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has asked all local councils and fire and rescue authorities in England to publish spending information over £500 online

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5 thoughts on “Local Councils – Transparency and Accountability

  1. There are 1638 people working in Children’s and Young People Servcies, yet none of them knew CSE was rife in Rotherham, for 20 odd years, says it all.


    • I reported abuse /neglect in social care – vulnerable adults I spoke up twice #whistleblower it cost me my job.. the council gave my new employer my name.. They still wont admit it.. I’m just one voice.. no one to help me. They seem to think that if your name appears in case notes as an alerter they can give it. The public interest disclosure act won’t help when you are not employed by the council. Their confidential reporting code as stated on their web page did not help me…. I wish more whistle blowers would come forward…..
      Whistle blowers are not safe.. people seem to turn a blind eye here… 😦
      #PrivateEye #Rotherham #DoubleTrouble #troublemaker


    • @ Anonymous.
      Individual salaries cannot be disclosed because the information is protected under the DPA. The total salaries and wages bill for a parish council is published in the annual accounts but can also be obtained if you write to your Parish Council asking for the information as an FoI request.


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