Louise Casey Report on RMBC – Deadline Extension


When appointing you as the person to carry out an inspection of the compliance of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council with the requirements of Part 1 of the Local Government Act 1999 in relation to certain of the authority’s functions, the Secretary of State directed you to report the findings of the inspection to the Secretary of State by 30 November 2014 or such later date as you may agree with the Secretary of State.

I am now writing to inform you that the Secretary of State has agreed such a later date of on or before 16 January 2015.

The Secretary of State recognises the need for the inspection to be carried out as rapidly as possible. It is equally essential that the victims get the most thorough report possible and that no stone is left unturned. Hence, the timing the Secretary of State has now agreed, and he is confident that this will result in a robust and thorough report that the victims have the right to expect.

Yours sincerely

Paul Rowsell
Deputy Director – Democracy
Department for Communities and Local Government
2nd Floor NE Quarter, Fry Building
2 Marsham St, London SW1P 4DF

Email paul.rowsell@communities.gsi.gov.uk


8 thoughts on “Louise Casey Report on RMBC – Deadline Extension

  1. Imagine having to spend one’s Christmas in a cesspit of CSE deniers. What more files vanished into thin air. What a coincidence that Councillor Stone has resign from Public service, the day before this statement .


  2. it was planned mate. him keeping away, not answering one question, planned resignation on a date so that there cannot be a bye-election. just shows what utter contempt he and the labour council Rotherham have for the people who put them there. he can run but Derbyshire will not be far enough away for this horrible waste of tax payers money.


    • Caven, please explain what this has to do with the local Labour party (or the Labour party at all). This is the DCLG extending the deadline for Louise Casey to conclude her Corporate Governance Inspection of RMBC.


      • For Louise Casey to extend her inspection , shows that their must be serious failings in the governance in the councils operations, and whose been running this council for decades, no other than the Labour Party. Remember the party that claimed there wasn’t a problem with CSE , in fact denied it’s presence.


  3. Roger Stone waited for 3 months did not show up any ware took over £3000 in allowance and the rest who’s they say they have suspended
    They have not been suspended just keeping their heads down
    That’s what it’s got to do with the Local Labour Party Why are they still there voting with the rest if they have been suspended
    And the ones John Healey used his poison on the NEC to protect that’s what it’s to do with the Labour Party


  4. We have seen massive failure, on an industrial scale, in corporate governance amounting to gross dereliction of duty . Louise Casey’s report should also be followed by disciplinary action and even the odd prosecution, or two, of those culpable! Taxi licensing anyone?
    The culture of impunity that has infected and corrupted our Town is coming to an end. The whole truth will out eventually and justice be dispensed.
    Then and only then, can we build a future for all Rotherham’s citizens with a deal more mutual respect than hitherto.


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