Tiser Editor “not ashamed” of scandal coverage

The weekly editor whose paper was scooped by the nationals over the Rotherham child abuse scandal has defended its coverage of the story.

Andrew Mosley, editor of the Rotherham Advertiser, took part in a panel discussion today with the journalist who scooped him – Andrew Norfolk of The Times.

But he denied having felt a sense of “shame” over not having broken the story saying that the paper had published over 40 previous stories on the grooming of young girls in the town.


and from September:

‘We didn’t miss child abuse scandal’ says weekly editor.

The editor of the main weekly newspaper in Rotherham has denied “missing” the child abuse scandal in the town exposed by a national newspaper last month.

“First of all, we didn’t miss the ‘Rotherham child sexual exploitation’ story. It wasn’t something we didn’t spot on a council agenda or that was discussed in a meeting that we couldn’t attend due to lack of staff.




1 thought on “Tiser Editor “not ashamed” of scandal coverage

  1. Not only should he be ashamed, but the Advertiser has become the biggest laughing stock in the journalism. Just think, you had one of the biggest stories right in your own backyard, a story that would reverberate around the county, the world. And they missed it. No not a newspaper , just an advertiser board.


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