Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014

Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election

Thursday 18 December 2014

Notice of Election (PDF) Size: 7.99 KB

Statement of Persons Nominated (PDF) Size: 7.34 KB

I invite both candidates to send me an election address for publication. Rik.


9 thoughts on “Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014

  1. so…. we get two nominees for town council, one of whom is always shouting out about council spending.. they are both independent candidates. is Mr smith going to stand down and save us having another costly election and save the council money. answers on a post card please.


  2. Coverup must not believe in democracy he or she would have us just allow the Labour party to put on the council who they want. I would expect to get this pathetic remark it happens every time, probably a Labour supporter.
    Dave Smith


    • Mr smith, I am as far from labour as a frog is from having feathers. your the one always shouting about spending tax payers money. this is going to cost us again. you are both the same political irk. one of you save us the election. labour haven’t put up because they’re still in denial. and if they had, I would’ve been voting for you.


      • This sounds like democracy to me, why do you have an issue with it? I am a UKIP supporter, but Dave may actually make a good local councillor. P.S. where do you live?


  3. My points on finance are never about the cost of democracy but the cost of having too many councillors at borough level being payed over inflated amounts of money for doing very little work, as has been proved by the CSE scandal. If we were not having an election Labour would co-opt one of their supporters on to the town council, how undemocratic is that? You may as well blame, as the council tried to do, the councillor for resigning when he did; he could have done a Stone and waited while the six month rule kicked in. However the person is ill when he is ill and he had the moral strength to resign instead of just putting his apologise in every month. Democracy always comes at a cost, we are lucky it does not come at the cost of human life; that sacrifice was made long ago by our Grand Parents. I make no apology for using the democratic process fought so hard for by the working class of this country.
    Dave Smith


    • hypocrite “Democracy always comes at a cost” remember that next time you are shouting about local spending. this election is going to cost US tax payers.


      • @ coverup

        ‘Democracy always comes at a cost’
        Democracy does have a cost but it also has a value.
        Dave Smith will spend his own money on his election campaign, alternatively DSJTC council could co-opt him and save money. Dave did not call the election, the Labour party did for purely party political reasons.


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