Taxi licensing consultation – Radio Sheffield Discussion

The subject under discussion on BBC Radio Sheffield on the Eastern Air programme tonight, is the Licensing of the Taxi Trade in Rotherham.

A senior officer responsible for licensing will be on air providing explanations and answering questions. Wonder if Sajid Bostan or Afzar Afsars, will give us their account?

Listen live from 18:00:

Previously published:

Taxi licensing consultation – Everyone should take note

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4 thoughts on “Taxi licensing consultation – Radio Sheffield Discussion

  1. A corrupted system, that ended with the grotesque spectacle of Rotherham taxis being used to traffic young girls for prostitution and being paid by the council for the privilege, just had to be cleaned up! These proposals if enacted in full will give us the taxi companies and drivers who we can trust. Not much to ask for, I would have thought?
    Silence once more from Mahroof Hussain and Jahangir Akhtar, they are culpable for the ‘system’ of today. I use the term advisedly as the current process, is not fit for purpose! Nor does it appear to comply with current legislative provisions, for that matter?
    On the drivers side, one must not ignore the role of their, ‘self appointed’ so called Leaders, Sajid Bostan and Afsar Azars in this sorry saga , that may yet end up with misconduct findings against those involved?


    • Sajid Bostan vice chairman how can he represent drivers when his related to owner of goldstar (conflict of interest)
      Azar Afsar how can he represent the Association he was sacked?
      Sahid Rafiq Jandee how can he represent Rotherham Association when his licenced in barnsley.
      Self appointed association?
      When was an election held? Never.
      When was it the last time they held a meeting with drivers? Never


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