Tonight’s Roth Central CLP AGM cancelled – Why?

Tonight’s Roth Central CLP AGM cancelled by Mahroof…..reason given, “circumstances outside of our control.”

Unless Dazza was his usual incompetent self and simply forgot to book the room, it is hard to see what can have been beyond their control. Any ideas appreciated.

There are problems in finding officers to elect at the AGM, with both Moofy and Dazza standing down as Chair and Secretary respectively.

Of most concern to regional LP is the failure to find women to stand, and therefore meet the Party’s gender balance requirements. Not surprising in a local branch that has become globally famous for it’s failings to protect young girls and general misogyny.

It is a sad fact that as an organised, campaigning political group Rotherham Central CLP is broken.

You may think this is all result of the CSE scandal, and to great extent that is true. But the roles of Mahroof Hussain, Rose McNally and Peter Wootten should not be underestimated.

When they fixed the now infamous Boston Castle special ward meeting, by condoning the use of bully boys to break it up they judged it badly and put another nail in the coffin of the CLP

Why? Well, they forced the ordinary members to ask why they should turn out in rain or shine, to raise funds, deliver leaflets, knock on doors to get them elected. When at any time he disagrees with the membership, or he feels disinclined to answer questions from them, Mahroof can simply pull out his thirty bully boys to get the vote he wants or prevent a meeting taking place at all.

The irony is that he paid nothing to get the help of those volunteers…wonder if his bullies will come for free. Some can barely be bothered to pay their membership fees, never mind volunteer for such hard slog tasks such as CLP Secretary.

Certainly you won’t see Rose or Pete doing anything for free.

3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Roth Central CLP AGM cancelled – Why?

  1. Wonder if the ‘reasons beyond our control’ is code for the CLP has been put into ‘special measures’, at last? The CLP has been out of compliance with the Labour Party rules for years, but then, they are only rules after all!


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