Mob Rule?

Yesterdays outrageous scenes outside the Town Hall were followed by more at Riverside House:


Readers may not wish to miss this insight into the mindset behind this kind of outrageous behaviour that has no place in a democracy: Time to prove Saj wrong

17 thoughts on “Mob Rule?

  1. I note that it is the same in Pakistan. If you don’t like something get a mob and shout about it in order to create a result in your favour. This should not be the case here in Rotherham therefore call the police to take control and let fairness and common sense prevail.


    • I hope not considering the freedom they enjoy to practice their religion and culture is the same for everyone else. I would dearly love to see a nativity in Riverside House symbolising the Incarnation of Christ.


      • Where else will their votes go? Bullying behaviour, such as this, must never win again in Rotherham! That’s what got us into the CSE scandal in the first place and now the Taxi licensing system is exposed as woefully inadequate! Dereliction of Duty anyone?


  2. Identify them and report to Licensing Department as not fit and proper people to drive taxis. See what happens then. Should they have been better employed driving their taxis and explaining themselves to the customers.


  3. Sajid Bostan, the man who said, “they had fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” Do we now know how it was done?


  4. When Britain First went to Riverside house to ask some questions about the abuse of children by Packistani males the police were there within no time,but we see here loads of Packistanis protesting about a consultation for taxi drivers/vehicle checks and not one police officer in site ! that may be good news as the police may be looking for all the packistani phedofiles that have commited these crimes in the past and present on children around Rotherham !


  5. Police permission is not needed for a static protest outside the Townhall, but occupying a building that is being used for the administration of the council’s affairs and is used by the public,including young children should not be permitted by any one, much less a baying Pakistani mob! Why weren’t the police called to clear them out?


  6. ‘Why weren’t the police called to clear them out?’ A damn good question.
    Possible answers are; RMBC is afraid of being accused of the ‘R’ word. RMBC Labour councillors do not want to lose more voters. The culture of diversity and inclusiveness that pervades Riverside House recognises legitimate protest therefore the Asian community acts with impunity.
    Which is both sad and demeaning.


  7. Every person in Rotherham should read Danny Lockwoods brilliant book “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury” and see what’s happened there is not only happening in Rotherham but all over the country.


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