‘It’s the most difficult job in Britain’

Incoming Rotherham children’s chief: ‘It’s the most difficult job in Britain’

Ian Thomas vows to deal with the ‘toxic’ mess of Rotherham children’s services as he takes over following the sexual abuse scandal


6 thoughts on “‘It’s the most difficult job in Britain’

  1. I just hope Ian Thomas can cut through the obfuscation, lies and deceit he will face while trying to do his job. More to the point; Will Ian Thomas have the backing of Lakin and Pickles if he decides a certain person or persons should go? That will be the toughest job in Rotherham, getting rid of the criminal deadbeats who turned a blind eye to child abuse.


  2. I wouldn’t mind betting he had to swear his support for the Labour Party though! It would be the only way he could get the job in Rotherham


  3. “But he is unconvinced by the theory espoused by Nazir Afzal, the Crown Prosecution Service’s lead on sexual abuse, who says the over-representation is not due to culture, but the fact that Pakistanis are over-represented in the night-time economy, working as taxi drivers and in takeaways”

    How did he get through the politically correct net? I’m in shock – he talks plain sense, and he hasn’t mentioned Jimmy Savile once, promising for a change


  4. His CV reads more like an accountant than social worker still wish him luck in a most unenviable task. Hope he is sucessful for the sake of Rotherham’s abused children and all the children in the town


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