Dinnington Town council by-election result.

Dinnington Town council by-election result.

Salt C  353 votes

Smith D 463 Votes

Smith D duly elected

12% turn out

Congratulations to the victor Dave Smith and commiserations to the loser Colin Salt.

A huge thank you to both candidates, for giving democracy a run out!

14 thoughts on “Dinnington Town council by-election result.

  1. A majority of 110 for an Independent candidate in a former mining village.
    The Labour party have lost the confidence of Joe and Josephine Public.
    Congrats and well done to Dave Smith.
    I wonder if Sir Nutkin will add his congratulations??


  2. Dave, Many Congratulation, richly deserved. Let us see if Dinnington will treat the Independent candidate the same way as Anston treats Independent Stuart Thornton. I look forward with interest to watching the I Love Dinnington web-cast of Dinnington Town Council and how they deal with someone who is a seasoned commentator. I will be there to observe your “Maiden Flight.”
    I have no doubt you will show DTC how things should be done.
    Regards & Well Done


  3. Well done and congratulations to Dave Smith. We too will be closely observing Dinnington Town Council. Some independent thinking is just what we need.


  4. Great News Dave, The tide is turning, the residents of Dinnington are now showing they are tired of Labour rule.. Dinnington will now see a true Independent who is working for the people of the town. I am certain that you will make sure those Borough Councillors who sit on DTCouncil and were involved in covering up The Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham, will get their deserts. I also hope that you are treated with the respect you deserve and not as Anston Parish Council treat their Independent Councillors.
    Good Luck


  5. Thanks to you all I think Colin and I have shown the Labour Party the way democracy really works, if we had not forced an election then there would have been a Labour stooge co-opted on. This is the first time that Dinnington has had to do this, co-option has usually been the way; it shows that by some effort we can change the face of politics in Dinnington. Just by making sure we do our homework we have stopped the Town council kicking out the public from meetings by the misuse of the 1972 act. We now have a monthly finance report, this is what we can do when we get active in attending our local council meetings. Our Labour controlled Town councils worst nightmare has just happened. So thanks once again to you all that have taken the trouble to congratulate me,and all those who voted, I hope you all have a great Christmas so that we can get ready for the new year and the May elections.
    Dave Smith


  6. Well done.
    Next step is to get rid of all the Labour “gang”,I myself have been watching the Dinnington town council meetings, via the you tube channel,and the behaviour and arrogance of the Labour councillors is unbelievable.
    I get the impression they feel they are and have been untouchable,but times are changing for the better.


  7. Anston Parish Council – ditto – This disgrace that is Labour controlled can be viewed on you tube – Watch Love Dinnington, you will find them there.


  8. I cannot wait for the next Meeting of Dinnington Town council. Lets hope some of those who sit and do nothing will resign. I wonder what will come out of the woodwork now we have someone with some sense on the “inside”. Lets also hope that the Labour Cllrs at Dinnington don’t do an “Anston” and try to bully him into submission. I have been subjected to intense Bullying, Discrimination and intimidation by Labour Cllrs just for opposing the Labour view. I am quite sure Dave will deal with it. I wonder if Cllr Havenhand will publicly congratulate him on his victory??
    I think we can now see that the Labour Party is now a lame duck in and around the South of the Borough, More Independents required for next May please.


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