Yorkshire Post – ‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

VICTIMS OF child sexual exploitation are still not getting the help they need to cope with their trauma because of a lack of resources to provide counselling and therapy, according to the former senior social worker whose report exposed the true scale of the Rotherham abuse scandal.

Professor Alexis Jay says many of the children abused as teenagers in the South Yorkshire district between 1997 and 2013 have been known to self-harm or suffer mental health problems after being discarded by their attackers.

But she says therapeutic services needed to help victims with their mental scars are not widely enough available and those that are offered are too difficult to access.


The Independent:

Rotherham abuse scandal victims are still waiting for psychological help

Report author Professor Alexis Jay wants more resources made available to the girls

Girls abused by sex gangs are being denied the psychological help they need to help overcome their trauma because of a lack of resources, according to the author of the report that exposed such abuse in Rotherham.

Professor Alexis Jay said many of the 1,400 children abused over a 16-year period by gangs of largely Asian men in the city have harmed themselves, suffered mental-health problems or developed alcohol or drug addictions.


7 thoughts on “Yorkshire Post – ‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

    • Well said, Manc01. Our Kev hasn’t even bothered giving an opinion on it. But then, the Peak District is so beautiful and can be such a welcome distraction from everyday life of Rotherham folk.


  1. At the council meeting that our great leader Lakin About announced a miserly sum of £120,000 he was told by the charities that it was no where near enough. He was told then that under normal circumstances there was at least a six month waiting time for counselling, he was also told as more victims came forward it would exacerbate the problem. He gave his usual reply, I will look into it. When Caven Vines said he would give his expenses to the charities if the rest of the councillors did the same, as my companion Mr lewis said at the time, “you could have heard a mouse fart”. Rotherham council are doing what they have always done just paying lip service to the problem, as it would seem are South Yorkshire police where are the convictions?
    Dave Smith


  2. New year, same old BS, things will never change. This Labour Party is taking a long time with the enquiry into misconduct into Rotherham, must be doing such a really through job, leaving no stones unturned, but coming to the conclusion that everybody was innocent . See the Pakistani community leaders are quiet, have they all realise that nobody believes them anymore.


  3. What we need to see is arrests and not enquiries, all enquiries do is kick it into the long grass, remember the Iraq wmd enquiry The existing law has enough clout to put people away who abused and those in the establishment who protected them. There should be 100’s to 1000’s being prosecuted not the paltry 10 so far.


    • There will not be any more yet, they(labour) don’t want to draw attention to them selves until after the elections.
      By the way, did you get your Dinnington labour council calendar through your letter box? Barron ,Havenhand on it
      I did, it only goes up to may 2015…any reason for that?
      Tongue in cheek 🙂


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