Taxpayers face bill for compensation payouts to Rotherham’s child abuse victims

First off the mark with this story, the Rotherham Star:

Taxpayers face bill for compensation payouts to Rotherham’s child abuse victims

Taxpayers may have to foot the bill for millions of pounds in compensation payouts to Rotherham’s child sexual exploitation victims, it has been revealed.

5 thoughts on “Taxpayers face bill for compensation payouts to Rotherham’s child abuse victims

  1. When the Anti-Poverty forum scandal cost was totted up, it came to a much smaller sum of money than will be required to settle these cases.
    This latest episode in our inglorious history will cost us dear, and all to fit in with Mahroof Hussain, Shaukat Ali and Jahangir Akhtar’s delusions, that CSE was a myth, and that perverse vision was inflicted on everyone despite the truth being known to them.
    Mahroof should resign forthwith, and Mahroof, Ali and Akhtar should accept the only punishment that can be appropriate in these circumstances, their expulsion from the Labour Party! Along, of course, with the rest of their merry band of thugs and hangers on, Sajid Bostan would be one of the first of those, on my list.
    The Labour Party is being put to an extreme test by these revelations, they must not be found wanting, as the voters are ready to punish them, if they don’t!


  2. No let’s not be dissallusioned by this.
    What should happen is let’s give them a raise and if they step down let’s give them a golden hand shake like some of the others that have left or made to leave in this case.
    Now to compensation let’s fleece the community or the public and pay everybody for the wrong doings of others.
    Isn’t that what always happens no wonder every one is peed off with the authorities ( all included ).


  3. Only a Labour run council would sit on damaging and inflammatory information for 10 years and then do headless chickens impersonations when the sticky brown stuff hit the whirly thing. It was obvious when the CSE scandal became public knowledge that compensation would eventually need to be paid to the victims and when Lakin says he hopes the insurance companies will fund the payouts he really is living in Labour La La Land. Insurance policies do not cover sexual exploitation of children. Public Liability Insurance is designed to provide cover to the Policy holder (company, business or individual) in the event that they become legally liable to pay compensation to a third party
    Key words; Legally liable. The insurance company and it’s legal team and RMBC’s solicitors will be squabbling over this for years to come IMV.
    The victims have been let down by the Labour clique who control Rotherham.


  4. The only people paying compensation are those who committed the crimes and individuals in the council and the police who turned a blind eye. Their assets should be confiscated. We have only seen 10 convictions so far.


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