Star – Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports

This important piece covered by the Star:

Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports

Rotherham Council has refused to publish two key reports which highlighted the town’s child sexual exploitation problems more than a decade ago.

The authority has turned down a Freedom of Information request to release reports written in 2003 and 2006 by strategic drugs analyst Dr Angie Heal relating to the links between organised crime and child abuse.

3 thoughts on “Star – Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports

  1. No surprise there then. We have tried to get our own father’s medical records since he was given terminal drugs for a cancer even the Pathology Report proves he did not have.
    We are told we are not next of kin. We are his children and have children of our own and should have every right to know exactly what our own father had wrong with him. All 4 blood children requested this information, but we have been refused by Doncaster NHS. Why what are they hiding? We know, but they refuse to allow our own family access to these records. South Yorkshire Police refuse to go through our documented evidence re dad’s deliberate killing why? Perhaps because the woman who told the lies regarding dad’s health and had taken over all of his financial affairs without his or our knowledge, had a full photograph album of men with young girls, showing me one just 2 hours before dad died, dancing and shouting like someone not right. Police were called but refused to go and get the album. My sister put a full statement into Doncaster Police station on 26th April 2004 and had this statement returned to her in 2009, after the officer contacted her and asked if she wanted this signed statement back, since he had been instructed to destroy it., She asked them to keep it on file. Sister still has this signed statement and the envelope it was sent back to her in.


    • I am grateful to you for your comment and have sympathy for your predicament. Rotherham Politics does not cover this kind of issue however as far as the SYP is concerned, there is a SYP accountability site,, who may be able to assist?
      I wish you all the best in your search for the truth. If any reader may be able to assist, please email me.


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