Anston Comedy Club – The Principal Players

The Anston comedy club has to be seen to be believed, we have Shouter Beck who whilst chair called the police to a disabled pensioner just because he wanted his letter reading out.

Then we have Dippy Burton who refuses to answer, just like the rest, questions about her time as Shaun Wright’s senior adviser in the fist two years as cabinet member for children’s services.

Best of all we have Sinjin who has selective amnesia about the 2004 or was it 2005 seminar? He can’t remember but he did attend and he can remember asking question, as for the answers I have no recollection your honour.

Then we have, I am not attending any more parish council meetings Dalton, because of those nasty bullying members of the public.

Let us not forget the most useless clueless chairman you could ever wish to meet, John Ireland, he couldn’t organise the proverbial in a brewery.

R.M.B.C. became so desperate that they sent in the great Jacquie Collins in support of the independent observer a certain Mr Beavers. They have done a wonderful job in teaching these councillors how to behave toward the public, it is now even worse.

This comedy club is well worth a visit, or you can catch it on lovedinnington.

Dave Smith

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7 thoughts on “Anston Comedy Club – The Principal Players

  1. We had more comedy at tonight`s Parish Council Charity meeting. The comedy club was asked to approve a draft copy of a contract with the local Cricket club. Our friendly ” I will support the CC over and above the Charity” Member, Cllr St John proposed that the copy be accepted, this was quickly “seconded” by our RMBC Cabinet Member for Business, Cllr Beck ( he who is responsible for million pound business contracts at RMBC).
    When asked what was the mistake in the contract ( by the Independent Member) it was quite obvious from the silence, that neither St John, Beck, nor the Chairman John Ireland has read the contract. After a long embarrassing silence, it had to be pointed out that Para 6.2 was missing.
    It gets better
    Straight after this we had another contract to approve, with the same Cricket Club, this time for a piece of land. Yes you have guessed it, the comedy show began again with St John proposing to approve the contract. St John took offence when it was pointed out that the contract had numerous “legal” aspects missing form the paperwork. (such as advertising the disposal of land, charges to the CC, and no mention of how long the contract was for)
    It was obvious he had no clue what he was talking about, yet he proposed it, better still, even after being caught out the first time Beck, seconded the motion.
    Comedy at its best.
    What is worrying is that one does not live in Anston, and therefore does not pay our Taxes to correct his incompetence (St John) and the other one, is in charge of multi million pound business contracts at RMBC.


  2. Tonights performance was cancelled after the 1st Act at approximately 7:40pm.
    One of the performers, Deputy-Assistant-Lead Comic Sinjin failed his audition as a crowd puller by standing up and demanding-in a loud voice-the removal from the table of Independent Cllr.Thornton.
    Compere Ireland was understandably gobsmacked because the performance was Not Going According To Plan. The other members of Hacked Off’s political wing aka the Labour party started muttering amongst themselves and wondered if they would be rebooked for the spring show in May.
    The non appearances of Burton, Dalton, Crowther, O’Brien and Stonebridge meant the audience was denied the opportunity to see and hear stellar performances from some of Anston’s finest chuckle muscle operators.
    Perhaps the Labour party in Anston should adopt this election slogan: Vote Labour. Get Chaos.
    You know it makes sense.


  3. It may be the case that Cllr Hussain will have to give up his nickname of “Luck Duck and Dive” to the three Anston Cllrs Burton, Dalton, and St John.
    Talk about “wriggleing” at Parish Council Meetings, these three all have connections in some way to the CSE problems at RMBC. Yet when questioned at Parish Council Meetings all they can come up with is “not me guv”. Both Dalton and Burton are RMBC Cllrs and are not out of the woods yet. If I was the Labour Party at either Wakefield or London, I would be investigating their roles ASAP. Dalton should be asked about her role in websites before and after she was elected. Burton still pleads she knew nothing as a special adviser, to Mr Wright, yet it has been confirmed at a RMBC Council Meeting, that Advisors had the same information as Shawn Wright. (its on film I believe)
    Time to go, your embarrassing the Labour Party.


  4. Is it true that RMBC council meetings have also regularly passed multi million pound budgets and contract arrangements without scrutinising them properly? It could well be. If so, no wonder Rotherham is in a financial mess…yet the sheep still continue to elect people who seem to behave like they shouldn’t be trusted with a tuck shop.


  5. I attended a fairly recent RMBC meeting where they were introducing two emergency resolutions, the Mayor took the vote and the Labour puppets voted to accept. It wasn’t until UKIP protested that they did not have copies of the resolutions that things came to a halt; it then transpired that the majority of the Labour councillors did not have copies either; yet they were prepared to vote to accept. UKIP demanded and got an adjournment so they could scrutinise the resolutions. But it does beg the question had there been no sizeable opposition these resolutions would have gone through on the nod. It is well passed the time when the puppets must be cleared out.
    Dave Smith


  6. Labour members on APC-including the sham independent Brindley-have exposed themselves as financially incompetent on several occasions and last night’s shambles of a Charity meeting was the latest episode in this long running comedy charade. The residents of Anston have never been fully or properly consulted when decisions were and are made to spend our money. Labour councillors on APC have failed to safeguard our money and our interests-all in the name of Labour party politics which override the interests of the PBI who are left to pay the bills.
    Vote Labour. Get Dummies.


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