Jahangir Akhtar – Disloyalty knows no bounds?

A little while ago after Jahangir realised his future in the Labour Party was all behind him, I learned something I find incredible!

An email arrived at UKIP HQ, addressed to Nigel Farage, offering his services and promising to ‘spill the beans’ on his former colleagues, in return for membership of UKIP and a seat on Rotherham Council.

He signed his email Jahangir Akhtar, however he took the precaution of using an email account, perhaps he thought he might be able to deny?

In this instance denial would be futile, as Rothpol has already established this email account as being linked to Jahangir Akhtar!

Jahangir Akhtar also had a private meeting with two officials from UKIP, during the course of which he promised to share the information with UKIP, that would sink the political careers of those currently prominent within Rotherham Labour. I have been led to believe, that would apply to Mahroof Hussain and Shaukat Ali too. Now there’s a surprise?

Breathtaking disloyalty then, from this most disagreeable man towards Labour, to whom he had previously pledged his lifelong loyalty and his fellow Biraderists, quite some betrayal?


66 thoughts on “Jahangir Akhtar – Disloyalty knows no bounds?

  1. Akhtar has as much chance of joining UKIP as Miliband has of winning a majority in Scotland.
    If Akhtar is keen to ‘spill the beans’ his first port should be the office of Louise Casey.
    Bluff and bluster from a discredited and failed ex-Labour councillor.


    • Colin. In caven vines own words ” he has got as much chance of joining UKIP as I have of becoming the British bob sleigh champion ” and that is the same answer from all the Rotherham UKIP members.


  2. This just amplifies the argument that these people have no real political beliefs. Their only interest is power that allows them to get their fingers in the public purse and help manipulate the council for their own ends.


  3. There’ll be a lot of beans then if Akthar is going to spill them! Though I’ve heard that Roger Stone has been in touch with a literary agent with a view to writing his memoirs!


  4. If there was any truth in this story, just think who he would be really hurting , not the Labour Party , but the other Pakistani Cllrs.


  5. A sad time in politics…..There are no steadfast politicians anymore, just career politicians, as was said with no interest in this town or it’s people….just helping their pals and linings their own pockets.
    If there were no pirks or access to insider dealings half would pack it in overnight.


  6. Cover Up,

    Who said I was referring to UKIP supporters; I was referring to many of UKIP’s representatives who like the national leader see the evil Thatcher as a hero, Sooo right wing.

    As for Mr Akhtar – I have no time for him – I played my part officially in his downfall (ie gave evidence and more), have never voted for him and never would do so – even though I live in his former ward. I ddn’t vote for the present sitting councilor her either) However, I don’t moor by ship in any harbour for the sake of it and I personally don’t see UKIP as offering a solution.

    Colin, apparently I have ‘let the side down’. Come on Colin you know I don’t take sides just state my opinion. What with me preferring to look and take things issue by issue rather than become involved in party politics had hoc. (I will never join a political party by the way)

    However, I seem to have upset a few on here but hey ho My New Year’s resolution was to simply carry on regardless what people say and treat both praise or negative criticism in the same disinterested manner.

    Happy Jan 9th everyrbody.

    SKT xxxx


  7. I am not sure were politics will be in another ten years, and I’m so dissillusioned with the Labour Party we have in Rotherham. Writing as just a non academic individual it sometimes hard to express ones thoughts, but I will try. By the way my grammar and spelling is not perfect, so I apologise in advance .
    I really feel that from what I’ve read in newspapers and on the internet and watched on tv, that the only hope Labour could have , is changing all the current members in prominent positions. Until this happens it’s just more of the same.
    Rotherham needs and deserves change and hope ,having new people coming forward and bringing new and fresh ideas to Rotherham.

    If new faces are not brought in, and the old ones remain, the apathy will just keep growing. My opinion only.


  8. symonds,
    that is the exact reply I expected from a puppet.
    just because our leader thinks what he thinks, doesn’t mean all the rest of us have to follow suit.
    That’s why we are unique, we think for ourselves, we have our own minds.
    You should have tried it once or twice, its quite gratifying.


  9. Mrs thatcher , when I was young I remember her taking milk from the toddlers at nursery, that is one of my first memory’s.
    After that she broke up the mining industry , not only the pits themselves ,but the communities and whole social system we had grown up in.

    That framework in my opinion, saw young people leaving school and jobs waiting , and apprentices in many area like plumbing and joinery attached to the mining industry.

    Now again their will be those that don’t agree,but what have we now.?

    I think that growing up in the environment we had back then , taught us many disciplines, and because of close community ,not many young people stepped out of line, why because communities were tight knit, and anyone not towing the line got disciplined. I could go on , but all I will say is , I miss the security and simple way of life we had back then. Maybe I’m just conditioned to what we had, but of course I realise change as to go forward too.


    • Anyone not towing the line got disciplined. Is that what you call beatings, besetting peoples homes, terrorising their families because they didn’t toe the line? If you want to return to the world of such thuggery then you are welcome. As you have been told many times, Wilson closed more mines than Thatcher BUT he wasn’t Conservative was he, he was Labour so that’s alright.


      • With respect I’m talking about family values that we were brought up in. Meaning the respect we had for others , mainly our elders and were we called everyone MR And MRS and Aunty and Uncle. We didn’t address our elders on first name terms. Even in our work place as juniors or apprentices. And we had respect for our parents and my Mam is still the boss at 85 and I’m nearly 60 That kind of respect I’m referring to. Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer, as I have said I’m not perfect at writing things as I want them to come across, so I must apologise Anonymous.
        I personally cannot agree to any terrorising of any kind ,and I agree on your sentiments regarding your point.


  10. rik,
    not one of them has said anything about Jahangir Akhtar’s dis-loyalty.
    if you have got the same information as me, then you know it to be a true fact.
    and who the two officials from ukip he has approached.


  11. May I add , the whole social framework was geared to privatisation and big enterprises taking over. And this was what as happened , hence we see the end of many names we knew and grew up with. I best stop writing here too often as I’m not going to be popular with my views. I will now go quiet for a while. As Rothpol you know I don’t write too often.


  12. Rik I’m not sure if I’ve gone on a tangent here maybe my posts should be moved or deleted, reading back I’m not following the flow of conversation. I’ve gone into other realms of my thinking ,l don’t think my posts fit in the conversation. Sorry about this x


  13. I’m sorry Rik, you are quite right, I do apologise. That was 2013 and here we are in 2015, Farage has renounced Thatcherism and smashed her mug! I’m not usually predisposed to a persecution complex but I am beginning to agree with Sally Kate. There appears to be a problem with my PC and my post disappeared, hence I re-typed it. You could always have simply deleted my duplicate post rather than publishing it.
    Re Jahangir Akhtar if you name the sources from where you got your information I will comment.
    If you don’t want any opinions on here that differ from the anti-Labour consensus then just let me know.


  14. Wow one little comment and all get their knickers in a twist. How revealing. Me thinks some need reminding this site’s Rotherham Politics not Rotherham UKIP. People have various views and all that.

    Cover Up,

    The history of my actual – yes actual- opposition and criticism of Mr Akhtar and his methods, as well as my campaigning on the issue of CSE in Rotherham and the need for justice for the victims, are well documented. As is my loathing of his lack of morals. However, I see no difference between ‘some’ in UKIPs’ methods of bullying, feelings of ‘they’re all after me it’s a plot’ and Mr Akhtar’s when criticism or an alternate view is expressed. Same bullying – same lack of humour – same assumptions that any that disagree is the enemy and needs to be disparaged or sidelined, – same blind loyalty to party / self interest. For Ackhtar and ‘some’ in UKIP read Tweedle Dum and ermmm Tweedle Dum. Both sadly can’t understand many have a different perspective on life than the their line.

    And yes Cover Up – I don’t think UKIP are the alternative? (No surprise there) Indeed I know many who don’t either – and none of them are in the Labour Party. Personally I have never been impressed with UKIP’s policy of simply soundbite, mock shock and shoutrage either.

    Hey ho. Let’s go.


    PS: Robyn, (I won’t address you as ‘Symmonds’ as some rudely do. (That says more about them than I ever can) I agree – 2013 isn’t a short enough period to forget that Mr Farrage is a died in the wool worshiper of Thatcher. Personally I will never forget that.


      • RR: You simply cannot post without pedantically correcting some else’s grammar or spelling. What the hell does it matter if some one puts an i where a y should be!
        As for his post being more valid than most of the others, that’s just your opinion, it’s not a pronouncement from God! Even despicable Akthar is entitled to his opinion!


  15. Wilson closed more mines than Thatcher!

    You do need to do your home work.

    I understand that mines were closed under Wilson because of issues with the mine, maybe a more informed blogger could expand and explain.


  16. Right, I’ve now had time to reflect on the claim that Jahangir Akhtar asked to join UKIP. Now, I wouldn’t for one minute question Rothpol’s integrity and I believe that Rik is content that the story is true. However, I hope most reasonable people would not expect me to take it as gospel that it actually happened, based on 3rd, 4th or even 5th hand information. Frankly, I don’t understand why the 2 UKIP people that he is reported to have approached would be reluctant to come out publicly and confirm it. In fact, I would expect them to be falling over themselves to do so. If they did, then Jahangir would need to answer and if it were confirmed I would do my best to ensure the electorate knew that he is a political mercenary who is undeserving of any votes should he stand for office (for any political party). However, I remain to be convinced that it is true. Come on Rik, provide some proof and I will publicly condemn him. I can’t say fairer than that,can I?


    • Robin, there you go again nitpicking, trying to cast doubt on the veracity of my post. Many front page newspaper stories are based on far less, than I had when I published.
      The only element of this story I have yet to prove is, on whose behalf was he attempting to enter UKIP? His own, or the whole group including Mahroof, Shaukat and Shabana?
      You might like to make some inquiries and report what you find? You could start by asking Akhtar?


    • Robin Symonds: “I would do my best to ensure the electorate knew that he is a political mercenary who is undeserving of any votes should he stand for office (for any political party). ”
      We’ve known that since day one of his political tenure on RMBC. But despite all that was known about him the reprobate managed to become deputy leader and acquire a property portfolio with many immigrant tenants!


  17. “Wilson closed more mines than Thatcher!”
    Yes he did, there were more mines to close when Wilson began his closure program.
    “However, based on these figures from the government about 290 mines closed under Wilson in all his time in office, and about 160 under Thatcher. Because the figures are based on year end totals of pits operating, it’s not possible to be precise, but the relative scale of those numbers is clear.” .
    … yet as ever, things are a wee bit more complicated than that.
    Number of working mines is one way of looking at the data, number of working miners is another, coal production is another.Together they give a more comprehensive picture of what happened to the coal mining industry. Then you need to look at the timeframes over when the closures occurred.
    Luckily all this data is available in a spreadsheet at :
    Anyone feel like mining that data?
    Leftfootforward tries to spin the data to the left here:
    http://leftfootforward.org/2013/04/tory-spin-on-coal-masks-fact-that-80-per-cent-of-coal-jobs-were-lost-under-thatcher/ but gets caught out in the comments.

    Some of the mines selected for closure may well “have had issues”, but the overall reason for the closures were that UK coal was found to be an increasingly uneconomic source of energy.
    (Just as today, when compared with oil, fracking is found to be uneconomic in the US http://fortune.com/2015/01/09/oil-prices-shale-fracking/. )


  18. Robin
    Just to for you as Chairman of UKIP Rotherham I can confirm that what Rothpole have reported is true Akthar did try to join UKIP through the back door.
    But what he did not recon on was we in UKIP talk to each other from the top down
    On a further point Robin
    Please produce your evidence on the way I voted before making written assumptions


  19. Looks to me, the entrists in the Labour Party have been outed?
    They are not genuine in their support for Labour, but are revealed as the worse kind of political prostitutes, willing to change their support to another party, just to preserve some power, they can continue to manipulate to their own advantage!
    Shame on Jahangir! Shame on Moofy! Shame on Shaukat and Shame on Shabana!
    Time for ‘ASBO’s Army’ and ‘Moofy’s Mafia’, to be put out of business!


  20. Jahangir Akhtar didn’t pay attention to me, when I discussed the keeping of power, once acquired?
    Two fundamentally different approaches are needed!
    He couldn’t switch between them, and when tyranny replaces reason, a fall becomes inevitable!
    The problem for Akhtar now is that he has focused attention on the activities of others, that might not bear detailed scrutiny?


  21. Cover Up, sorry for the long post but you asked.

    I thought I had answered your question but obviously not enough to fit in with your personal UKIP perspective; although Caven and many members are fully aware of my beliefs and mindset.

    However, here is again just for you – just a little longer.

    I have no deep set loyalty or blind attachment to any political party. I believe the political system in Rotherham is built on self / party interest and division. I believe it simply operates to serve the various national party interests (and I mean all) and not the citizens. I believe the various parties (all) look towards division and separatism not common ground just for the sake of it. I believe they all ignore solutions / won’t offer solutions because they are simply interested in power and advancing personal kudos by any means. And I believe many simply shout and accuse while not offering actual viable solutions – or ACTUALLY working practically towards such solutions together because – because the truth is they do not have the solutions or will needed – and simply really on soundbite to hide that fact. Pretty damning on all I think.

    As for me. When it comes to personal individual politics many tell me – so it must be ‘true’ – that I am ‘very left wing’. I won’t argue with that (it only diverts the debates) and I accept their opinion as valid from their perspective. (Although when I played football (yes I did) I was central midfield and tend to think that’s where my mindset lays) However when it comes to the political parties in Rotherham here is my stance so you can form your own opinion.

    Locally I believe that many in Labour Party are genuine people; while some are charlatans and dishonest and not up to the job in hand and should not be in a position of power; or for that matter any position of power. Some are arrogant and only have self interest at heart; others simply want to contribute to the community and serve. Some have the skills necessary to represent the electorate; others don’t. The individuals who meet the positive criteria should be praised; those that are found wanting cast out so to speak. I judge each individual by what they have to offer and what they can do. Nothing more nothing less. Now here’s the twist – and I feel it may make many a RothPol contributor with a ‘set agenda’s” blood boil – I believe exactly the same about UKIP, The Liberal Democrats, The Conservatives, The Independents and anyone who holds office (elected or not). Accountability is a multi edged sword and things are never as simple as party animals of any sort claim it to be..

    Re the CSE Scandal: Some in power in the Labour Party knew about what was going on – many others didn’t. The people who did know should not be allowed to continue in office of any kind and if it is proven they have broken the law should also pay the price – even with their liberty if that is the case. However once again here’s the twist – and I feel it may make many a RothPol contributor with a ‘set agenda’s blood boil – I believe exactly the same about UKIP, The Liberal Democrats, The Conservatives, The Independents and anyone who held office. (Elected or not) during the period. Accountability is a multi edged sword and things are never as simple as party animals of any sort claim it to be..

    Cover UP – regarding myself personally – here’ little history for you – I lost my job of 32 years, future career, health – and more – for making a non political stand on the issue of CSE and also the bullying, malpractice and contractual corruption I saw at RMBC and elshwhere well before it hit the headlines. I will not be able to take up work in my lifelong career again ( a list exists) because I spoke out on the issues vocally and officially (at all levels) via many avenues; indeed – considering the health issues that resulted through my ‘treatment’ since – it is unlikely I will be able to run for a bus never mind get on board. That is a fact that has become apparent in so many ways since. However, the issue surrounding the CSE scandal isn’t as simple as it seems – or as many would like to paint it.

    As for who knew. Many who are now castigated where kept in the dark at the time – the ‘unelected empowered elite’ allowed very few members into the pool and the need for secrecy (I would term it total power) was all consuming; a very few were only partially aware of what was going on and when they questioned were lied to by the small clique or decided not to not question further after being given ‘bad advice’ or told it would compromise police investigations . (Some current Labour / Conservative / UKIP representatives know exactly what I mean)

    Yes some (of all hues) now plead innocence were fully aware (and again they weren’t simply all Labour – only the blind, people with things to hide or the unknowing would say that) and complied willingly. But the real corruption mainly could be found within the small grouping of very ‘senior’ officials who held no political allegiance (Senior non elected officers / management, private companies / charities etc) who ignored or conspired for many reasons, including contracts – current and future – to keep everything quiet because they simply needed to control all they purveyed and gain even more control; and of course the access to power and contracts that brings. Nothing more nothing less. I have shown this – with verifiable evidence and ‘communications’ to many inquires and the evidence has been ‘jaw dropping’ damning; let’s hope the current one takes note – and o course reveals the full picture.

    Now back to my personal politics. Unlike ‘party animals’ I don’t follow party lines and view each issue separately. I must be ‘very left wing’ then) I try to make an informed view then voice an opinion based on the arguments put forward and my conclusion. On some issues I have no deep set opinion at all – on others I have simply no opinion – and on many I have strong opinions and stand by them and will debate – not argue – my corner until I am blue in the face. (Though being a Wednesday season ticket holder since 196 I suppose I am already) However, I have never seen the sense in voicing an opinion simply for the sake of it or back a cause simply because of tribal dictates. I.e ‘it must be wrong because ‘the other lot’ said it was right’ so I must say something to oppose. Like I said – fo me – it’s issue by issue.

    When it comes to voting; in the General Election I will vote for Ms Champion. My reason being she is a committed, dedicated, genuine MP who works hard, is focused on solutions not soundbite, shares many of my beliefs and concerns – not all – who does – and has done a fine job. (She has also proven to be of invaluable help with many cases and issues I have raised with her – from CSE, individual ‘client cases’ and other community issues. Another reason I will vote for Ms Champion is that I see Ms Collins as nothing more than an extreme right wing bed fellow and ‘apprentice of the odious Mr Bloom – and an individual who doesn’t care about Rotherham at all. In my view she is simply looking for a ‘political opportunity’ (it could be anywhere) and has no viable solutions or political method other than to indulge in infantile outburst of ‘shoutrage and mock shock’. I find her lacking politically in so many ways and I – like many – think UKIP made a very bad choice. (As they did in the elections for the Police Commissioner)

    Locally, I do not want the current situation to continue. I would prefer a more balanced and accountable council of many shades; even shades I may disagree with – so long as they have the skills and willingness to work with others for the good of ALL the community so what. Personally I would like to see a complete transfer of power from not only the elected officials but also the unelected officials (who I actually believe hold and misuse the true power in the Borough) to the citizens. However, I believe locally – like nationally – UKIP’s ‘talent pool’ is very limited to say the least – and they rely on just one spokesperson for everything – and that an effective council does not make – or a Government for that matter..

    When voting in the local elections I check the candidates carefully. In my ward I did not vote for Mr Akhtar – and didn’t do so even before the scandal hit the headlines. I’m not sure who I will vote for in the local elections next time as I haven’t seen the list – who has. That vote is up for grabs and I will decide then. However, here’s a little hint – it won’t be the one who blames everyone else and issues mere soundbites – and thinks ”the stranger is to blame for every ill.” By the way I am a stranger of sorts.

    As for why I won’t slavishly vote for UKIP – to ‘just vote to get rid’ without thinking of the consequences as some do and is there right? As I have said I don’t follow that mantra. I refuse to moor my ship in any harbour just for the sake of it and its not a case of any port in a storm. I chose my vote carefully to reflect what I ‘believe in’ not what I ‘disagree with’ and after examining (and debating on here an elsewhere) and seeing the arrogant attitude and dismissive nature of many (not all) attached to UKIP (in that way they are no different to some in Labour) I think it looks like ‘more of the same methinks’. By the way I also believe – and it is my opinion – that UKIP are far too right wing – indeed Thatcherite – for me.

    So there you have it. I look forward to debating with you and everyone on many issues. And of course – as ever – it’s just debate. I value your opinion though I may not sometimes agree with it. After all you are simply you and I am simply me. And isn’t that what democracy’s all about?

    SKT xxxx

    PS: This liitte recollection may seem unconnected but bare with me. I can recall back in the ‘bad old days’ of the evil Mrs Thatcher (Some may disagree with that description – I don’t) debating the poll tax with a certain ‘Rotherham lad’ who went on to ‘higher thing’ who’s Dad was a local ‘pop star’. He couldn’t answer a point I made and reverted to trying to change tack and slur me by saying “You appear to be to the left Stalin.” My reply was – “Come on lad you know I hate Stalin – he was a monster – what with my family history of persecution and all that – if you think I’m like Stalin or that he was a Socialist then you’re as right wing as your fuehrer in number ten – stick to to debate you’re getting silly. ” He laughed – I laughed – even his supporters laughed. After all how you judge can be blurred by one’sown political slant and indoctrination if you get carried away. A lesson I learned well years ago that’s why I’m more open minded now. It’s a pity ‘some’ in UKIP aren’t the same.

    Well this post may have wasted 20 minutes of my life.Next question / issue please.


  22. I don’t know what this Ahktar chap was up to but I think anyone still smoking these days and knocking back pints whilst being stalked by press weasels shows a certain lack of canny which might have been endearing in the good old days of yore, the Benny Hill, Carry On, Steptoe days. Even reassuring in the Churchill way when the world was going ape. Now we need someone with sufficient wits about them to confound the Brussels burocrats and as my old gran used to say “when’t drinks in wits out”.

    Nigel Forage has nothing to say that I’d wish to hear but he is the leader of a perfectly legitimate political party with a perfectly legitimate (though simplistic) point of view. He has a perfect right to express that point of view and intolerant animalistic mindless Nazi thugs of an equally banal though opposite view have no right to deny his statement of that view nor my right to listen to it if I so wish as cretins did this week In Rotherham. Therefore of all the powts he gets my votes I wasn’t going To bother.

    There is little wonder that we get dodgy politicians making very strange decisions and councils that are beyond the pale when the whole political party system is such an archaic dog’s breakfast. How can it be truly democratic for cliques of a particular dogma to select their cliquees for us to vote for, Isn’t this narrowing the field a bit?
    Candidates should be selected for ability, public loyalty honesty and conscience not for gang or class conceit . Something is either right or wrong and should be voted according to conscious not a particular historical group bias.

    Towns are all pretty much the same but counties aren’t once we had county councils to control town councils and funnel power upward to parliament now town councils are answerable to no one. Why four parliaments of childish squabblers might as well have four scrapping kings. Oh! But we did once didn’t we in the bad old warring days?


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