In my day it was militant!

Those of us, who cut our political teeth, when Wilson and Callaghan led the Labour Party, will be able also to remember one group of determined entrists, calling themselves Militant and organising around their newspaper of the same name!

Eventually, after two changes of party leader, they were vanquished. That was at a time when the Party membership numbered in excess of 400,000.

The latest entrists, have succeeded in penetrating the party, taking it over and controlling parts of the labour party in Rotherham, with the use of a bunch of bully boys. 

The group of entrists, based in Rotherham, appear to have vaguely based their methods, on the way Derek Hatton wielded power, with the help of a coterie of thugs, loyal to him and not the party.

This is facilitated in Rotherham and perhaps elsewhere, by the simple additional factor of the involvement of the Biraderi. The family, clan based loyalty system, imported along with the Mirpur/Kashmir based community, in a similar way to the way the Mafia was imported to America, along with the Italian community.

That would certainly include Councillors, Mahroof Hussain, Shaukat Ali, Shabana Ahmed and Jahangir Akhtar who is no longer a Councillor and all of their relatives!

Looks to me, another bunch of entrists in the Labour Party, have been outed in Rotherham?

They are not genuine, in their support for Labour, but are revealed as the worse kind of political prostitutes, willing to change their support to another party, just to preserve some power, they can continue to manipulate to their own advantage!

Shame on Jahangir! Shame on Moofy! Shame on Shaukat and Shame on Shabana!

Time for ‘ASBO’s Army’ and ‘Moofy’s Mafia’, to be put out of business, methinks?

Deep Throat

3 thoughts on “In my day it was militant!

  1. Situations Vacant Rotherham RMBC….
    .Due to unforeseen circumstances
    Don’t need to explain why
    Lucrative jobs are now vacant
    Quality folk need only apply.
    Don’t need to know much in this day and age
    On the job training for you
    Two eyes are not a requirement
    Cos, only one eye will do
    You need to be fluent in a few well tried quotes
    Like ‘Thatcher, right wing and such
    The words that strike fear into many a heart
    Don’t need to explain very much.
    Most of us councilors don’t know what they mean
    But we use then when we’re caught with pants down
    The’ve worked now for three generations
    Can be useful for even a clown
    Now our bible is old but insist that you read
    The Emperors New Clothes is our guide
    That people can see what’s not really there
    It’s got something to do with their pride.
    The pay’s good and the perks are better
    You don’t have to turn up always
    Make use of a camera to help an old lass
    A bit of deceit always pays.
    So there it is in a nutshell
    This could be the job for you
    Even use of the council computers
    When you’re bored and need something blue.
    So if you don’t ask too many questions
    The big boys you need to obey.
    We have the power to chuck you in jail
    If you don’t agree what we say.
    Honestly though we’re a good crowd,
    You’ll find the Town Hall a good place
    Unfortunately some are now leaving
    To suffer a life of disgrace… Linda Wheeler.



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