Diary Date: Marxist Discussion Group – 13th Feb 2015

Marxist Discussion Group – Next Meeting Friday 13th February 7pm, Talbot Lane.

The event will be a joint meeting sponsored by Rotherham Unite Union Branch.

The guest speaker will be from the Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC)

Faced with overwhelming odds, the PTUDC are building a Trade Union Movement in what probably is one of the most reactionary countries in the world. Corruption, religious fundamentalism, war lords and Mafia type gangsters, is an every-day problem facing our brothers and sisters over there.

One of its leading members has recently been shot –for the second time – and another has had a grenade thrown through his window; but still their tenacity drives them on to build a movement capable of ending exploitation, oppression and the misery that these horrors foist on ordinary working people of Pakistan and countries like it.

We can only wonder at the courage these men and women must have to work in the ever present dangers inherent in Pakistani society. And we think things are difficult?

All trade unionists and activists alike are welcome to this special event.

Dave Platts

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