Farage on the links between Paris and Rotherham, and our ‘Muslim ghettos’

The Yorkshire Post carried this article featuring Nigel Farage’s views on the failures of multiculturalism:

Farage on the links between Paris and Rotherham, and our ‘Muslim ghettos’

Nigel Farage has accused European authorities of showing “moral cowardice” in failing to tackle the problems associated with multiculturalism.

The Ukip leader claimed that “big ghettos” had been allowed to develop and the authorities in the UK and elsewhere were turning a “blind eye” to issues including the sexual exploitation scandals in Rotherham and Rochdale, female genital mutilation and the application of sharia law.


24 thoughts on “Farage on the links between Paris and Rotherham, and our ‘Muslim ghettos’

  1. The only one willing to tell it for how it truly is. Muslim people see white women as the lowest of the law and this attitude meant that our most vulnerable girls in Rotherham were objectified easily through their vilification as worthless from the core of these communities. Multiculterism does work for some groups bug not Muslims and the religious concept of isolation to safeguard them from the perceived western evils.


    • Nigel Farage is correct in some of what he says female genital mutilation does go on in this country the perpetrators should be punished, sharia law is also used this practice should stop we also allow extremist preachers to say what they wish if I made remarks as they do I would be summoned for racial aggravation by all means live hear but under OUR laws


    • Amusing to see that the “Independent” asked the French Embassy whether there were any no go areas in France, talk about asking the question where you already know what the answer is going to be

      Murdoch comes in for a fair slagging but what of Lebedev?

      “Alexander Lebedev entered the Department of Economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. After he graduated in 1982, Lebedev started work at the Institute of Economics of the World Socialist System doing research for his Kandidat (between master’s degree and doctorate) dissertation, The problems of debt and the challenges of globalization. However, he soon transferred to the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence) of KGB. He worked there and at its successor Foreign Intelligence Service until 1992.[3]”

      the KGB apparatchik probably would have had a lot in common with Rosa Klebb aka Joyce Thacker.


  2. Am confused, we allow the freedom of speech including the freedom to offend, but we call these Muslim preachers hatemongers, aren’t they allow to offend too?


    • Manc01 the freedom of speech should not be used to stir up racial hatred which is what extremist preachers do most muslims follow islam as it should be followed but a minority don’t we have the same problem with people who spout rubbish and make us look bad


      • But isn’t that what Farage is doing, stirring up racial hatred? Not all Muslims surport these extreme views and not all White people surport BNP or EDL.


    • Manco1: You say Farage is stirring up racial hatred, then you say not all Muslims support these extreme views. Since when did Muslims qualify as being a race? You are confusing race and religion. When a religion says that anyone that dares leave it should be put to death, then that is not just a breach of their human rights, it’s pure evil and yet many Muslims in this country support this!


      • I like yourself find alot wrong with this religion and it’s teachings, I personally don’t think it can adapt to a modern Western culture as we have in Europe. When Christianity was fighting the crusades, excuteing and imposing their views on the people whom they believed were heretics, wasn’t they doing the same thing these lot are doing. And why because those people where different?


  3. Nigel said that both the illegal regime change wars across the middle east and mass immigration contributed to the current terrorist issues in Europe, both created by our governments. Nigel has hit the nail on the head with a sledge hammer. He is totally correct about the moral cowards, who hide behind political correctness.


  4. In France it is difficult to get planning permission to build a mosque and it has banned the wearing of the burqa in public, added to this is the discriminatory treatment meted out to the four million French Algerians. This suggests multiculturalism did not help cause the Paris attacks.
    Does multiculturalism help cause “ghettoization”? Human nature includes tribal feelings which are innate and mean that most people prefer to live amongst others that are like themselves. Bearing this in mind mass immigration coupled with a policy that discourages integration(multiculturalism) is likely to lead to “ghettos”.


  5. what makes you think about all this ghetto talk is , the pakistani community have made a ghetto in eastwood , made by them for the greed for money to fuel other “projects”


  6. Anyone wishing to view the Farage on Fox interview can also see it here.
    It is full of misunderstandings and misconceptions.
    – as Robin says multiculturalism is not and never has been a feature of life in France.
    – No-go zones do not exist in France, but there are many down-trodden areas that have large Muslim communities.
    – In UK we do have Sharia Courts – but they are hardly the same thing as the Sharia Courts of Saudi.
    – what Archbishop Rowan Williams said in 2008 is hardly important:
    – Female genital mutilation is as much a problem in some Christian and Animist communities as it is in some Muslim communities. I first learnt about it in Ethiopia and then in Kenya – in both cases among Christian groups.


    • I notice, RR, that you have nothing to say about Farage’s remarks on the Rotherham et al grooming epidemic


      “In parts of northern England we’ve seen the sexual grooming of under-age girls committed by Muslim men, in the majority, and for all of these things we are seeing the law not being applied equally, we’re seeing the police forces not doing their job because we’ve suffered from moral cowardice.”

      Entirely fair comment, and in fact he understates the position because we all know, or should, that it is very much more widespread than “parts of northern England”.

      “as Robin says multiculturalism is not and never has been a feature of life in France.”

      This is endlessly trotted out as if it were some wisdom which had come down from the mountain inscribed on a tablet of stone. The French can trumpet liberty, equality and fraternity as they will; but ideals and realities are often very different. In terms of the de facto situation on the ground is there much difference between a Muslim enclave in Birmingham and Bradford and Arab banlieus in French cites?

      As for no go areas I wouldn’t necessarily take what the French embassy has to say at face value, the term “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” seems rather euphemistic, and appears to amount to areas in which the writ of the French state doesn’t entirely run. Increased Jewish emigration is very telling, and indicates that France, as such, is regarded as a no go zone by those voting with their feet.

      Farage talked of a fifth column, is that so unreasonable a position to adopt when thousands of French troops are deployed on the streets? It certainly seems correct in a UK context. Estimates of UK muslims who have gone to Iraq/Syria range from 600-2000, an FSA commander has claimed they are amongst the worst for carrying out atrocities such as beheadings and crucifixions. About 3000 are under surveillance here, clearly the support base must be orders of magnitude greater. 7/7 apart there have been numerous foiled plots – the first goes to Birmingham in 2001. Trojan Horse demonstrated the existence of an entryist campaign to inculcate “conservative Islamic values” in schools, which are surely precursors of jihadism. It all looks like a fifth column to me; if it looks like a dog, barks like a dog – then it probably is a dog.

      As for Sharia courts the views of Faisal Aqtab Siddiq should give pause for thought;

      “Mr Siddiqi is quoted as saying that ‘if society became more “civilised” then those who broke the law should expect to receive the highest degree of punishment’.”


      Here again we see Trojan Horse potential, areas in which the writ of the state doesn’t entirely run.

      “Perhaps the most telling moment comes when the author’s husband asks a man why he had moved from Belgium to Birmingham: “Everybody know. Birmingham – best place in Europe to be pure Muslim.”

      Well, there must be many places in Europe where Muslims are entirely free to practise their faith, but I suspect there are few in which they can have so little contact with the civic and legal structure of a Western state if they choose.”


      “Female genital mutilation is as much a problem in some Christian and Animist communities as it is in some Muslim communities.”

      Well Farage’s comment on gross multi-culturalism and mass immigration seems to cover that. Why would we want any such barbarism in England at all?


  7. “No-go zones do not exist in France, but there are many down-trodden areas that have large Muslim communities.” The French will not permit “women only swimming” at public swimming baths, as we do in this country. They take the view that a public facility is for all the public to use and so it should be here! There has been a big increase in women only swimming sessions in Rotherham and we know who is behind this don’t we!


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