Phantom rail trip that still haunts councillor

The Yorkshire Post published this piece in the wake of the Anti-Poverty Forum debacle and questions were being asked about Steel Action.

Reg Littleboy was a Councillor and Secretary, Labour Group at the time. A distinctly ‘part of the past’ retread, if ever there was one:

Phantom rail trip that still haunts councillor

ROGER Stone was not only one of Rotherham’s most senior councillors in 1998, he had also established a national role by founding Steel Action, a national coalition of local authorities aimed at promoting the steel industry.

He told the Yorkshire Post he made a trip to Motherwell “on Steel Action business” which had involved setting up a meeting with North Lanarkshire Council……

And at the bottom is this delightful quote from Reg Littleboy, demonstrating the arrogance and contempt, Rotherham Labour Group has for the people:

Coun Reg Littleboy, the secretary of Rotherham council’s Labour group, which could have taken disciplinary action, said: “You don’t expect me to tell you what Labour group did or didn’t do. What happens in Labour group stays in Labour group.”

Spotted for us by, MaryB.

2 thoughts on “Phantom rail trip that still haunts councillor

  1. We all know that the Council decisions are really made in Labour Group and The Leaders pre Cabinet meeting.

    Allowing for some subjects, say election strategies and salaries, but then but given the level of public subsidy that goes in to poltical parties….

    Why aren’t these meetings minuted and open to the public….what do they have to hide other than debate?

    Go Public….that would really show Rotherham Labour’s commitment to openess.



  2. Every LABOUR run council runs a closed shop and ride roughshod over the electorate and seem to be a law unto themselves, other party members are made to toe the line on any decisions that have to be made, we have a council here in WIGAN that behaves in exactly the same way. They have been unopposed for so long they think they can get away with whatever they want.


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