18 thoughts on “The Green Party fights back – New Poster

  1. For the common good of what we pay over the odds for lighting and heating thanks to the green party posters are nice but where is your manifesto. What are your thoughts on the EU or the nhs or the economy, immigration, education what do you think our future policy on energy should be not wind turbines which are so inefficient


  2. Bottom line here is this, will the Greens be in a position to influrence anything in regards to jobs, NHS, Crime, Foriegn policy, immigration , all they will do is Hoover up a few thousands votes, spread over the country and let in one of the two big parties. Do people really have time for some hippies from a bygone age going on the planet. Since we don’t have proportional representation there a wasted vote.


  3. I’m at a loss who to vote for, none of the party’s make me think they will keep to their promises. As I think all have lost control of the Uk.
    If I don’t vote it’s a wasted vote so I must. But I’m not happy with Labour locally, and I’m not happy with the Labour leader. Or the Conservative leader or the Liberal leader. So maybe the greens I might have to. If it’s wasted so be it , but at least I have done the correct thing Morally and voted


  4. manc01, with over 44000 members the greens became the 3rd largest party in UK politics last week in membership, with by far the youngest demographic. I think the future is green. Don’t forget a vote for a small party called ukip was a wasted vote not long since. I wonder what happened to them.


    • The green membership is made up if two separate parties, England and Wales @35k sister party in Scotland @8k so a little fast and loose with the figures me thinks


      • Three actually – you forgot the Green Party of Northern Ireland. None of this matters when you are are doing a a comparison at UK-level as skywalker was;
        Would you suggest dis-aggregating the Scottish Labour party ?


  5. The Green party remind me of the Liberal party and Labour party combined. They will tax the people to the hilt to achieve their co called “do gooder policies”, ask the people of Brighton what living under the Greens is like. The Greens claim they will protect our green belt, but will carry on with the mass immigration policy that will result in more of our green belt being built on.



    Lunacy of the town that turned green: A ban on bacon butties. Traffic-calming sheep. Transgender toilets. Sounds like a send-up? In fact, it’s the all-too-real story of how Britain’s loopiest party took over Brighton
    Funny….But true., and this isn’t it all


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