Ed Miliband ‘those rebellious Scots’!

As if Labour’s Ed Miliband needed more bad news today. This time it is those pesky Scots who are not content to be merely a ‘branch office’ of London Labour!

The election of the ‘branch office’ candidate, Jim Murphy sealed the deal, Lamont was right then, in spades.

No wonder the Scottish voters are somewhat disinclined to vote Labour in May!

From the Guardian:

Poll shows SNP could win all but four Scottish seats in general election

Labour MPs in Scotland would be reduced from 41 to four while Lib Dems and Tories projected to lose all their seats click on link to read in full.


7 thoughts on “Ed Miliband ‘those rebellious Scots’!

  1. It is humiliating for Labour,but at least the SNP are to the left of Labour and will be voting allies ,especially in support of NHS funding in future battles at Westminster if the Tories scrape through.


    • You obviously cannot see the hypocrisy in your post. How will it be democratic for SNP MP’s to vote on NHS England while denying English,Welsh and NI.MP’s the chance to vote on NHS Scotland?
      This is democracy??


  2. Labour have never understood the meaning of the word democracy! Sometimes I wonder if any of them could even spell it. You have only to look at RMBC Labour Group for their idea of what democracy is about. It’s about totalitarianism.
    NHS safe in the hands of Labour? You’ve got to be joking.


  3. The Scottish Referendum, when 85% of the electorate voted, was democratic. It has led to a country wide debate about democracy and the governance of the UK. This is why the Green Party is backing calls for a People’s Constitutional Convention to agree radical changes to the governance of the UK. The Green Party believes that power should flow upwards from the people rather than downwards from an over-centralised state. So we would push for electoral reform bringing greater powers for local and regional government, ‘total’ recall for all elected politicians, local referenda and citizen’s initiatives. Under the Green Party plans the House of Lords would be replaced with a fully-elected Upper House, the right to vote would be extended to 16 year olds and there would be a written constitution. Any new settlement would be subject to a referendum.


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