Jahangir Akhtar Non-denial, denial

Jahangir Akhtar who we exposed earlier trying to defect to UKIP, is remaining rather quiet as the Advertiser reports:

Ex-senior Labour councillor tight-lipped over UKIP link

A FORMER senior Labour councillor has refused to comment on internet rumours linking him with UKIP.


Previously published:

Jahangir Akhtar – Disloyalty knows no bounds?

A little while ago after Jahangir realised his future in the Labour Party was all behind him, I learned something I find incredible!

An email arrived at UKIP HQ, addressed to Nigel Farage, offering his services and promising to ‘spill the beans’ on his former colleagues, in return for membership of UKIP and a seat on Rotherham Council. Read on……

Akhtar & Mahroof: More Labour Treason?

8 thoughts on “Jahangir Akhtar Non-denial, denial

  1. But wouldn’t UKIP show it has standards and wouldn’t accept anyone caste offs and at the same time sow more disenchantment within the Rotherham Labour Party. Just think their calculation that they have the Pakistani vote in their back pockets wouldn’t be so assured.


    • Manc01, UKIP have rejected Akhtar, in so doing, they have surely demonstrated their standards?
      Try asking any other news outlet how they stand their stories up, you should not hold your breath, waiting for an answer.


  2. UKIP need to come out quickly and make it clear that Akhtar was rejected (if that’s the case) If they don’t and doubt lingers, people will associate UKIP with Akhtar becoming a possible candidate.The story is out now so they need to distance themselves and very publicly.


  3. I wouldn’t had Mr Ackhtar in any party and I think he will realise that.

    However, think UKIP showed their standards when they accepted Neil Hamilton Rik – don’t you?

    By the way unlike Mr Hamilton I won’t ask for payment for asking that question.

    SKT xxxx


    • Sally, Certainly take your point re the Hamiltons! However, it would at least appear, they got it right, in Jahangir Akhtar’s case.
      Pretty sure the focus will be firmly on RMBC failings in a short while, to the exclusion of virtually everything else.
      Not expecting good news from Louise Casey, when she tells the world, just how bad RMBC governance actually is!


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