Breitbart – Surge in Support for UKIP MEP sued by Labour

Surge in Support for UKIP MEP sued by Labour

The MEP who is facing civil action from three Labour MPs after her passionate speech on stopping child grooming offended them is reported to have seen a huge surge in support from local residents.

UKIP MEP Jane Collins, who represents Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in the European Parliament, is the party’s official candidate for Rotherham Central in May’s General Election and previously contested the by election in 2012, coming a strong second.

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15 thoughts on “Breitbart – Surge in Support for UKIP MEP sued by Labour

  1. “There will be an initial hearing in April to debate the meaning of the words used by Mrs Collins.” What nonsense is this ? Who is going to be in this “debate” to find out what the words used mean ? Can’t they use a dictionary like anyone else or better still common sense which this whole charade is seriously lacking ! No reply as yet from our Kevin about who is paying for all this.


  2. I wonder what what mrs Collins will receive if she is clear ? in an ideal world it should be a counter claim of £900,000 …..£300,000 each off the three accusers.. Funny how a monetary value puts wrongs right All the cse victims should watch this closely and work out how much to have their wrongs put right. If just saying something about someone is worth £300,000 imagine what being abused by gangs of men and then let down by ALL the authoritys is worth .


    • As far as I can tell the £300 thousand figure was something pulled out of the air by the Breibart so called “reporter”.
      It could be correct, but as a guiding principle it is best not to believe anything you read in Breibart, unless you can find it independently in the reputable MSM.


  3. Thankyou regular reader for pointing out the other indiscrepancies in the article. I had spotted the “Rochester” one but as I was reading on my phone and had mislaid my specs I didn’t think it prudent to bring the matter up 🙂


    • When I e-mailed Rothpol a link to the article this morning – I did try to include a health warning! .
      I found something on the reporter’s twitter feed that really amused me, having a maths background.:

      It isn’t a “maths fail” it’s the inevitable effect of rounding.
      I don’t know what the actual numbers were. but even 49.7, 44.7 and 5.6 would give that apparent result when rounded.
      A. B. Sanderson should stick to making silly hats for Ascot ladies day. (IMHO)

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  4. I don’t know I go away to the Hallamshire for a week and comeback to this. What a load of twaddle. The silly season must have started early. If I had put forward such an article in one of my previous careers I would have been told in very strong terms:

    1 – do your research Sally – this has got more holes than the Miler’s defence.
    2 – verify and legitimize your sources.
    3 – remember to quote alternative views – this is simply a personal rant not an article.
    4 – any more of this rubbish and you’ll be back to the compiling ‘births and deaths’
    5 – and that’s if you’re lucky.

    SKT xxxx

    PS: no wonder many of the independent journos I speak to and used to see Rothpol as a a good news lead are now saying, “It’s totally lost focus” I fear the day when UKIP will be saying “We’ve got ROTHPOL totally on board’ is ever near.


    • Mea culpa Sally
      I sent this article to Rothpol and as ever he published it.
      Unfortunately I hadn’t made it clear that it was a teeny bit silly.


  5. Sally, Hope you are recovering from the Hallamshire? Wish I had a pound for every accusation of bias one way or another. When everyone complains, I at least can consider I am getting something right!
    Stories present themselves in a random and often haphazard way, taking a short term view, based on a single post would be a mistake, therefore.
    Always glad to share your opinions with readers, even if critical. Think that marks Rotherham Politics out from many other blogs!


  6. Rik I didn’t say you were biased. I said many are saying Rothpol is loosing focus – getting a bit silly I think they mean. Like I said the silly season.

    As for Hallamshire back there Wednesday. Fell over again on way home form there and both hamstrings went. Wish I had a pound for every time I wen to hospital vlol.

    SKT xxxx


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