More News – Thursday Jan 22nd 2015

National Crime Agency investigation into Rotherham scandal turns attention to missing files

A new criminal investigation into the Rotherham grooming scandal is aiming to identify what child abuse files have gone missing – and who was responsible for their disappearance.

Officers from the National Crime Agency are currently in the opening stages of their new investigation into historic child sexual exploitation cases in Rotherham.

Home Office investigation into stolen Rotherham files yet to start

A Home Office investigation into what happened to child abuse files stolen from a researcher it was funding in Rotherham is yet to get under way, it has been revealed.

The theft of the files from a locked office in Rotherham in 2002 is due to be the subject of an internal Home Office investigation.

Ofsted under fire for trying to ‘save face’ over Rotherham inspection

Ofsted has come under heavy criticism from MPs who have accused the inspectorate of trying to ‘save face’ during its 2014 emergency inspection of Rotherham.

Speaking at a Communities and Local Government Select Committee hearing, Clive Betts MP described how – in the wake of Professor Alexis Jay’s report that revealed over 1,400 children had suffered sexual exploitation in the area – the inspectorate, “came in, produced their report and said to the secretary of state ‘we want you to intervene’. Didn’t that look a bit like Ofsted trying to save face rather than anything else?

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10 thoughts on “More News – Thursday Jan 22nd 2015

  1. “The Home Office ordered an internal investigation into the missing files last year – but has told The Star this is still in the ‘scoping stage’ and the formal review has yet to start.”

    Great to see they are moving so fast


  2. and now:
    Child abuse inquiry needs to start again – Labour
    Mrs May was summoned to make a statement on the inquiry into historical child sex abuse allegations after Labour was granted an urgent question by the Speaker.
    It comes a day after the panel announced it had ceased its “listening sessions” with victims of abuse until a new chairman was announced.
    The Home Affairs Committee also heard evidence this week of disagreement between panel members, with one member alleging she had been bullied.
    Ms Cooper said the home secretary risked “making a fool of everyone” because the inquiry “has stalled again”.
    “We are six months on. Still have no chair, still no powers, still no clarity. It is deeply unfair on survivors of abuse who need to be listened to and who need justice,” she said.

    Mrs May also said the panel needed the appropriate powers to carry out its inquiry, including the ability to compel witnesses and have full access to all evidence.
    This was why she had written to panel members last month, she said, to set out three options being considered to give the inquiry full statutory powers.
    Only one option does not require the panel to be disbanded.


      • Hodges is not a particularly admirable character it seems; blogging for the Telegraph whilst simultaneously professing “tribal loyalty” to the Labour Party he is a hireling turncoat, sticking his little knife into his former Party..

        But he is exceedingly well versed in the dark arts of propaganda; spin, deceit, rumour-mongering and inneuendo. So what he has to say on his matter of historic alleged high level abuse is of interest(even if most of his output isn’t)

        “So of course, I helped establish it some more. In the bars and the parties and receptions – what passes for Westminster’s social scene – whenever the story came up I’d nod knowingly, and say “oh yes, everyone knows about that”. When of course, like everyone else, I knew nothing.”


        And it is surely entirely fair now to ask those banging the Westminster historic abuse drum to put up or shut up. Trial by internet rumour is just not acceptable in any half decent society.

        It is not as though those making the most noise are coming to this with clean hands.

        Take Simon Danczuk MP, a Labour councillor for Blackburn since 1983 and increasingly influential in local politics he was apparently unaware of the epidemic of Asian grooming in E Lancs until after the conclusion of the third Rochdale trial in May 2012 – he had of course become MP for Rochdale in 2010.

        Funny that because former Detective Superintendent Mick Gradwell who joined the Blackburn police in 1979 has stated that even then it was becoming an issue. Two Rochdale grooming trials in 2010 seem not to have crossed Danczuk’s radar screen either

        February 2010: Rochdale
        Ajmal Afridi, 19: two rapes, sexual assault. Six years. Imtiaz Syed, 20: rape, sexual assault. Six years. Tayub Hussain, 19: rape. Three years. Mustafa Arshad, 17: aiding and abetting sexual assault, taking indecent photographs. Eight months. Mohammed Usman Raja, 20: perverting the course of justice. Six months. Bolton Crown Court.
        Girl, 16, agreed to go to house where she was given whisky and possibly sleeping medication before being raped several times by three members of gang, two of whom “used a whisky bottle to further degrade her”. Fourth man took pictures of the abuse. Victim later found wandering streets, dazed.

        August 2010: Rochdale
        Asad Yousaf Hassan, 28: two counts of sexual activity with a child. Two
        years. Mohammed Basharat, 28: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Mohammed Atif, 29: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Aftab Khan, 31: controlling a child prostitute, sexual activity with a child. Seven years. Abid Khaliq, 30: perverting the course of justice. Eight months. Mohammed Anwar Safi, 31: paying for the sexual services of a child. 31 months. Ahmed Noorzai, 29: paying for the sexual services of a child. Four years. Mohammed Khan, 26: facilitating child prostitution. Four years. Najibullah Safi, 32: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Manchester Crown Court.
        Independent school pupil, 14, from Rochdale, went missing from home for several days on two occasions. She was spotted in the town centre, groomed and fed a diet of alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex with numerous Asian men in flats and to work on the streets as a prostitute.
        She was finally found after she approached a couple in the street in Manchester and asked them for help.

        He only ventured some comment after the 3rd trial concluded

        Nor were matters resolved by that trial, there was another one in 2013 and as former Detective Constable Margaret Oliver has pointed out there are many rapists still walking the streets, free as the air

        “Men alleged to be part of Rochdale’s child grooming gang were never brought to justice because the evidence of teenage victims was not pursued, according a former police officer involved in the case.

        Last May nine members of the ring were jailed for a total of 77 years.

        But former detective constable Margaret Oliver told the BBC other abusers “would be off the streets” if the girl’s evidence had been used.”

        “One of the worst aspects of this whole saga is that dozens, if not hundreds, of rape allegations by these two girls alone were never recorded as crimes,” she said.

        “That 15-year-old will tell you that to this day she still sees men she identified as abusing her to the police walking freely round the streets of Rochdale.”

        You’d has thought that Danczuk would have zeroed in on this outrage and called for a public enquiry(as demanded by one of the lawyers in the 3rd Rochdale case) as a matter of the greatest urgency, but no. What’s he do? He writes a book about a dead political opponent and then he shifts his sights even higher

        “In July 2014 Danczuk called for former home secretary Leon Brittan to make public what he knew about a dossier of allegations about paedophiles presented to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP between 1983 and 1985, which could identify several historic child sex abusers.[16][17] The Home Office stated the dossier had not been retained in their files. Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Lord Macdonald said the circumstances in which the dossier had gone missing was alarming, and recommended an inquiry into the fate of the dossier.[18] Prime Minister David Cameron subsequently asked the Home Office Permanent Secretary to investigate what happened to the missing dossier. Danczuk responded that another internal inquiry was merely trying to limit damage, and that a public inquiry was necessary to retain public confidence.[19]”

        So as regards the alleged historic Westminster abuse Danczuk has prioritised the shadow over the very well established local substance. As in Rotherham we are talking the bloc vote, turning a “blind eye” to “bad practices”, as Macshane put it, in order to continue to tap in to the “vast vote reservoirs” And we are talking years of malign politically correct denial as rationale. The Labour Party has a very great deal to hide, for this is about as wicked and contemptible as it gets, and you have to be very hard of thinking not to realise that they are using the alleged historic abuse as a smokescreen – the more they bluster the more obvious that is.


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