More Problems for Bashir?

Political Scrapbook have a new angle on the Bashir defection story:

Tory MEP ‘promises to open investigation’ into UKIP defector

With MEP Amjad Bashir swimming salmon-like against the nationwide torrent of Conservative to UKIP defections, comedy Tory chairman Grant Shapps faced a roasting yesterday for failing to perform proper due diligence.

His party’s newest member is not only suspected of financial misconduct, accused of fixing selections, being involved with a company that employs illegal immigrants and lying about his previous membership of George Galloway’s Respect party — but consorting with a Pakistani group which is classified as a “terrorist organisation” by Canadian and US authorities.


Tories’ new recruit wants to abolish the minimum wage and maternity leave

22 thoughts on “More Problems for Bashir?

  1. As I read it,
    the Tory MEP “‘promises to open investigation”, and then discovered that Basher had been welcomed into his own party and would be sitting next to him in the European Parliament. Whoopsies!

    I just can’t imagine how the Tories are going to get themselves out of this self-inflicted hole.


  2. Wonder what the local Tories make of their newest recruit? Not a lot I suspect? If you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the Kippers celebrating!


  3. Basher is back in the Times this morning
    Ukip defector ran up bill of £8,000 for axed event
    “…. His office is seeking to recoup the cost from the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), Ukip’s grouping in the European parliament, which was funded by European taxpayers to the tune of €1.2 million last year.
    The event, due to be held in London in December, was to feature several high-profile guests. The headline speakers were the grand mufti of Egypt, the country’s most senior Muslim authority, and Lord Carey of Clifton, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Mr Bashir’s office booked business class flights from Cairo for the cleric and one of his aides. Costing £2,500, the tickets were bought through a travel agency in Wakefield run alongside a pizza shop.
    Flights from Lahore for the son of a prominent Pakistani cleric and politician cost close to £3,000. Two rooms were booked at St James’ Court hotel, which features a Michelin-starred restaurant, at a cost of £499 and a Mercedes car was hired for £450. All this was to be billed to the EFDD, which was sponsoring the event.”
    “Sources close to Mr Bashir, a former Ukip communities spokesman, said his office managed to secure a refund on some of the cost of the flights from Cairo. However, the total cost of the event being claimed from the EFDD is understood to be more than £8,000.
    There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on Mr Bashir’s part, but the debacle paints an unflattering picture of his organisational skills and his approach to public money.”

    *********** I just love the ” the tickets were bought through a travel agency in Wakefield run alongside a pizza shop.” line. 🙂


  4. Maybe Bashir has at last found a natural home.

    The only good thing I can find to say about the Tory Party is that they didn’t look the other way and effectively trade young girls for bloc votes, abrogating their responsibilities and abandoning them into the vilest sexual slavery.

    I think it was Bevin who said that the Tories were “lower than vermin”

    Where does that leave the “Labour” Party?


    • Were does that leave the ‘Labour Party’?

      At a national level-when they are currently chastising the current Government for TRYING to deal with the mess they left the country in (immigration, economy, welfare abuse, public debt, dragging the country into expensive wars, abuse of human rights legislation by perpetrators etc etc), the answer is simple, it leaves them even lower.

      At a local level-when Labour MP’s take legal action to silence political opponents from raising an issue that is a scandal (CSE) well I just don’t think they can get any lower can they?

      The B.


    • “I refer you to Ms May and The Cons avoidance on this matter”

      What exactly is that you are accusing May of here?

      Kriss Hopkins MP has spoken out, not enough from the Tories to be sure; but then the sordid reality is that the blind eye to mass rape/bloc vote nexus is not a Tory one.

      As for the UKIP ex-Bury Chairman, to generalise on the basis of one depraved individual is about as cheap as it gets

      There is a site detailing individual Labour paedophiles, but to draw attention to it would be distasteful and irrelevant in terms of the wider institutional issues.


  5. Parsonage – your hypocrisy is so transparent. So you actually believe MS May and the Government have done everything they can to ensure the inquiry into institutional abuse at Westminster will be impartial and open? I and many don’t. I am accusing Ms May of two things. 1 – gross incompetence re the charade and farce of the ‘alleged’ inquiry in to institutional abuse at WC1 and the corridors of power. 2 – complicity through her lazy inaction regarding the inquiry for party interests.

    As for the UKIP link that has apparently got you so hot under the collar. I highlighted the ex UKIP chairman because of UKIP’s national and local silence and duplicity re CSE when it is linked to them. (Also because ROTHPOL isn’t just a UKIP site) UKIP are quick to condemn opponents – they should also do their own – not stay silent. Simples.

    As for criticizing Labour – I constantly do (where have you been since I first outed the issue?) – and will continue to do so when required . Unlike you I do not have a political agenda re CSE or blind faith to party. Personally I am not surprised by your mock shoutrage re the link on UKIP I posted. It was as predictable as day following night.I can see through a ‘mock shock’ contributor so easily.

    Now since you once again have got personal – you always do when questioned – here it is.

    As for being ‘as low as it gets’ – pot calling kettle their love. You are quick to accuse and constantly ignore the big picture re CSE and make political points for your own political gratification – you have a very ‘blinkered’ view re CSE. Personally I have never been involved in party politics and have never been a member of one either.My votes has never been set in stone either. However, I have been, and still am, an active (note active – not keyboard warrior) campaigner for justice on CSE and I remain politically impartial – an abuser is an abuser – all should be questioned and highlighted and all parties should recall that. Locally some in Labour and some in UKIP need to answer questions. You may not like the latter being questioned but hey ho I won’t be silenced – if we want the truth all with possible ‘links’ need to be questioned and give answers. Simples.

    Now here’s a little thought for you to ponder Parsonage. and take of your blinkers while you read. I believe all abusers – no matter their political stance -or non stance- ethnic origin or religion or any background should be punished. So should anyone who covers it up. Where do you stand? Or are you simply going to carry on regardless and simply pompously pontificating when it suits you for your own political reasons?

    Personally I will continue outing anyone who is involved in CSE or covers it up no matter what it costs me. And I don’t just mean financially) I will continue giving evidence (actual evidence – not opinion or rumour or keyboard rants) to inquiries and organisations when asked (or not asked). Locally there’s a lot to still come out – and I don’t just mean ‘politically’. If all is not revealed I will carry on fighting to ensure it does.

    Parsonage you carry on with your obvious personal political agenda by all means. However, I will simply just carry on supporting and fighting for the victims. See you at the next inquiry – though I doubt it. Key board warriors – don’t they just like to simply shout.



  6. Was it really you SKT who “outed the issue”?…. The late Marlene Guest was trying to tell everyone about muslim grooming gangs years ago and got told she was racist and making it up …turns out she was bang on the money … now if you are not affiliated to any political group you will think about that without mentioning the BNP what if that was the political group Marlene chose to follow ..Take off the political cloak and you are left with a woman who thought more about her town than any of the clowns that purport to run it…And whats with the meerkat thing.


  7. “Parsonage – your hypocrisy is so transparent. So you actually believe MS May and the Government have done everything they can to ensure the inquiry into institutional abuse at Westminster will be impartial and open?”

    That you can equate May’s alleged prevarication and so forth over this farce in London with Labour’s years of omerta and vote grubbling complicity in the foulest domestic scandal in modern British political history not only casts doubt on your claims for political neutrality but also your judgement and moral compass.

    The Westminster enquiry was always going to be a shambles, the product of self-serving agitation by the likes of Danczuk and Watson and various questionable characters in the background its remit and scope is absurdly wide. There is a strong tinge of politically motivated McCarthyism about it and in the febrile atmosphere of rumour and innuendo that has been created it’s not suprising that no one can be found to head it, it is unbalanced to blame May for that.

    The barrister Matthew Scott raises disturbing questions

    “The award is given to “the series of articles or broadcasts which has done the most to make a difference for the better in society and serve the public interest.” The nomination related to Exaro’s series of articles about paedophilia in high places which gave rise to the over-arching inquiry into child sexual abuse.

    One can see why the judges might well have concluded that Exaro has made a difference in that it has driven the issue of “VIPaedophiles” and sex offenders to the top of the news agenda. Whether it is one that has served the public interest is perhaps less clear.”

    “As for criticizing Labour – I constantly do (where have you been since I first outed the issue?)v”

    That’s a big claim, what exactly does first outing comprise then?

    “UKIP are quick to condemn opponents – they should also do their own – not stay silent. Simples.

    You still don’t understand why it was crass and cheap to have posted the link about the ex-UKIP Bury Chairman. There are no cultural or institutional issues involved in the conviction of one depraved person, not so an admitted blind eye to “bad practices” in order to tap into “vast vote reservoirs”(Macshane) which goes back many years – these bad practices including mass rape, trafficking, pimping, offering threats of extreme violence, perverting the course of justice.

    Simples indeed.


  8. Dear 1st Timer –

    I lived near Marlene for a while and I knew her from back in the 1980’s. I never agreed with her BNP politics in any way – quite the opposite – many didn’t. But I still considered her a friend.I and she didn’t let politics divide – we usually talked of ‘other things’ and when party politics raised its head and we begged to differ strongly but politely when it did.. See my post on her demise on RothPol. As for mentioning the BNP – I didn’t – but I will debate what I think is wrong with many of their beliefs on threads if the arise at any time.

    As for Marlene’s stance on CSE – we had no divide on that issue when it came to the need for justice and accountability. We had vastly different approaches to outing it and achieving true long lasting justice however. Our differences were – she saw rightly or wrongly – it was her choice- what went on as simply a political issue and campaigned on that basis – firstly via her own route, then Council Watch (Caven can tell you more about that) then via the BNP. Where as I saw went on and saw it as a more complex ingrained and deep rooted institutional evil that needed addressing at many levels – including some (not all) councillors at the time of all shades, and in particular the cover up of higher non elected officials at RMBC / private / charitable contracted agencies, inept official inspections, staff bullying / victimization, ignorance at certain levels at South Yorkshire Police and willful collusion of some middle management within RMBC and elsewhere. I also saw working with victims as a major need and the issue of actual malpractice and falsification for contractual ‘consideration’s’ as being a major cause. (It was) I believed (and still do) that simply concentrating on politics would blur the issue and leave it in place. She took her pathway – I took mine – a legal pathway. (Still on going) I believe mine was the right one. Time will tell.

    Re CSE Marlene on this particular issue wrongly came in for abuse and fought on through her political avenues. I said at the time – and still do – she was misguided to do so and should have broadened her approach – in fact I believe the fact she didn’t blurred and helped divert attention from the wider issues involved.- but that was her choice. Still I did and still do thank her for her contributions. Like I said I may have disagreed strongly with her BNP phase politics but she was a human soul at heart.

    Re my method – I was victimized in other ways (well documented on here an elsewhere) and fought on via the legal processes and still am. I knew what I was doing and what would happen -I knew I would be bullied and castigated – but I stood my ground. (We all did) And though poorer now I don’t regret doing it in any way.

    As for the Meerkat reference. Its simples.



  9. Parsonage,

    Okay so you don’t read my posts unless it mentions you – only your own. To save a little time I suggest you read my reply to 1st Timer User then this. I hope that answers some of your questions.

    Parsonage quote:

    “That you can equate May’s alleged prevarication and so forth over this farce in London with Labour’s years of omerta and vote grubbling complicity in the foulest domestic scandal in modern British political history not only casts doubt on your claims for political neutrality but also your judgement and moral compass.”

    Aherrm – I think you will find I have said most of what you can say about the situation in Rotherham for years. But for your benefit I will say it again. There was a cover up in Rotherham at all levels and all – including Labour (and other) representatives or anyone who took part, knew and stayed silent, covered up or colluded should resign or be sacked and prosecuted if or when it is proven. (And not just political officials). No political views or perspectives should blur anyone’s opinion re this. As for Ms May’s shambles (the scandal she is ‘alleged’ to be addressing as also gone on for years and the same must apply too. Get it NO COVER UP ANYWHERE and ALL guilty individuals or groups must pay in full. Why are trying to constantly bury this story?

    Quote “Casts doubt on your claims for political neutrality but also your judgement and moral compass.”Ooooo get you Betty. Questioning my moral compass. LOL. You are sooo funny at times. What next – a Monty Pythonesque accusation that ‘my mother smells of elder berries?’ From your pulpit I am condemned – how pompous. I will take that as a compliment. LOL

    Personally Parsonage I don’t actually care what you think of me. In reality your just an anon ‘blogger’ and I have had worse insults and experienced worse direct bullying from RMBC and partner agencies than you could ever instigate. As usual when someone questions you – you simply resort to insults yet again. Personally I am tempted question your assumed ‘divinity’ over us all but I think I will just pity you misguided arrogance and refer you to the following regarding your blinkered political posturing:

    Quote from Parsonage.

    “The Westminster enquiry was always going to be a shambles, the product of self-serving agitation by the likes of Danczuk and Watson and various questionable characters in the background its remit and scope is absurdly wide. There is a strong tinge of politically motivated McCarthyism about it and in the febrile atmosphere of rumour and innuendo that has been created it’s not suprising that no one can be found to head it, it is unbalanced to blame May for that.”

    Parsonage – you’re attempting to covering up here and I question you apparent interest in justice for all victims of CSE; this quote is very revealing and seems more of an attempt to discredit and cover up on your part for personal political reasons. It doesn’t matter to me what party abuser belong too or -if they belong to no political party at all – all abusers should be outed. What are your attempting to hide with this political diatribe?

    Quote from Parsonage – ““As for criticizing Labour – I constantly do (where have you been since I first outed the issue?That’s a big claim, what exactly does first outing comprise then?”

    I’ve been working with victims (and more) since 1983. I made my first complaint in 1997 – it was initially centred on ‘manipulation of figures’ and went on from there. (Surely you are aware of this?) I had so any meetings with RMBC and got nowhere so took it further (Genuine Rothpol contributors who have dealt with the senior officials at RMBC when taking forward complaints and concerns will know what I mean re this process). I then took it further forward after a tribunal process – (guess why I had to go to a tribunal) with official permission – I had to fight to get that too – and have made several official complaints – offered so much evidence since. (Actual evidence – not just opinion) Many of my complaints are still on going and may see more light soon. (Fingers crossed) Can I do more? I hope I won’t have to – but if needed yes.

    To further this I later joined Rothpol. (my legal team told me about it) Since then Rik and others on here have offered ‘actual’ invaluable assistance and guidance – especially with my last two complaints and more. (I am eternally grateful for that and can’t thank them enough) You will be reading about some of them soon. (Probably misquoting too) The details of my (and five associates) legal battles are well known as was the bullying that accompanied it. Where have you been? (By they way I’m the not so pretty blonde – ex red head)

    Now here’s a little tip Parsonage. You can carry on regardless with your mantras – as is your right – but little old me – I will carry on posting what I want and if it upsets your ego then so be it.



    Since you asked me to justify – now its your turn – apart from post on here what have you done? You don’t really have to answer.


  10. “Why are trying to constantly bury this story?”

    Tom Watson MP, always banging the alleged historic Westminster drum; his constituency has major unresolved issues with Pakistani grooming gangs/groups – along the same lines as much of rest of the Midlands and the North, and further afield. Like so many other Labour MPs he taps into the “vast vote reservoir”. It does not take a genius to understand the political play here.

    Tribunal? I did a whistleblowing tribunal once, corrupt appointments in the public sector. That’s one reason I admire the brave anonymous whistleblower whose act of sending the council files to Andrew Norfolk outed Rotherham on a national scale. And I gather that it was Marlene Guest who was instrumental in forcing the police to finally bust a Rotherham grooming gang.

    My interest? 10 years ago an acquaintance – friend of a friend – his 14 daughter fell victim to what we now know to be classic Pakistani grooming gang/group tactics. “Befriended” inside school, and then at the school gate she was lured to a rented house a mile or so out of ghetto. Dosed up with vodka and cannabis she was then gang raped by 10 or 12 of them. A suspicious neighbour called the police who eventually turned up. At that point apparently the gang dived out of the back door and windows, over the fence, through gardens and roared away in their cars back to “their area”. Subsequent police investigation was suspiciously ineffectual, which itself is part of the pattern of course. The effects on the family were devastating, her Dad felt a lot of unjustified guilt that he hadn’t protected his daughter, he started drinking heavily; had a bad car accident which left him partially crippled and in constant pain. The girl just withdrew into herself. She rarely goes out of the house now apart from walking her little dog, she has had various labels put on her by professionals, and she takes a cocktail of prescription medication which is regularly adjusted. She’s wrecked.

    Obviously I was outraged when I heard this, and through what little was in the media and other sources I could see that this was likely a horrific and quite unprecedented epidemic. Over time I sent out quite a lot of emails to the great and good, MPs, journalists, bishops etc – expressing my concern and outrage and demanding to know what if anything they proposed to do. Generally the response, where I got one, was disappointing. This was especially so from the churchmen, who went on about inter-faith dialogue and working with the Muslim community, anyone could see that they were being taken for a ride. I do recall though that the Bishop of Oxford just seemed stupified and nonplussed after the some of the horrific details of that trial were reported, a lot wasn’t apparently.

    I also spent quite a lot of time on newspaper sites and blogs, particularly the Guardian. They were coming out with some deceitful spin and evasion – first off they’d say that the sample size was too small to reach any conclusions, then as their position became increasingly untenable they’d fall back on this diversionary Savile et al red herring bs. So I did, with other posters, what I could to counter their grooming denial. This was anonymous of course, but then anonymity has a certain value in itself. Maybe you’re right and this is just being a keyboard warrior. I think of it as being a little contribution to raising awareness.


  11. Thank you for that Parsonage. It is appreciated. Now you have an insight in to my past and I have yours. I still think you are so wrong about what went on at WC1 – so very wrong – but we will continue to beg to differ whenever that issue arises – as we will – as well as on many other topics (As well as agreeing on some no doubt – as we do)

    I have read and reflected on your post and feel for your friend and his family; as I am sure you do for those that I have / still support and mine. (The effect on my family pains more than what anyone can do to me personally – it always does) I also appreciate what you did at the tribunal – I hope you appreciate my ‘little efforts’. It is not an easy path to take when whistle blowing – and one which brings and has brought many ‘costs’. But hey ho – I knew what would come – as I am sure did you and your friend.

    As for you claim about ‘corrupt appointments’ – I know that all too well. And that has been a central thread of many of my official complaints – also the way many of the ‘said appointees’ abused that power for their own means and further advancement. Like I said I saw what went on (and not just in Rotherham – I worked nationwide as an employee / user ‘advocate’ throughout the whole UK) and I still maintain simply concentrating on the political aspect blurs the issue. (Though that is not to say that some politicians of all hues should not be brought to account – they should).

    The issue in my opinion is one of the misuse of power and corruption in many corridors of ‘influence’. Indeed I maintain (and hopefully will be proved correct in time) that the core of all the scandals wherever they may be lay in deviancy of senior unelected officials who never face a ballot box, the contracting system and the malpractice that brings, the obsessional belief that targets come before actual provision / real intervention and the way many unelected official at the top, ‘misinform’, (even elected officials) bully and keep everyone in the dark. The cover ups I believe simply follow. (And yes all who cover up must be outed)

    As for you being a keyboard warrior – carry on with that – I have no problem with that at all – just keyboard warriors who ‘hurl’ personal insults without foundation. Though I hope that issue is now resolved in this case. For both of us.

    As for Marlene going to the police. Yes she did – many did – but like I said at the time it needed more and simply going to the police would be a dead end to nowhere if that was the only avenue. (I also saw his first hand) I stated and still believe it needed someone else to look at it properly not the local police. as you have become aware I and others chose to via another route – the official and legal one where our complaints could be recorded and monitored later if we got knocked back – always leave a trail – even if they cover up. Looking back it would have been better at the time if we had all had a separate ‘organisation’ / vehicle to take up complaints. (After all the SYP, PCC, Police Authority, RMBC senior Executives etc at the time ignored the issue). But we (and many more) simply had to use what vehicles existed at the time. If one good thing ever comes out of what happened hopefully it will be a real vehicle to be put in place for whistle blowers / victims to receive full support without the bullying and associated disparaging. (And that is putting it politely)

    Personally I think I should have not responded as ‘personally’ to your very personal accusations (I usually don’t) and I guess you too feel (or so it seems) that you feel you regret questioning my motives in such a way. From here on we both will hopefully learn. Though I’m sure we will debate from different viewpoints – as we should if that is the case.

    I look forward to many exchanges of views in the future. However, I’m afraid one thing will not change. I’m still going to criticize UKIP (or anyone) where I see fit by the way whenever I want. I hope yo respect that LOL. As you can see I’m a very awkward natural red head – bottle blonde – and that will never change. I mean the ‘attitude’ not the hair colour.

    Please give my respect to your friend and remind them someone does care.


    PS: r


  12. Many thanks for that thoughtful and generous response Sally

    I offended you deeply and I sincerely apologise for that, not least because your involvement in standing up for the right is vastly greater than anything I’ve ever done. I get angry and frustrated sometimes and that anger can get totally misdirected and degenerate into unjustifiable aggression. I am glad that a line has been put under this.

    Best Wishes


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