BBC Radio Sheffield – Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron on Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson. Interview starts around 1.02.00 in:

If readers have other questions for Kevin, leave them as a comment and we will endeavor to obtain answers.


15 thoughts on “BBC Radio Sheffield – Kevin Barron

  1. Do people have to wait for 3 weeks to see a GP. My local Health Centre (Swallownest) has appointments for next Tuesday bookable on-line.


  2. the roma /slovak issue , mp barron needs to speak with mp champion about the state of eastwood and the ongoing problem of litter and filth on the st’s / rd’s the only people which have gained are the rogue landlords .


  3. Just listen to the interview of Kevin Barron MP, his claim that he knew of one case of CSE from 2003 and nobody told him anything else is totally unbelievable. Wasn’t Ann Cryer going on about this same subject for over a decade, only to be told to keep quite.

    I keep hearing the same pathefic defence that they didn’t know of the scale of the problem, which would suggest to me that they knew something was happening, but didn’t have the Brain’s or the inclination to stop it.

    When Andrew Northfolk started investigating this matter and was publishing his stories, surely as a concern member of Parliament he would’ve ask a few questions of the local party if there was anything happening on his patch. As the interviewer commented he didn’t seem to have any ears on the ground or could’ve been bothered. He deserves the same disdain as the victims got.


  4. Although I can’t stand him, I thought he handled the interview fairly well, given all his baggage..

    Lets just remind ourselves who is standing against him at the next election, and weep:
    Tory – GARETH STREETER (Conservative) , son of Gary Streeter MP. Educated at London School of Theology. Charity communications director.
    (Gary Streeter MP:
    “In March 2012, Streeter was one of three MPs who signed a letter to the Advertising Standards Authority asking it to reverse its decision to stop the Christian group “Healing on the Streets of Bath” from making explicit claims that prayer can heal. The letter called for the ASA to provide “indisputable scientific evidence” that faith healing did not work”
    So Gareth’s dad believes in magic, and his son’s academic years were spent at a college of Theology, and he now works for these guys and he has no prior connection with Rother Valley whatsoever.
    Follow him on if you must.
    UKIP – ALLEN COWLES (UKIP) Rotherham councillor since 2014.
    The Sky car-crash man who thinks that 14% of Rother Valley of residents are immigrants. Sorry Allen but we are 94% White British.
    …. and his RMBC Register of Interests form says he own 4 houses, well that’s fine!
    and then we have Sir KEVIN de BARRON !!!!
    … and I’m sure we all know about him and his varied interests.
    If I remember the interview right he said that we have a 1.7% immigrant community. That is actually just the size of our small Asian / Indian subcontinent community not the overall immigrant community.
    So you can see why I’m really really spoilt for choice!
    (Last time round I voted for Linda Donaldson the Tory candidate).


  5. He starts off by saying he would describe himself as Open and Honest, until it comes to CSE then he is Amazed and Shocked by the extent of it. He had one case brought in front of him at his constituency office and meetings with SYP, still he know nothing. When asked about the suspended councillors he attempts to divorce Rotherham council from the Labour party, as if they have no relevance to the national party. When asked “if the Labour party did not exist who would you vote for”? Answer any party on the left, he must be having a laugh he has supported New Labour since it’s inception. People in my area, Rother Valley, according to Nutkin, vote UKIP to punish Labour but he is confident of being re-elected, keep on dreaming Nutkin. He thinks people on benefits should be made to do menial tasks like clearing snow, it is true they do want to take us back to the 1930s. When asked how many homes he has he called his one in Derbyshire a holiday home, plus a flat in Maltby and London. He says Blair didn’t make him a minister because of his, Nutkin’s, attitude to tobacco. Must admit whilst listening to him you have to give our Kev his due he is good at ducking and diving that’s why he has lasted this long.
    Dave Smith


    • Yup, he is a bullsh**ter but he has had a lot of practise and does it well.

      I replayed the Blair / tobacco thing several times – I just didn’t believe what I was hearing.

      Realistically there is no chance the seat could fall to UKIP.
      Rother Valley is not even in their sights – otherwise they would have tried to put up a candidate with some credibility, and they so obviously didn’t.


      • I fear your right, such an undeserving character will be re-elected on such a woeful record. Wouldn’t it be something if he got kicked out, then his arrogrance that he’s entitled to his job, without working for it, would make him live in the real world. Of the three stooges, heard from Champion, Barron but nothing from Healy. Has he gone AWOL again, has he did for 17 years when CSE was rife, but he knew nothing ?


  6. Anyone know where the flat in Maltby is ? I understood it was Bramley anyway. Wonder if he’s renting out the “holiday home” in Derbyshire when he’s not using it ? Could bring in another tidy sum for him. Of course, us snow shovellers wouldn’t be able to afford it but Kev has plenty of mates who could. Maybe we could shovel snow for him, just for the slight chance of a tip of his Keir Hardie cap at us. Or maybe not. His sword and shield would keep us at a very safe distance.


  7. Who is Kevin Barron MP.
    I live in North Anston ( his Rother valley seat) and I have never seen him here in the last 5 years. It was reported that he was walking around with Jo Burton in support of her Election last year, but he kept it very quite. I wonder if he will be coming to speak to those who he supposedly represents this time. We would love to ask him why he has not condemned RMBC Labour Party Members who were involved in CSE. I also wonder if he will be seen backing Cllr Judy Dalton in her Election, she is the one who was involved in a “Gangs and Grooming” Web Page whilst serving as an advisor at RMBC. Rather odd don’t you think that her home address disappeared from the site as soon as UKIP brought it to the attention of the Labour Party at an RMBC Council Meeting. There is more to come on this I believe, The Monitoring Officer at RMBC seems to think she has no interest in this issue, Watch this space.
    We should start a “Where is Kevin” campaign. Altogether now, (out loud) WHERE IS KEVIN.


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