Another development in the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot

The Telegraph is also carrying this latest development in the ‘Trojan Horse’ saga:

Another Birmingham school put in special measures amid ‘Trojan Horse’ fears

Small Heath, a previously “outstanding” non-faith state secondary, is expected to be downgraded to “inadequate” by Ofsted

4 thoughts on “Another development in the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot

  1. Another fine mess by Ofsted, they couldn’t spot widespread failure of Children’s service regarding CSE in Rotherham, now there unable to sort out Fundamentalists taking over schools in the Midlands. Why are these idiots still in their jobs?


    • They are clearly worthless apparatchiks but where we get better god only knows.

      The area in question is predominantly Pakistani with a strong and growing Somali influence.

      I think it would be fair to say that what have been described as “conservative Islamic values” accord deeply with the warp and weft of the community. The fear is of course that this then leads on to radicalisation – for which there is not inconsiderable evidence on the ground. Strikes me that the juxtaposition of two apparently contradictory terms, conservative and radical, strongly implies that it is not accurate to label this phenomenon with terms which have other meanings and nuances within our own political and social history. This would be unhelpful in terms of understanding and analysis – though as an aside we have had conservative radicals ourselves in the past, Cobbett and Cromwell spring to mind.

      It has been claimed, although also somewhat disputed, that the Islamist influence(which I guess means a total package) in these schools led to improved academic performance. If this is the case I can understand why it may be so, a driven ethos will produce a disciplined striving which logically would lead to improved results.

      The Government is of course basing its counter-narrative on “British values”. There is a strong air of woolly incoherence about this. Tolerance is held to be an overriding virtue as in live and let live, but the word is also used in the sense of putting up with something one would rather not tolerate; in that sense far from a virtue it becomes a cowardly thing. It also seems rather hubristic to say that we have developed these remarkably special values on these islands, with the implication that they are superior to anything else on the face of the planet pretty much. It may well be wide open to accusations of cant and hypocrisy.

      These are treacherous waters. But one thing can be said for sure. Teaching Magna Carta and gay rights to primary school children isn’t going to be floating the community’s boat any time soon.


  2. A section in the report reads :- “Ofsted received information from a former inspector, David Driscoll, who has been helping the school. What he saw and heard horrified him. Staff were very unhappy, standards were slipping, and members of staff who had served the school fantastically well for years were being ripped into at every opportunity.”
    This mirrors what is happening at Abbey Special School in Rotherham at the moment RMBC are insisting on closing the school although the staff at the school had been telling them for months standards were slipping the staff were unhappy and moral was low also new management at the school were ripping in to staff right left and centre. Ofsted and the Local RMBC have chosen once again as with the CSE scandal to ignore what is right in front of their faces None of them should still be in jobs SACK the lot of them !!!


  3. Small Heath is one of the worst areas with a large section of Pakistani population. I don’t understand why nobody ever comes and checks if those Pakistanis have legal papers to stay. Let me tell you how so many of them got here. They come on a business/ tourist or sometimes on a student visa. They then marry an pakistani girl (who never got beyond primary school) who happens to be Bristish citizen. Voila that guy is now a British citizen. He then brings in his Pakistani father, Pakistani mother, Pakistani brothers (three of them), Pakistani sister (another three of them) and breeds at least 4 children of his own. All these 12 additional folks who pay not taxes, have in no remote sense any British values, feeding off on benefits and NHS like parasites. I struggle to why ..Oh God why does Britain tolerate this. This country belongs to Britishers not child abusing pervert Pakistanis. Who in this country will stand up to the decent folk and raise the voice against this kind of abuse of Visa rules, NHS and benefits.


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