Something to come to Rotherham soon

Just been sent this rather interesting story from the North East:

‘It’s been a cull’: Senior councillors react to being deselected as Labour candidates

Leader describes opponents as ‘paranoid and power-mad’ :: ‘Labour doesn’t care about working classes any more’, says cabinet member

The deselected deputy leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council Sheelagh Clarke has called the process “undemocratic” – and claims “somebody in London wants rid”.

Council Leader George Dunning, along with deputy Cllr Clarke, cabinet member Mark Hannon and former mayor Vic Jefferies were told at a meeting at the Claxton Hotel in Redcar on Sunday that they would not be allowed to stand for Labour in their wards in May’s elections.

My thanks for this goes to Titan.

5 thoughts on “Something to come to Rotherham soon

    • ” “A lot of members in Teesville are getting on, or have been ill,” the leader continued.
      “I wasn’t going to round people up on a cold day and tell them they had to come and vote for us, but I know we had the support.”

      Why? Because he might have got his little tootsies cold ???


    • Dreams, remember these people have been power for ages and absolutely adore their false standing within the community, it a little hard for them to become a normal joe public again.


      • Trouble is, the Labour Group is incompetent, almost to a man or woman!
        Lakin has no discernible leadership skills, nor insight enough to realise his limitations, this is bound to end in tears.


  1. Rotherham should be so lucky but Imust agree that Labour has lost its way with the working classes. Too many career politicians and members ignorant of the history of the Labour Party and its principles.


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