Casey Report Issued

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council: 4 February 2015

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to make a statement in the Commons

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69 thoughts on “Casey Report Issued

  1. Time to break up the Rotherham Borough. Let Sheffield have Rotherham and absorb it, let the outlying areas go their own way.

    It’s been a nest of snakes for years and is broken beyond all hope.

    I for one want nothing more to do with them.


    • I wouldn’t be so sure of Sheffield either, I think they have just managed to keep the lid on it better. Recently the abuse of 700 girls in Sheffield came to light, I think there will be many more to follow in Sheffield.


      • So, what do you know that the author of this report – published last month – didn’t?

        “Sheffield’s ‘innovative’ work tackling child sexual exploitation will be shared with others after a report praised city services. It said city agencies were ‘advanced’ in their response to dealing with the crime but put forward 16 areas for development. Dr Kathryn Houghton, author of the report, told the full council meeting: “I have put a lot of clients in touch with Sheffield because there is a lot of innovative work going on…..”

        There is child sexual abuse in every community in the UK. Most of it happens in families. Thus, it would be no surprise if 700 girls in Sheffield had been abused in Sheffield over the last 10 years. It would be criminal if no action were being taken to try to prevent it, to try to protect victims and to fail to take the perpetrators to court.


  2. Some very damming comments in this report and perhaps something that a lot of people already knew.

    “Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is not fit for purpose. It is failing in its legal obligation to secure continuous improvement in the way in which it exercises its functions. In particular, it is failing in its duties to protect vulnerable children and young people from harm”.

    “We have concluded that RMBC does not have strong enough political and managerial leadership to guide the borough out of its present difficulties and put it back on a path to success”.

    Councillors and Senior Managers should be held to account but will they? I can’t see it unless the Government steps in and delivers the suggestions made by Casey ‘for significant interventions by the Government’. I have no doubt that the leader will still insist things are improving but as Casey says, “RMBC demonstrates a resolute denial of what has happened in the borough” so don’t hold your breath!

    The B


    • We’ll never find that out as in typical fashion he jumped like the true coward he is. Roddis is still there though and he was as guilty as the rest


      • Maybe. But Cray was in charge of Adult Services, so what was going so badly wrong there that he jumped or was pushed? Or maybe it was simply because in what was an endemic bullying culture, Cray was possibly the worst of the officers?


      • There’s no doubt he was the worst and despite being given documentary evidence, Stone and Cuff ignored it, as did the HR department. Roddis took delight in carrying out Crays orders and bullying, intimidating and belittling staff, particularly women. He was over promoted and overpaid for this misplaced, disgusting “loyalty” and he remains over promoted and overpaid as does his wife. McFarlane is in Crays image, nothing will change there unless she goes as well.


  3. Just had a text from an ex colleague who still works for RMBC. They have had instructions not to discuss the report with the media. So they still continue with the ‘culture of supressing bad news’ then.

    Shocking. Every Councillor (regardless of political colour) should resign and hold themselves up for re election NOW so we can have a total clear out and start again!


  4. I’m listening on sky as I write , and Rotherham is being discussed How devastating that we have been shamed on SKY NEWS, yet again.:( I’d like to get a transcript of this sky report, any chance Rothpol?? You could get one and print it here?


  5. 1 The abused must receive more support
    2 The ruling Labour group should resign
    3 RMBC must be put into special measures
    4 The electorate must exercise their democratic right and vote each and every Labour politician out off office
    5 There must be a clear out of the dead wood officer cadre


  6. And maybe now we might find justice for these child survivors of abuse . My god why and how as this all been allowed to go on . I know some have left their positions , but I think all must be changed and new people put in place
    How can we move forward and these young people move forward , we need a change and fast . New public figures from top to bottom. My view might not be popular but I cannot see any other way . Choose who knew what or when , a clean sweep is needed. .My opinion only . Where was the duty of care for our young people.? How could or can they be fit for purpose. .??


  7. No doubt the Casey Report will be debated for a long,long time and whatever we say will have no bearing on the final outcome.
    In a nutshell; RMBC is not fit for purpose.
    The Council Cabinet has resigned.
    Five Commissioners will be appointed to run RMBC.
    All RMBC councillors will have to face re-election next year.
    Sir Nutkin was not in the HoC to hear what was said by Pickles and had his statement reinforced by Hilary Benn.

    Is this the final nail in the coffin for Labour in Rotherrham? I’m not sure but I hope it is.


  8. He and others who will try to fill the void from their community, a community that kept their lips sealed, eyes closed and became deaf to the abuse of children.
    A plague on all their houses (sic).


    • To be honest, I don’t think they are bothered whether white or non white, there are plenty of mass rapes of Pakistani girls, back in Pakistan, where often they are murdered in the process. Many non white girls wouldn’t come forward and report the crime, because they fear humiliation for them and their families. I think the white girls have been easy prey due to a break down in our social fabric, due to a lack of parental supervision in the majority of cases, it should be parents as much as the state protecting the children. At the same time Police and Council staff should be in prison due to turning a blind eye when they did know. As a caller said on Radio Sheffield, two of Kevins Barrons relations were party to meetings about abuse many years ago and he denies they ever passed the info onto him.


  9. How after this report can the three MPs Healey,Champion and Barron expect anyone to believe they did not know anything about widespread cse in Rotherham …..All three should also resign immediately… I do not think Jane Collins and Caven Vines have anything to worry about.


    • However much some people are trying to smear her, Champion is proving to be a complete breath of fresh air in this rotten borough and has been nothing but impressive and effective since elected.


      • Sarah Champion wasn’t even an MP when the story broke in 2012. And since she was elected she’s done more for the victims than Barron, Healey and the whole of RMBC combined. Clearly she is not a part of the local Labour “establishment” and to me that’s a good thing – after all, it’s that same establishment who have allowed Rotherham to become what it is today – an utter disgrace. The same establishment who put Community Cohesion first and ignored the victims. And if the establishment had got it’s way? Well, the MP for Rotherham would have been Mahroof Hussain MBE, former head of – you’ve guessed it – Community Cohesion. How much help do you suppose the victims would’ve have had from him?


      • Sarah Champion obtained emergency funding (from Central Govt not RMBC nb) to employ the former head of Risky Business so she could continue her work supporting victims and raising cse awareness. This lady is one of the very few that survivors trust and they are still beating a path to her door. The funding only lasts until the Election. I think it would be worth asking Sarah Champion’s office how she fared when she approached RMBC for continuation funding beyond May so that victims could continue to receive support. The answer to that question will put “senior Labour Councillor” Chris Read’s comments about RMBC making victims a priority into startling context…


  10. Dint see heley at commons during debate with champion and baron?

    but healy has tried to keep lid on things make excuses and airbrush away


  11. Page 73, Casey says councillors with long term association with RMBC must have known the extent of cse. Later on she says that there needs to be a fresh start with new faces to restore political confidence. For those two reasons all councillors need to resign immediately and not wait for 2016. If they had any integrity they would go now. I excuse opposition councillors from this but they should resign too so they can be re-elected with a clear mandate and increased majorities. In any case, Mr Pickles should order across the board elections for mid summer of THIS year. Its evident governance in Rotherham is in melt down. We can’t afford to wait to start rebuilding.


    • Wouldn’t it show strong Leadership if Ed Decided enough is enough and deselect all Labour Councilliors, sending a clear message to the rest of them , around the COUNTRY that failure TO DO YOUR JOB is no longer an option in the party.


    • Rev,
      I’d been thinking along those lines earlier today, but then…
      Originally Ms Casey had recommended that there were no Rotherham council elections in 2015, and that then there would be an All-out election in 2016.
      Pickles however decided that the 2015 election would go ahead, and then an All-out in 2016 and every 4 years after that, and Ms Casey accepted that.
      Each of those alternatives keep to the national calendar of council elections.
      What you are suggesting is something of a compromise of those two viewpoints, but it breaks the link with the national calendar and leaves open the problem of getting back onto it, with, within the whole history of this societal breakdown, only a short-term gain.
      IMHO there are just are no simple solutions.


      • Watched channel four news, if the quality of cllrs who appear and were still in denial of the scale and the conclusions of Jay report, are an example of what’s been running Rotherham all these years, then Labour is in big do do. If I said most of them were thick it would be an understatement, but then what does that say about the people who voted these clowns in? Lord have mercy on Rotherham.


    • This is what the report said about the opposition councillors:

      “Whilst the opposition in Rotherham is small, we saw limited evidence of them raising concerns and putting pressure on the leadership. In terms of CSE, we could not find evidence that the opposition had been at all effective in scrutinising and challenging, or active in getting the matter on the agenda.”

      In summary “pretty useless”. Clearly they should go as well.


      • Janet, maybe it’s because as usual, opposition councillors were kept in the dark and never told of anything that was going on. This has always happened when RMBC Labour Group are involved and it also happens at Parish Council level too, just look at Anston and Aston Parish Councils. At Anston Parish Council, even Labour councillors are kept in the dark, if they are not prepared to toe the line, they are told nothing. It’s called Labour democracy!!!


    • So does a clear out of the council include Mr Vines? Wasn’t he the seminar in 2005? Agree though that a clear out is needed including Champion who always appears to slither out of the limelight.


  12. Barron and Healy did the usual back stabbing to try to keep themselves clean, Baron agreed whole heartedly with Pickles, no body bothered to ask what he has been doing for the last thirty years. UKIP don’t escape either page 77 they did not do enough to get CSE on the agenda. I was at the cabinet meeting this morning and it was obvious some thing was amiss. I asked if the leader could tell me when the Casey report would be published; without looking at me he just said chief executive and she told me today. There is no surprise when Casey says that there is a culture of cover up; you only have to look at how they answered my questions on CSE. She reiterates Jays point that councillors who have been on for any length of time must have known about the extent of CSE. I wonder how the cabinet members are going to manage without their extra £16k a year? I think this report strengthens my case that Jane Havenhand should go seeing as she was senior adviser to Shaun Wright and for the first six months to Lakin in children’s services. People like her are losing their fig leafs at an alarming rate. Next year should be interesting when they are all up for election, that will be the time for a mass clear out.
    Dave Smith


  13. Heard Sarah Champion today on R4 giving rmbc a (deserved) kickng following the Casey Report how odd though was this the same Sarah Champion that 16 months ago had personally looked into and had been working closely with these very same incompotent services and found them doing ever so well! Is she part of the cover up too?

    “Much has been written in the press about how Rotherham is not doing enough to protect its young people from this horrendous crime. I can assure the House that since being elected I have worked closely with South Yorkshire police and Rotherham metropolitan borough council to find out whether our young people are getting the protection they deserve. It is totally inaccurate to say that Rotherham is doing nothing to prevent this crime and prosecute abusers. Although more can always be done, and by the council’s own admission it has not handled historical cases well, I now believe that there is a commitment and drive by the services in Rotherham to protect every child, and I welcome the fact that the council has commissioned an independent inquiry”


  14. Yes Champion is doing her usually disappearing and blaming others act. I remember her hobnobbing with the slimey Pakistani cllrs, until they became a liability. She blows with the wind whoever in the adsendence. And now she conviently slagging off her own Council, Cllrs, SYP and Party. Naked ambition or survival, never qualities that adhere one to loyalty .


  15. I stopped my family members from using taxis in Rotherham long ago, this report reinforces that decision.

    Will the Rotherham Pakistani Hire Drivers Association out the criminals within their trade?

    No not a chance, they all stick together.

    They were off the mark to invade Riverside House a few weeks ago to protest against the new standards so why protest against the improvements and why the reluctance to shop the criminals?
    Is this because they condone the crimes?

    A tip to all the readers if you have to use a taxi is to be very careful which firm you use, who knows who is driving the taxi!


  16. If the problem in Rotherham is the calibre of councillors then I would be wary of UKIP as well as Labour – what is the quality of their candidates after the initial few? If, as Caven Vines is calling for, we have a total election in 2015 then do we need an electoral pact between Greens, TUSC, UKIP, Independents and Respect to ensure a quality anti Labour candidate in every ward?
    That isn’t very desirable from a democratic point of view but what would be disastrous is a split in the anti Labour vote – only a solid anti Labour vote would ensure they get sent to the scrap heap where they need to go. I think Caven is right to call for an earlier full election by the way.
    In fact All Labour councillors need to resign anyway and I suspect most of the older ones will give up for sheer shame (altho a collapsing Labour party would be vulnerable to an unwelcome take over by narrow and undemocratic interest groups.)
    There is an alternative to restore faith in democracy in our town, based on the fact that it would be a brazen person who stood for Labour full stop, when they are now shown up to all the world as useless. I would plead for this alternative: I ask the Labour party in Rotherham to take a very, very hard look at what this report is saying about them and how they have utterly failed the people of Rotherham, especially the young survivors. Having thought hard, you then need, Labour, to do the decent thing, humble yourselves and withdraw totally from the next two rounds (2015 and 2016) of council elections.
    Ed Miliband could step in and order it centrally but, like asking Imams to condemn the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, the fact you might need asking or cajoling, would simply prove you have lost any moral perspective.
    Rather than having an unholy alliance of all the opposition let the people of Rotherham decide between the non Labour alternatives. We may then end up with a coalition council which would force proper debate, constructive policies and accountability rather than the one party dictatorship that has been such a disaster.


    • Nice sentiments rev and I agree to some extent, however I think you are giving Rotherham labour too much credit. It is evident from recent events that members hold limited morality, zero professional standards and an undercurrent of a”self serving” nature runs throughout. To ask the dictatorship to take a long hard long at themselves will unfortunately never happen. After all as witnessed on tonight’s channel 4 news “the report is exaggerating the situation in Rotherham” according to the old guard labour Cllrs interviewed.


    • Rev, I have a couple of issues with your post. Not in any particular order they are thus: –

      You talk about the “anti-Labour vote” as though there is a sizeable section of the electorate that is united by being anti-Labour. This, in my opinion, over-simplifies the situation. It is extremely unlikely that you would be able to unite voters from the full breadth of the political spectrum under an anti-Labour banner. Unifying UKIP with the Greens, Respect or TUSC is pie in the sky.

      If, as you suggest, Labour were to withdraw from local elections for the next 2 years it would disenfranchise a large section of the electorate i.e. the core Labour vote. Whether you like it or not there are many people who will only vote Labour because they relate to Labour values (or what they perceive to be Labour values). This doesn’t make them sheep, blinkered or thick. It’s just how they are. I know some people who used to be big beer drinkers but when a certain Sheffield brewery closed in the 1990s they stopped drinking. The same would apply to some dyed-in-the-wool Labour voters – they just wouldn’t vote.

      Some may be surprised to learn that I wouldn’t slavishly vote Labour. In fact in recent years there was one occasion when I didn’t vote Labour in the local elections. The reason was that I discovered something about the Labour candidate that sickened me. Consequently I voted for one of the left candidates. However, I’m sure there are some voters who don’t look beyond the party and know very little of the candidates. That is their prerogative. I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for voting for a party that they think best represents their interests. If you are rich then I wouldn’t blame you for voting Tory and if you’re a fascist then I’d understand if you voted BNP. Similarly there are people who vote Labour because they consider themselves Labour. I suspect that a significant proportion of them wouldn’t vote if there wasn’t a Labour candidate on the ballot paper.

      I don’t accept that the current situation in Rotherham is a Labour problem. There are some Labour councillors who I hold in high regard. However, there are some who I have no doubt would be councillors whatever the majority party. They would adjust their political allegiance to ensure they were elected. Casey referred to a problem whereby councillors paid undue deference to South Yorkshire Police. I don’t think that was because they were Labour councillors. Indeed (and I know he won’t like this) I believe Caven Vines was guilty of this when he accepted the Chief Constable’s view that the SYPA didn’t need a lead officer on Child Protection. I’m really not criticising him for this. I’m merely trying to point out that perhaps councillors of all political persuasions have a lot in common i.e. a propensity to accept without sufficient challenge or question what they are told by people that they perceive to be better-informed on a particular subject than they are.


      • Hi Sandra – i am not naive about entrenched attitudes but there was sufficient self- examination for the cabinet to resign with immediate effect. That in itself is surprising but welcome. Just because someone is unlikely to take the “right course” doesn’t mean we should not point it out to them.
        Hi Robyn – i see your point about disenfranchising core Labour voters but the Casey report shows that this current Labour council have effectively done that already, in fact they have probably disenfranchised the whole Borough. All the more reason for them to go and let a proper left wing alternative emerge.
        Your point about too much deference highlights, again, that the problem is quality of councillors. My experience in the by election of 2012 was marked by the emerging realisation that I was as intelligent and able as the supposedly “great and not so good” with whom I shared the hustings, (if not more so !). I think politics and top managerialism in the UK is in the grip of a certain type who have an “i know better” mentality which militates against scrutiny and accountability, pushes out public service ethic and dazzles the hoi polloi with science. It’s an emperors clothes scenario and it’s time to call their bluff.


  17. Here’s a thought. Why do we need any councillors at all? Let the new commissioners run the place permanently, they can only be an improvement. Labour is well and truly stuffed for a generation here, but the thought of the ragtag bunch of oddballs and nutters who represent UKIP. the BNP or the geriatric Tories getting their hands on power is equally depressing. Sod so-called democracy, lets just have efficiency for a change. I want my bins empties, my roads mended, and our kids looking after; none of that needs a pompous bunch of third rate local nobodies who usually know precisely nowt about running anything relevant to public services, banding together and pretending to speak for the rest of us while they screw everything up.
    I’m glad Lakin and his motley crew have gone; we don’t need Vines et al thinking they should replace them. Lets take the chance to get rid of at least two thirds of the council positions – why do wards need 3 members? No wonder 95% of them are dummies, the population of this borough doesn’t have that many intelligent, thoughtful people in the first place – certainly not enough who want to do this pointless and thankless function.


  18. Let’s not forget that many of the themes in the Casey report were already in the public domain in this very blog.

    Month after month Rik continued to post headlines exposing the failings of RMBC, comments from readers gave the posts even more credence, so much so that two very unsavory blogs sprang up.

    Rotherham Bradford Politics and Rotherham Politics take 2; both were overtly anti-Rik with posts and comments seeking to undermine the message about child rape in Rotherham.

    A video clip was even produced that in my opinion amounted to a clear threat to Rik.

    It is interesting to note that both blogs appear to be dormant, could it be that the heat of public anger and possible action from the legal authorities are keeping the individuals behind the blogs heads down?


  19. I am finding it hard to comprehend that RMBC Labour politicians knew that vulnerable children were being systematically raped and abused by known perpetrators and not only did they fail to act but it is alleged that two of them were involved in the abuse.

    When the initial Andrew Norfolk articles went to print the media lead for the local Labour party stopped anyone from speaking out.

    Random stop and inspections of Taxis in Rotherham were subject to a ten day notification period so the trade could ensure that on that day no abused child was in the taxi should the vehicle be stopped, that the driver was one approved by RMBC and the car was roadworthy, I wonder who was behind this?

    Members and officers were well aware of the locations for children to be targeted and then abused but were more interested in finding the source of the leak to the Times than alerting parents and the public to the dangers of the gangs.

    Opposition politicians are not without culpability in this scandal, I cannot find one single news article from former Conservative, now UKIP politicians, Independents etc that over that last ten years raised the crimes in the public domain, do prove me wrong.

    Following the publication of the Jay report the UKIP opposition has been no more than a lame duck, toothless bunch when it came to taking RMBC to task over the scandal, I find their position on this scandal just as worrying given that members of their group sat on the opposition benches during the height of the abuse and did nothing.

    Did anyone see David Cameron on BBC Look North last night (5 Feb) when he squirmed his way out of a question about funding to support the abused?

    Maybe the last two remaining Conservative politicians on RMBC will lobby Cameron to provide the resources to support the abused, over to you Cllr`s Middleton and Gilding.

    Action speaks louder than words!


  20. Sorry Rev I agree with you on many things but not this.

    “I excuse opposition councillors ”

    ALL councillors – of whatever party – who held office during the period should resign and not stand again. The report (and I) damns them all and let’s start afresh with new blood. According the the report and more they all have too much baggage – the ruling party did little – the opposition too – both were not fit for purpose.. A clean sweep of all the deadwood in 2016 is needed. Let ALL current councillors who were present during the period put egos and careers’ aside and go now. They should all be ashamed – whatever party – each played a part – or didn’t do enough.

    SKT xxxx

    PS> I totally agree with Forensics X – for the next 2 years at least. We haven’t got the political talent in the town to sort it out. ALL are useless at present. Let’ use the time to get rid of the whole lot of them – who to varying degrees should hang their head in shame. Damn them all.

    “Here’s a thought. Why do we need any councillors at all? Let the new commissioners run the place permanently, they can only be an improvement. Labour is well and truly stuffed for a generation here, but the thought of the ragtag bunch of oddballs and nutters who represent UKIP. the BNP or the geriatric Tories getting their hands on power is equally depressing. Sod so-called democracy, lets just have efficiency for a change. I want my bins empties, my roads mended, and our kids looking after; none of that needs a pompous bunch of third rate local nobodies who usually know precisely nowt about running anything relevant to public services, banding together and pretending to speak for the rest of us while they screw everything up.
    I’m glad Lakin and his motley crew have gone; we don’t need Vines et al thinking they should replace them. Lets take the chance to get rid of at least two thirds of the council positions – why do wards need 3 members? No wonder 95% of them are dummies, the population of this borough doesn’t have that many intelligent, thoughtful people in the first place – certainly not enough who want to do this pointless and thankless function.”


    • Hi Sally, i disagree. I am no fan of UKIP but I cant see how most (not all) UKIP councillors elected last year can be expected to stand down completely. I think one may have a case to answer who used to be in another party. But those who are part of the ruling Labour Group definitely need to step aside. I always enjoy your thoughful postings. You have integrity. Why don’t you stand yourself?


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