An opinion bluntly put

Sorry for putting this but I tire of ‘politicos posturing’. You are all welcome to your opinion – as is your right – but while I welcome all opinion I think it’s time I put mine bluntly.

Can I just say as one of the whistle blowers while I do I find many comments on here reflective I do find others less than helpful. Some seem to think its easy to sacrifice everything you have – including your future, health and more but unless you have been through it it’s hard to understand the price you pay. And it doesn’t just end with loss of career and a life time on the dole. (I must be a scrounger now then) It costs more. Much much more. Just ask my many specialists.

Since I stepped forward Unison, Ms Champion, Rik, RR, some on Rothpol were the only ones that helped us. My family did too) While many were simply shouting they stood by me and others 24 – 7. While many were giving their two penneth and looking for political gain they stood by me and in times of tears, severe depression and loss of physical – and I will admit – mental torture and health with only one concern – JUSTICE. They were steadfast in their support and simply stuck to the issue – and guess what – showed they actually cared and understood and then acted without need for kudos or thanks. Although obviously I can’t thank them enough)

Anyone who thinks people didn’t report this up and more either haven’t read the report, didn’t see what Ms Casey said, chose to ignore it for political gain or have no understanding of the turmoil and bullying that went on – persisted and still does. (For years) Believe me people think whistle blowing is an easy option – I thought it was – until I did it. And anyone who thinks the front line didn’t experience the same are in my opinion are misguided.

As for the suggestion the easy option was going to the press and media – it wasn’t and isn’t. . I did and learned a lot. I found few to have a genuine interest and simply wanted a quick story and then leave you to rot. There were hounourable exception, The BBC, The Guardian, Mirror and Times have an excellent ‘after care’ policy and not only deal with you in a human way but actually make sure you are supported and not isolated after you have said all. However, as for some of the others – its just ‘news’ then go away and let you reap the fire storm alone while still being bullied – and who where you? Who cares? Thanks a lot – not. Next story – good riddance.

As for the Councillors – any one who was an elected member during period should not stand again. And I mean ALL – everyone no matter the party or so called independence. . The report quite rightly found the ruling group AND the opposition to be useless and not fit for purpose. Neither did any thing in reality to give me or the Inquiry confidence – all should not stand again. We need new blood (whichever party etc) without the baggage of the scandal.

Some talk of MS Collins. As for Ms Collins – in my humble opinion I have absolutely no confidence in her whatever. If she is the the answer then the question is wrong. I find her to be simply more of the same – a politician on the make – and in particular I find her opposition to the call for a National initiative re CSE not only baffling but offensive and mardy. I sought Ms Champion’s help and got it totally and with only concern for the victims at heart. Meanwhile all Ms Collins did was shout and post odious comments throughout. She helped in no way at all. Sorry but I don’t trust her at all – to her Rotherham is just the chance for a seat at any cost.

There are many in the Management at RMBC – including HR – who still need to be held to account. The Government Team are aware and will take action. I too will pursue my fight by the legal machine to help. I won’t let go – but neither will I join the finger pointing at all without foundation. (I have explained this in private to RIK). However, like Ms Casey’s team said they are many good people still left there – and I will help them all I can.

Personally, I get / got the impression from the inspection team and more that the Government Team will not view posturing and political motivated soundbites fro anyone kindly. They are not fools (indeed they were not only on the ball but most human in every way) and have seen not only what went on but what is needed. They see the rot as being ALL the members – no matter their political hue. I gave what I knew on a non political basis – that’s what they got and that’s they Government Team will expect. Woe betide any who thinks they can fool them with mock shock, soundbites and political posturing. And woe betide anyone who thinks they can simply use this issue as a ‘canvassing tool’. They expect real solutions and answers, real policies and practice – and if they don’t get it they will see through it and act and come down on them harshly. Rightly so.

As for elections – let them wait until 2106. And as I said I believe no councillor who was a representative during the period should be allowed to stand. Damn them all. I say to the ALL put your egos and political futures to one side and do the decent thing – everyone of you should retire now. And that’s all parties.

On a positive – if there is one – I have found the new complaints team in the last 15 months at RMBC to be better. They have took several of my issues (on behalf of others) and approached it in a different light. Even telling some of the management who tried to distort they were not welcome. I personally have faith in this new team. I believe my faith is not misplaced – as recent results have indicated.

As for the victims – as always I am guided by what they say to me. I will do what I can as will all. However the one thing they all want is justice – so the fight will go on until the get it. I will work with the many excellent staff at RMBC and others to help them too. But I won’t work with Town councillors whether it be Labour, UKIP, Conservative or whatever. The only thing that counts is the victims. I see no justice in what the lot have them have offered to date just self interest and a need for survival.

SKT xxxx

4 thoughts on “An opinion bluntly put

  1. “The only thing that counts is the victims.”


    The victims of CSE need support in all aspects of their lives, of course, and no one would deny them all the help that these victims deserve.

    However, it is essential that all those responsible for allowing ongoing criminal activity and sexual exploitation to take place are held to account. That means politicians, managers within social services, police at street level and those in senior positions responsible for inaction.
    It is absolutely essential that these individuals are held to account and put into prison – the laws are there to deal with misconduct in public office, which cover every one of the categories of individuals that I have referred to.
    The perpetrators must be tracked down – it is known who they are – and their bank accounts, properties and personal assets must be thoroughly investigated together with any money laundering activities and all their assets seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act, as well as placing them in prison.

    There has been too much emphasis by charities such as CROP and Barnardo’s , having only a victim-centred approach, instead of being pro-active in forcing the authorities to act as their statutory duties dictate. That they did not enforce the law is misconduct. In the case of Rotherham Police, it is alleged that there has been corruption.

    Whilst everyone wants support for victims , it is absolutely essential that those who did not perform their statutory duties as required by law are sent to prison. Anything less than this is simply not acceptable and a continuation of the cover-up.


  2. Absolutely spot on! Regardless of political colours everybody during the period under consideration ( and it is still going on ) should not stand. including those who consider themselves blame free because they are tainted by association.
    More heads at ALL levels should roll.
    During the next few years the health and well being of the community should be the main concern and NOT the political hue.


  3. Treatment of whistleblowers, whether they are employees or family members or others, is just disgraceful. The cover ups and denigrations which go on – and which we all pay for – are designed to wear you down to the point of suicide. Luckily we mongrel English are made of stern stuff, bloody minded and determined.

    My father, Ralph Winstanley’s blood family has just spent 11 years on a very similar hook to yours, since we were forced to watch as he was deliberately killed, using the NHS (closed minds and incompetencies). We have produced official documents which clearly show that he had not been dying, was deliberately killed, who organised it, how it was organised and driven through, and who has threatened us since. Those people include police officers, coroners, NHS (top end including Roger Greenwood’s lot at Doncaster PCT), and throughout, the press has shown no more than greed for its own purposes.. and that includes Andrew Norfolk, whose only interest in a day long purported Inquest, during which the evidence was refused, was to comment on money (which we were well aware had been stripped from him, long before he was killed.. and in which we had no interest except that it was part of what we say was murder.)

    Keep going. Don’t let the buggers get you down. Make sure you win.


  4. “The only thing that counts is the victims.”

    Sorry but no. If there were 2000 victims over the last 16 years would it be okay if there were another 3000 over the next 16 years but they got more help after?

    At the end of the day the most important thing is preventing more victims and that means burning out the rot. Saying it’s all about getting help for the victims lets the people responsible or creating those victims off the hook.


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